January 17, 2015

Saturday Vibes

Its a Bright Saturday here on my side of PA.
Hopefully, I leave the house because its so cold but its not looking so promising so here's what I'm vibing to on my last Saturday before I'm back to actually having a life (work and school).


January 15, 2015

Scot's Head

This is from my recent trip to Dominica in November. It was nice to get away from life for a while but the reason for going wasn't so nice.....
Unfortunately my grandmother had passed away so the family made the trip to Dominica to bury her.
It was a nice celebration of her life, we explored the island and caught up with family. Its just sad that marriage or death is what brings most families together. 
I got the chance to see cousins I hadn't seen in forever and literally be one with nature.
The island of Dominica is very much untouched. It's not an island booming with tourism like Jamaica. There are still dirt roads, and fisherman, and hidden beaches everywhere.

All of these pictures were taken with my cell phone which obviously sucks. I deeply regret not bringing my actual camera. In all the rush and mayhem, I forgot to pack it 
The problem is I don't know when I'll be traveling down there again. I have literally gone every ten years (1995, 2005, 2014) which is sad because I love being in a place that is completely and nothing like America.

Since my phone sucks so much I didn't take as many as I wanted.....so these pictures are from Scot's Head.....its where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. Literally, you can tell the difference between both bodies of water because the Caribbean Sea is so calm and tranquil while the Atlantic Ocean.....is not.
We also went to a sulphur spring. There are many across the island but the one in Scot's Head was my favorite because it is literally in the ocean, a small patch that some natives carved out. It was so warm and amazing. Natural sulphur springs are theeeee best thing on Earth, mainly because they are not man-made. This one we went to had the bubbles coming up from the water and as soon as you dug your hands and feet in, you could feel the heat. Another one we went to wasn't too far up the road but it was more "touristy" because the water flowed down the mountain, there where different "mini lakes" one could walk/hike to to experience the springs' amazing energy. When we went, it was kinda dark so we didn't stay for too long because no one in our camp like bugs, lizards, snakes and such....
I would mos def recommend if anyone does venture out to Dominica to visit Scot's Head where you can make a little trek to the top for breath-taking views, swim with fishes, and enjoy the sulphur springs.

My father's village of Wesley is more so on the Atlantic side. But there was one beach that was close enough that could be on one of those Corona commercials......"Find your Beach"......
On our last free day there, we took a trip to Purple Turtle Beach in Portsmouth. I remember going there as a child. Being on the Caribbean side, the water was so peaceful, anybody could swim in it and go out as far out as they wanted without the potential of getting swept out to sea.
We also went to Cabrits National Park. A former military outpost, Fort Shirley still stands in history.....another fun thing to do in Dominica

All in all, I miss the heat (which is not like America where it gets to be unbearable at times), the sand, the beaches, the food, and most of all, my grandmother.....Miss Roma or Toma as we would call her.


January 11, 2015

I tried...

So folks, I tried to do another blog but i am not keeping up with it plus I did not like the layout too much so I might as well come back to my baby.
Ramble on about the happenings.
My new blog was supposed to be all about Health/Fitness and Spirituality but I obviously wanted to speak about other things in my life that do not necessarily pertain to those two subjects. 
Maybe i'll engage in both blogs, see that helps. 
This one is more of a "funny, haha" life situations thing.

But of course, I cannot make about my mind to save my life as I am way too indecisive.......This will most likely be my one and only blog as it has been.



July 2, 2014

My Last Harrah

I have come to the realize that I am no longer writing as much as I used to, mainly because I have nothing entertaining going on in my life, plus my computer is shitty.
Im barely on twitter, FB I use mostly for keeping up with family, and my IG account has some good times, then theres the stalemate.
I'll admit, I have gotten super boring and this space (blog) is not really useful to me anymore.....maybe in the future, but not really at this point.

Peace Out mi amigos
Signing Off,

April 19, 2014

Boom Pow.

Hello world.
My last post was a bit depressing but who doesn't get that way sometimes, especially during a time like this.

Since then I have been to church and brunch with a dear friend. We have decided to keep that going monthly, just to keep in touch and catch on on life....of course it was in Jersey....

I have changed my hair color. My hair is naturally brown and now its pitch black, and since i'm successfully growing my hair out, it looks good (it would look good regardless, but you know what i mean).....a subtle change is always good for me, heck, good for anyone. def lifts my spirits a bit :)

I have been hitting the gym like a maniac and really getting into my boxing circuits. I designed them to kick my ass, and they do. whenever i feel like stopping or throwing up, my old head trainer friend pops in to check on me, make sure im alive then tells me to keep going.....and i keep going. It doesn't hurt when one buys workout clothes and sneakers very often. whenever i get in a rut, i buy a new shirt or shorts or something, just to spark something up again....

I am currently on the hunt for a new job just in case i get laid off by the beautiful state of New Jersey.....which i do not mind at all because i dislike where i work. They are a couple developmental centers opened in the state, they are closing two and those people need somewhere to go....so they're coming to my center. Before news of the layoff hit the masses, i accepted a position in the psychology department and i thought everything was a go, until i never got my actual start date in this new position......of course the higher-ups knew everything was about to be on a freeze but they still "gave" people positions without giving them the position. I was so excited and had a lot of hope then I get word, basically saying you're gonna stay in your current title, most likely get bumped out of your position by someone with more seniority. And me getting bumped means bumped out of a job, instead of bumped into a lower title/position. As much as i don't like working for the state, a job is a job.....

I digress.
My debts are going all the way down :)
I have no store cards with a balance. Since i live at home, rent free......all i have is my phone bill and school loans..plus monthly stuff like little groceries here and there and putting gas in whatever vehicle i decide to drive. i am greatful my parents overstand the struggles of young people and they dont like to see their children suffering if they dont have to. the only suffering i endure is the rules of the house and everyone knowing exactly where i am at every minute of the day....my schedule doesnt change anyways.
gym, food, hygiene, chores, nap, work.
Thats it. 

antiwho, enough rambling.
hopefully ill write more with some interesting topics....


March 22, 2014

And So.....

I may just be the worst blogger ever.
I should be blogging more because I really dont have much to do and i have a lot of things on my mind....
I have come to the realization that i have anger issues. its mostly due to the position im in with living in the forbidden state of Pennsylvania. I just hate it soooooo much. 
I've gotten too comfortable. my schedule usually goes something like this:
btwn 6am-7am Wake up
btwn 7am-8am Take my ass to the gym
btwn 9am-1030am eat,shower,nap
145pm get ready to go to work
3-1130p work BLAHHHHHH
Go home and sleep and do it all again the next day.
I dont go out, i have zero social life. My friends are more like acquaintances now which is upsetting. It sucks losing those connections especially when one is trying to keep them.
My social interaction usually comes from someone in my immediate family, mainly my sister Cane. the people i work with are a lot older and i really dont entertain them. 
^That contributes to my anger^
other contributions include not having constant positive energy around.
When i went to Kean, living on my own, i was able to do pretty much whatever i wanted without someone up my butt 24/7 making sure im safe and sound in the comforts of a house and watchful eye (mom). I didnt have to answer to anyone, i always had something to do, i always had someone around with encouraging words. whenever i felt like doing absolutely nothing or get down on myself, there was someone there to say...."no, diane. this is not the time to be mopy. Just do what you have to do"....out here, living with my parents, there isnt much inspiration or positivity motivating myself to do anything. right now im just letting life pass me by. I watch people i grew up with or graduated college with and im jealous bc they're making the lives they want.....great job, own place, better vehicle than mine, engaged, or taking the next big steps in life.....and im just here.
I know its up to me to change things but when you have constant downers who discourage every decision you want to make by pointing out all the negatives that may arise with that situation, its so easy to just give up and thats what i been doing. 
The psychologist in me says i go through bouts depression at least three times a year. the gym and running dont excite me at all. 
Plus i have the worst attitude and my anger is at an all time high. but i truly believe this happens to every one at some points in life.....it just happens to me a little more than some.
anyways, enough of my rambling......
here are to random pictures that make me happy
Me and my uncle thats my cousin going to a wedding (left) and the beach in the bahamas from October

Enjoy the day lads....

January 31, 2014

Sicky McSick Sick

The title of this post is my usual language on a daily basis....for some odd reason adding "Mc" to words make them sound better and I like it, so i does it.
And as you all can probably guess, yes I am getting sick or I am already sick.
I can never really tell.
I do know my throat is on fire and I just drank my first cup of ginger tea for the day, with more to come (and soup too).
So whats new in life?
I finally figured out how to view my paystub and get my tax information via the state of nj website (so complicated) so hopefully next week, i'll be able to get my taxes done and out of my hairs and get this money the government owes me.....speaking of hairs.....
Im growing mine back as along as i possibly can. i cut it short and i loved it but now that im not getting perms anymore (and necessarily going natural either), i dont think im comfortable with short hair so im growing it out. so far so good. I went to the salon on wednesday and my hair dresser said my hair wasnt bad at all for it being so short and me sweating all the time and wearing ball caps to work almost on a daily, my hair is still in good shape......speaking of shape....
(i like what im doing here...do you see it....)
Im still working out like mad, increasing my weights, im mos def seeing a change in my body. im tall and slim plus i run long distances, so pairing that with weights is a great look. im not too "bulky" or anything, more so getting toned. my shoulders and arms especially. i like working them bc i love the compliments i get :) my thighs will always be thick. whether i work them or not. Im trying to work on my legs now....get my calves together, but with running, they stay super slim....and my abs...smh. i can do every ab exercise in the world but as you know (and i know), abs are made in the kitchen. and Im slowly but surely cutting out junk food. im cutting my j.f. intake to once a month. then ill start decreasing more from there. hopefully by summer, my midsection with thin out bc i think i just look lopsided, with everything being slim but my ab area. 
my parents are in Dominica, have been all week, coming back tmrw.
kinda excited but not really. its been nice just having the house with my brother and sister. Just being able to chill and relax without repercussion. 
something i found on tumblr.
Yes i tumble.

Hope everyone has a happy mchappy Friday