October 19, 2013


Im alive. Its true. 
Working at a new job and currently looking for another. I am never satisfied and i quite frankly thinknim wasting my time bc im jot using my brain power and im too smart to get paid to do nothing. I might as well sleep the day away.
In other news im still working out but i am actually starting to change my diet which def needed to be done. Eating the foods i ate on top of my ever changing moods made life sad and depressing but once i starting cutting out certain foods, i started feeling a tad better and my body feels tighter ;)
Ummmm i still have my green hornet, he still going strong but ill hopefully save enough to get a better vehicle by my birthday in june so i got a couple months to save save save.
My life just consists of working and trying to have some kind of life which is difficult when one lives with their overbearing,sexist parents. Life is just harder than it needs to be. I keep telling myself changes in my overall life need to be made but i just feel like im at a standstill. 

The Life.