November 27, 2010

Some if my Forever 21 binge....

My Buns look soooo right in this skirt riight here;)
Yep I was kinda cold
Hope everyone enjoyed their little holiday. I know i did. Ate till I couldnt eat no more, saw some old friends, shopped and finally finished my criminal justice paper thats due next Monday;) Im ahead of the game. NOW i start my 15 page paper for Communication;(
RANDOM: Feels so good to be back in my queen sized bed compared to my little twin back in Jersey. I can spread out as much as need be w/o hanging off the bed.
I bought Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj), Rihanna's Loud, and Cee-lo Green's "The Lady Killer".
I am a little disappointed in Nicki Minaj's album, all that hype with no bark. I think I only like 3 songs off her album, everything else sound too pop. I liked Rihanna's album a lot. I don't understand why everyone felt like it was a flop...Me na know but I was feelin it. AND last but not least, Mr Cee-Lo Green's "The Lady Killer" is an instant classic. It is literally timeless. If you love real old school R&B (not r.kelly....goin a little farther back), this album is for you. I am going to play this CD out so hard. Note: these are the first CD's i've bought in a while;)
Overall, I am quite happy with the purchases I made this weekend. Now I wont be shopping until it's back to work and more work.
Can't be on 24/7 hr vacation folks!!
Luvin' C*

November 24, 2010

Review Me.

Since my last post, I still have not completed my Battered men paper. I been busy w/work and driving (but mostly driving). So now I am back in MY bed in Pennsylvania w/ my work spread all around me. Thanksgiving is not a big holiday for me. Why are we celebrating America's deceitful and backstabbing ways??
Me na know.
For me, its a Sunday dinner on a Thursday night.... I come home, eat, see my family, and I bounce.Just like any other sunday I come home...ANYWAYS
So what I am going to try and do to spice up my blog a bit is called "Review Me". Here, I will review restaurants/lounges, products, music, etc. Anything I can put my two cents in, be sure I will be writing about it. SO here goes something......
V-Lounge in New Brinswick (extremely close to Rutgers) is
a cute, quaint little spot, in the cut, tucked away from the hotels, theaters, and other restaurants in the downtown area. It mostly serves as a restaurant, but at a certain time the music gets turned up and the party begins. I loved the music. Every song happened to be "my song" lol but I love music so I can do that ;)
The food was great. I had absolutely no idea what the chips were called, but I kept munching. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon when I saw them in my kitchen and my cousin explained to me what they were and how he made them: Pita Chips. Delish.
The decor was laid back and chill yet sexy and sophistocated. I felt like I had to be a college graduate of some sort to stay there. But I maintained with the beautiful ladies I was with (and the degree is right around the corner
All in all, I would def go there again and stay a little while longer;)
Luvin' C*
&both new friends and old.

November 22, 2010

Society's Misfit talking about her blog:)

Jennifer Rocha of
I Love Good Food;)

Here are some of my artistic ventures from Saturday Nite at the V-Lounge in New Brunswick. A little upset I do not have a pic with our hostess..Chasity ( but it'll turn up soon enough;) I had a great time. The venue, the food, drinks, and the people I was with couldn't have made it any better (&I got my first official swag bag.yay!!) We chatted it up about fashion, blogs, music, family among other things, just to get to know each other. I, of course, felt like i talked too much, but what can I say, it was a small group and i cant talk to myself (well I can, but then i'd look crazy lol)
My journey to the event was eventful and when I got home, the fun did not stop. My cousin was having a "condo-warming" party with some of his friends from high school. They were so loud you could hear them from the street. lol. I ate some more and laughed at 25+ year olds make a lovely fool of themselves. I love watching tipsy/drunk people esp when I know how they are when they are sober;)
I was also talked into making a twitter account. I am so stubborn, I really didn't see the need for one until I went to this event and felt a little lost in translation but i'm on now.
SO FOLLOW ME @ProsperTakeTwo
Luvin' C*
Next up: V-Lounge Review and my 'Swag Bag' contents;)
Enjoy Life Guys, its a beatiful day outside....

November 20, 2010

You're Still Here;)

All week I have been held captive at Kean's Im good tho b/c i will be getting that green.
Today, I do nothing but relax.
Tonite, I will be attending an event at the V-Lounge in New Brunswick, NJ. It's a Blogger's Social Event. and since I am a blogger and I need to be social outside of the people I know from school, this is looking like a great opportunity to network and possibly make some new friends;)
I really haven't been out since a disastorous Halloween weekend last month and that was in Linden. This time around, it's going to be a more sophistocated atmosphere and a lot more fun. if i like what i see (which my cousin's girlfriend says i will), i may have to make New Brunswick my new spot. Heck, I was born there dammit!!
Okay it's 2:18pm and I think i am gonna go back to sleep OR continue writing my Battered men paper for Criminal Justice.....
Luvin' C*
&wich my Cane! good luckity luck on her interview today.
Finger&toes crossed.

November 14, 2010

Luvin C*
&a peaceful Sunday

November 13, 2010


Nets and Magic @ the Prudential Center

Cane! came out;) She was my date.
Meanwhile, I couldn't hold my pose.

Loved the Artwork
Surveillence cameras in use....
Thanx again to my cousin Ghan for hooking us up with the tickets. Too bad the Nets lost by One measley point. Great game thought, the entire nite-energy was at an all time high (esp. for a Nets game) and the people were generous.
Overall, great time;) Cannot Wait to do it again.
Luvin' C*
&Not athletic events' food prices
Gas $20.00
Toll $1.20
Parking $20.00
Food $22.00
Family and Great Sports $Priceless$

November 10, 2010

Damn Damn Damn

I am going throughs ome serious shopping withdrawal;(
It may be crippling. lol.
All my money goes to gas and food, the bare essentials in life for me. I haven't bought anything for myself since the start of the semester (last week of August) and now I'm feeling the pressure. I have way too many summer clothes and not enough winter pieces a nd sine it's getting colder, I am pretty sure I have exhausted all of my winter options I have in my closet;(
Well, I cannot wait for Christmas because my parents are either giving me money or just flat out taking me shopping. That's what our Christmas's have come down
Hopefully I'll be blessed with enough de niro to get some legit pieces.
OHHHHHH and I have a Black&White affair to attend this weekend with nothing to wear....
I am about to go to the mall, buy something really cute then return it;)
Master Plan Bee*
Luvin' C*
& "Cooley High"

November 5, 2010


Cane! told me about this song "right herre"
From the album "Pistols and Palm Trees" Skeme.

Luvin' C*

&the fact that it is FRIDAY!!!

November 3, 2010

November 2, 2010

Snip Snap

And I Wonder

Rob Evans=Me daydreaming.
Here at school supposedly writing this criminal justice paper. Its so cold outside but I am not complaining because the sky is clear and the sun is beamin'.
Cuddle Buddy!!!Where Are You???
oh so Cee-Lo Green has a new album coming out next Tuesday (November 9); The Lady Killer; and I will be sure to cop;) I'm def lovin' the sound and direction he's taking. And the way he always manages to stand out from the rest always gets me.
I love good music.
Luvin' C*
&not the way my tummy is rumbling.