February 26, 2009


Yes i am slacking a little bit but its all for a great reason....Northampton Community College is kicking my ass:) love school.its the best thing in the world [otha den food and sports and muzik and zzzz and bikes and big cities and cell phones and chips ahoy cookies and I-95 and j's and old ppl sweaters and hair spray and OKAYYYYYYY]>>>>JERSEYGRL>>>>>

2009 NFL scouting combine is beautiful:) DB's and CB's and WR's!!!!!! good mens over there.LOVE IT...and Mr. Prime Time is getting old with his feminine sweater and hideous (leopard or cheeta, but not zebra whatever animal print it was) hat. With his ever so smooth and loud voice. Its all good Prime Time, Ur still loved but some but not all.

Okay. 19/30. sounf like my vision (JK, i dnt know how bad my vision is but i kow its getting worst/worse{???}) 19/30. if u can guess the meaning behind these two sig figs (mrs. vig chem) by the end of this, congratz, if not imma have to pray for you. i was recently in a trifle w/ a decision. (in the end it was a good one cuz her hair is still lookin fly--CT or skiing). now i love oldies, sports,food, and no drama/stress. I'S KEEPS ITS SIMPLE. good qualities right, ABSOLUTELY WRONG [GO DJ ABSOLUT]. Prime target for mens in dey silly ass "ill be your sugar daddy" bull shinanagans. This means you need to do a mike barber and fall the {F} back before i mase u!!! sure you could offer me the world but the way i see it, this world bout to be extinct (sike ppl grow some damn humor) so take down 100 noches buddy. yes i know ur a grown ass man (zububu_8th grade french) n u could prolly show me the world and everything in it w/ ur own car,own job, own home, no kids, but in the end ur heart will be broken cuz im not gonna be nor will i ever be the one for u. yea its all nice but im not gonna be ya babymomz cuz u couldnt get it poppin w/ the older ladies. Its flattering but not my steelo. in a way i kinda feel sry for you but at least im talkin to ya ass n didnt do a j.lo on ya ass. def not tryna be like some of these hoochies like on 'real housewives of whateva city....no thanx homie.

Our tax dollars are going to the police department in whateva city/town/neighborhood u in so they could ride around in Dodge frickin' Chargers w/ tinted windows and blk on blk rims. Ok we understand u tryna catch ppl like myself(kats w/ road rage so ill speed off the first chance i get around some slow ass mofo) with ur plain cars. no kats is watchin they back like the just stole crakk. def cnt whip in jersey cuz dey'll pull u ova when u doin 71 in a 65 MPH zone just to meet a frickined damned quota!!!!! GO STATE TROOPERS.... i love them cuz i actually know where they hide out and they joints are frickin marked---STATE FRICKIN TROOPER BITCH!!!! dnt mess w/ them cuz u mite get a ticket for obstruction of view!!!!

I think ive said enuff 2day.......i cnt get it all out esp. when im posed to be doin HW.

PEACE&LOVE kittykatz

February 18, 2009

Got that 'Good Good'

Wheat bagel with cream cheese/Orange Juice/Powerade/Chocolate Chip Chewy/Yoplait Strawberry yougurt (w/ real strawberries!!!)/ and a Glazed Doughnut.

Yes that's my breakfast:) i guess u could call it fat, i call it surviving these boring ass classes now taken at school. no matter what institution one is enrolled in, school will always most likely be a hoot. but i will survive, due to the amount of food i eat:) sure if u call me, i will be in the library. being studious or being fat w/my "partner in crime". You now that guy "Hungry" from the weight watchers commercials, well, he and i are koo pplz. he actually helps me decide what to get and when i should eat it....THE GUY IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! and he's cute:)

Food and i get along wondefully because somehow, this kat dont gain weight. sux though, b/c i cnt gain weight. [dammned metabolism] whateva i love my body and a whole bunch of otha kats do too so thats all that really matters.

February 16, 2009

"80 on the Freeway" Sterling Simms

More like 55 on 95 driving home from Conneticutt!!!!WHY!!!???!!! Some ppl should not be allowed to drive in any other state but their own, i.e. New Jersey ppl. I love Jersey and will rep it forever but when it comes to driving, they cnt do it. I felt so ashamed last night. Jersey's sitting in the left lane going about 55 mph on 95!!!!WHY!!!???!!! That is an accident waiting to happen. Oh and Goodness forbid you try and pass these kats, they SPEED UP and you are stuck in the middle lane bout to drive up on this 18 wheeler who is also tryna get form behind another slow Jerk for Jersey. I though we was the best but I am clearly wrong (Hence, highest accident rates in THIS COUNTRY-JERSEY JERKS). To continue, what does my brilliant driver of a mother do, TAILGATE HIS ASS. That is what you gotta do and if they dont move (after about half an hour of pure torture for us)- you give 'em THE LIGHTS!!!! Thats how i learned to drive and im proud of it because i havent gotten into any accidents(knock on real wood) because i know how to drive, move with traffic, and not get run the {F} over by tracker trailers by driving miss daisy all "willy nilly" for no reason.
So thats 95 in CT. In New York heading onto the GW Bridge, there is almost always some kind of traffic. NY ppl love weaving in and out of traffic-for what reason, i dont know, so everyone can get a glimpse of their shiny hinny cars and the too big of rims on a hooptie (CLS 550 is a beautiful thing). Another accident waiting to happen (Northbound had dumb traffic too b/c 1)toll booth ppl wanna make your life a living hell like theirs and 2)kats cnt mind my business as to what is going on in the southbound lanes) GOOD RIDDINS MAN!!!!!! My driving and attitude will probably get me a bat swing to my car or worst, but hey, kats neeed to learn to drive or get off the road/out of my way, cuz when i get from point A to point B, I'S GETS FROMS POINTS A TO POINTS B!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya lata suckas:)


February 13, 2009

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

I wish u were here right now. We got a whisp of u this past week but it obviously wasnt enough for me. I need more of your heat so I can smile and see green grass and beautiful skies. So i wont have to be couped up in the house all winter like yogi (we love yogi). yea all those other seasons are nice, but only for about two or three weeks, i wish i could have you year round so everyone could be happy, and everyones abs could be right, and all the fellas would be lookin reel rite. hearing the motorcycles roar as im whippin dwn the turnpike/parkway(still dnt know which is which) on my way to the beach with TEAM CHAPPAY in tow. SUmmer where r u????? so i could bump my muzik with all my windows dwn, so i could sit out on the deck with my iced tea and coke concoction, hearing the motorcycles speed past over on 22 and 33???? Summer ur so kind and warm although a little mean at times with th sun but i can handle it and im sure everyone else will tolerate it but hey what can i say, i dnt speak for everyone else but i do know one thing: WHEN I KALL U BETTA PICK UP CUZ THIS DAMN PUXATWANY (howeva its spell) PHIL GROUNDHOG KAT NEED TA GET ITS PREDICTIONS RITE SO THIS KAT COULD MOVE ON WITH HER LIFE!!!!! thanx*

peace&love [XOXO]

February 11, 2009

And Scene.....

Today was too damn beautiful of a day. Almost hittin 65(i think) during the day, seeing and hearing all the bikes made me smile and think about what this spring brings for this young thunderKat*. Well lets see, pretty much nothing but blue skies and frickin allergies(sneezing,sniffling,new glasses), more school[:)], jaw surgery and more trips to conn. speaking of trips.....
im planning on heading out to conn this wekend(valentines day weekend) but im in dire need of help convincing the parentals. anyone who knows me knows that i absolutely under n e circumstances cannot go anywhere by myself. not the movies, not even the library (which closes at 10pm and the parentals still hound me) so traveling to conn by myself is a stetch. its not that i dnt want too, its just that i cant. my parents will not, i repeat, will not, let me doooo anything at all. its already set that i have a 10pm curfew(even tho im getting my education at the damn library). n e later then that and they hittin me up on my jack*{dictionary comming SOON} like i done stole something. hell i cnt even drop CHAPPY off at school without them asking if my younger but taller brother wants to go with us(which he always doesnt). can this young thunderKat just chill with oneself for a 45 minute drive.DAMN. i dunno whad imma do w/ that.

and i really honest to [u know who] do think my parents are going to turn me into a lesbo [not cute] i cnt say anything to them about the opposite sex b/c they will (for some reason) have a heart attack and then turn around and attack me. im not stupid and i aint no punk n i dnt talk to punkish* ppl so therefore im koo pplz that should be trusted to be w/ the right ppl that are equally koo and sexxy just like myself. DAMN DOUBLE STANDARDS. my younger but taller brother supposedly (no he did) had a girlfriend last yr (8th grade). gettin all emotional and whatnot, something happened btwn one and two and ol'boy punched a hole in the bathrm where no one could see it unless u were actually iin the bathrm turning off the light(hole above lightswitch-BIG HOLE).of course the parentals didnt know about it but as soon as me and chappy got home and saw THAT piece of destruction we was lookin like "OMG!!!!GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" then it went str8 into momz&popz rm "did yall see the bathrm?????" M&P "no"....they walk in there not knowing what to look for until they turned to us and asked what wrong and saw THE HOLE. all ol' boy got was a good curse out and thats it!!!!! we wouldve been knocking foreheads if my kid pulled that b/c of some gurlie....("ya asses aint too old to be beat" -twins mom from ATL) i dnt know how i got here......DS...okay. so my point is why is it acceptable for young boys to do stoopid sugar huney**????and ladies have to sit back and get their "spike lee effect*" of the world....[im sry if u dnt know the "spike lee effect"--actually im not cuz spike lee is one of the best directors out there and if u seen his movies,ull see one effect that almost always involves the main character] ANTIWHO, i just wanna do me n be happy man;)

February 10, 2009


Im here once again in my bed overplaying this jagged edge song(TONIGHT)....doing homework and wondering how jas did on her history exam (since she called me about the damn questions every second!!) but n e who...im amazingly tired rite now, my eyes cnt stay open for sugar and i need to get this work done immediately so i could o back to sleep. that was actually one of my new year resolutions: stop frickin zzzz during the damned day Curty!!!!! but u know what i still done it cuz i dnt do damned resolutions...those joints are a joke to the fullest cuz i dnt think ive done anything of what ive supposed to do. OKAYOKAYOKAY...im doing my homework NOW


February 4, 2009

Imma Send U My Love via UPS

alright so i was sitting in my too damn comfortable of a bed and started thinking about what this month will bring for the kid.....my godsisters birthday 2DAY:) 20 y.o. w/ her old arse;)/ tests and quizzes beyond recognition at school/increasing gas prices/work at this dumb place of a job/ and oh yes, in infamous valentine's day-which by the way shouldnt even be a damn holiday. ladies, its the only day in the year where u expect your man to be all types of sweet and lovely dovey for ya. HHAAA.i would like my mans to be like that year round plz not cuz the calendar says so....OVERRATED. WAIT,this is not what my post is supposed to be about.......OKAY writing letters.
i would like to write someone a letter but no one seems to have a legitimate address (except for prisonners) for me to write to. everyones either on myspace or facebook or whatever community website looking at whats going on here, who doing what and who where, and so forth. the downside of all this is its not personal enuff for me. seeing someones handwriting says alot about them and not seeing it (hardly ever anymore) errks the mess out of me. it comes to the point where i cnt even recognize letters ppl write or all of a sudden everyone n dey momz got the best penmenship(even u kats that write in chicken scratch or jubberish). its not write......

u know what, imma write someone a letter i dnt know who but imma write one cuz i want you to feel my emotions thru the page. show my graffiti style writing and my own damn smiley faces dammit!!!!! typing a letter is like reading a book and obviously ppl dnt even do that anymore so when u do get my letter, know that its writtin w/ the most 'love and affection' (pressure) a person could write, some grammar errors, alot of thought, me probably thinking about food and/or any flavored soda, and sports (of course-thoughts arent complete w/o sports!!!!)

SO a letter from me will be hitting your mailbox PRETTY SOON, thats if i got ur address, if not----dnt know what ta tell ya,text it to me so u could write u the loverlyest* letter in the whole world:)

February 3, 2009

Tough Love is the Best Love

Let's begin shall we???
Im at the mall getting lunch-subway-and the mother walks in with child. kid is cute,seems to be wellbehaved, and downright terrified of the momz. thats waht i thought until she placed her order and asked the little girl what she wanted. then somehow in the span of literally 2.3 seconds this kid lost her mind. "MOM, dont ask me when im ready, ill let YOU know when im ready!!!"this kid is about 5 or 6 years old. what did the momz do????? NOTHING. 'Okay honey'. in the words of Mya from Girlfriends OH HELL NO!!!!! Now i dnt know about yall but my momz prolly wouldve ordered my shyt without asking!!!!! There is no way in any world would i be talking to anybody's momz like that let alone my own. (White folk by the way----OHHHHH). i wouldve been yoked up like $20.00 that just fell out of someones back pocket so fast i wouldnt have known what happened. but u know what, this 'disrespectful kid' phenom is spreading rather quickly. HOW IS IT THAT AN ENTIRE GENERATION OF KIDS GO HAYWIRE ON THEIR ELDERS???? dnt make no sense at all. ungreatful mawfrickas that dnt know how to act. they need to get beat. forget all that abuse bullsugar. i got beat and look how i turned out. i learned my lesson once and i never wanted to learn it ever again. but parents nowadays (who end up being 16 years old and they momz prolly 29) dnt know how to act they damn selves. they need to be beat too!!!!! alright i think ive said enough.

Now i do beautiful homework and listen to symetry beats from trackfiends.net!!!!!

February 2, 2009

Early Morning Blues

The sun is shining but you know what, I DNT CARE!!!! wanna know y???? THE SUN REMINDS ME OF 'THOSE PPL W/ THE HIDEOUS YELLOW TOWELS'. thats all imma say about that cuz its too early (818AM) and i need to get my thoughts 2gether. i havent recouperated from the tragic events of last night and i dnt think the way i feel will justify my [hate] towards everything pennsylvania right now. later on when im done tripping everyone who reminds me of those 'YELLOW TOWELS' ill write back how many have fallen to the kat w/ her foot sticking out w/ the black and red j's on.