March 31, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

i think i am a versatile person. i can get along (or at least try to) with anyone. it doesn't matter what color you are or what religion you associate with, that's just in my nature.
i love rainbows.
and i also love all types of mens.
someone asked me what do i look for in a guy, physically?
and me being the Curty i am, said my piece along with an here it goes.
He has to have some height. i dont mean 7 feet tall (even though my boo Robert Sacre has a whole 2 feet on me). but at least between 6'1 and 6'5. i love holding on to a guys slim waste and nice long arms (not scrony either) lol sounds crazy, but im about 5'7 and shorter guys always seem to have a problem so i'd rather not deal.
Especially that bottom lip.
while i was eating my two pizzas i shouldn't have had, i seen this guy with THEE sexiest lips on a man and i was just looking at them. i wanted to suck them off his face.....
(quivers just thinking about it)
I dont like eyes that are trying to pierce my soul. why are you trying to know everything about me from looking into my eyes??? its not cute, just creepy and i just might have to slap the eye balls outcha (not out your) face. soft eyes go a long way and people (ladies) might actually wanna talk to you. i also dont like "hungry eyes". you know those guys that walk up, sizing you up like they haven't seen food for 10 years, OR just got outta jail.
Nooooo Booo Booo.
Color of the skin doesnt matter. but with me, when i see my sexy ass baseball player (white boy) then i see a sexy ass black man, i still go coocoo for coco puffs lol
i dont know. maybe i just love grown looking men way tooo much. right now, i'm into the puerto ricans. lol. they are so passionate&i dont know if thats good or bad but i like it.
i hope my mom doesnt read this.
Ok. Im actually gonna do some work on so i dont waste my day away after skipping one class and having the other cancelled.
Luvin' C*
& the fact that i cant decide on what picture to put up b/c all the guys i look up are tooooo fine and athletes...
esp Robert Sacre.

March 30, 2011

I'm Cooler than Anti-Freeze

Luvin C*
& i have alot of work to do

March 29, 2011

What We Should Do...

Marcus Morris Markieff Morris (L) #21 and his twin brother Marcus Morris #22 of the Kansas Jayhawks appear on the bench late in the team's 98-41 victory over the Ohio Bobcats during the third round of the Las Vegas Invitational at The Orleans Arena November 26, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
if everyone hasnt figured it out yet, but i am indeed a twin and i have a legitimate reflection in the world. there is another human being walking the ground looking like me and alot of people dont even know it but i dont mind adds more fun and shock value when people actually see us together.
since it is tournament season and kansas was recently knocked out, i decided to look up the morris twins while i was bored at work and came across an article about how unseparable they are as well as how they themselves cannot find something different about them except one thing: Marcus eats yams and Markieff doesn't.......and their side burns are a little different....that's all they got lol
AND being that my sisi and i are twins and absolutely love sports, i think it would be great if we interviewed them!!!!
its always funny (to me) when twins get around and chill with other twins, b/c i still look in amazement when they interact, then i think "wait, thats probably how people look at my sis and i when we're together". my sisi and i really havent been around other duos because every school we went to, we were "the only twins" so we never compared ourselves to anyone b/c we didn't have anyone. even in college, when we did go to the same school and there were other twins, we never really "hung out,hung out" with them b/c they were always together while everyone always asked where my reflection was....and even now that we are separated, i dont tell people i have a twin until they ask about my siblings.
in the article, it talked about how unseparable they are. deanna and i arent like that. we can go long periods of time without seeing each other. sure, we talk/text just about everyday but she does not need to be around the corner from me, buying the same clothes, and eating the same meal. it's unnecessary and shortens the living experience when you dont exercise your pallet. Get different things, whether it be clothes or food; everything about you doesnt have to be the same, its enough you look alike.
NOW im not bashing twins. I love them. But there is a time to grow up and live Your life and not live Our life.
Just a Thought.
Luvin' C*
&my boo Deanna
My reflection
she has a blog toooooooo

March 28, 2011

What A Wonderful Day It Would Be

My toothache has gone to newer heights. i'm on the brink of death.
Just Kidding.
But seriously, i feel like knocking my tooth out but that probably wouldnt do me any justice. i woke up so early today just to get some meds from my popz but they're really not helping. maybe if i stop thinking about it, it'll stop hurting.
Let's Pray.
I'm sore.
i know i been working out but i just started some moves that my boss gave me from this 'book of moves' (lol) and im def feeling it all over. especially in my legs and arms. i feel like i may need to enter a body building contest.
Today, the title of my post actually has some meaning. You see, people say i'm mean. i spare no feelings. but you know what, i get annoyed and that is why i get mean. plain and simple. dont annoy me and i wont get mean. other than that, i'm usually the nicest person in the world. even when i'm sitting in class and although someone asks a question, we sit there and go over it for it, for ohhhh about 30 minutes, then someone else asks the SAME DAMN QUESTION.....that is when i give you the side eye and tell you to pay a-damn-ttention. dont make no sense, in college to repeat ourselves.
if i wasnt who i am, everything would be wonderful. but you see, diane does not change for anyone, so if i supposedly hurt your feeelings, i honestly do not know what to tell you.
call me heartless, i just tell it how it is.
PLUS i do have a heart, i just do have one for people who annoy me and lack sense.....
thats what i have to say today.
Luvin' C*

March 26, 2011


This Is Going To Bump This Summer.

March 25, 2011


Its Rather new in the fact that i started it TODAY..

I found THIS via Neon Diamonds.....

H&M Fashions against Aids 2011
My Girl and fellow Blogger, Melissa had this on her page and since i'm bored at work, i guess i can post like crazy....

Still Luvin' C*

Bloody Bloody

Untitled from Curty VIXXI on Vimeo.

That Curty Touch is a little Rusty.

Here are some extremely random pix i found on my camera that weren't deleted.
As you can tell, I love my piggy bank. I keeps him extra close (on my nightstand to be exact).
Kean's Haitain Staudent Association's Charity Basketball game a few weeks back.
My watches.
Some things i bought at Walmart. Altogether under $25.
The BLOODY BLOODY MU PI CHAPTER OF PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY introduced the newest members at their probate. even though it was colder than cold, i still made my way over to the basketball courts to show love. There were alot more people than i expected, AND they actually started on time which was great for me b/c i didnt miss anything in my hour break:)
Saw some folks i know and overall enjoyed the experience.
OH and what is up with this weather????Last friday it was 70, den it snowed three days later, now its just freezing.....
Me Na Know
Luvin' C*

March 24, 2011

It's a Great Day

Hey world..i dunno why i'm starting my posts like that now....but antiwho. PC IS BACK IN MOTION.
Yep my baby had a serious virus, all the way to the point where i couldnt even back up my pix and music. but when i look at it, its all memories that i can recite and reminise about :)
i been slacking on my camera as well. Poor thing, missed wayyyyyy too many events that needed capturing with tha "Curty Touch" (THOUGHT: i should name a section that!!!! if only my camera saw the light of day......)
TONITE its on like Donkey Kong though. There is a probate at Kean University. The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma's Bloody Mu Pi chapter is coming out!!! can you tell how excited i am. I'm Hype. everyone knows how much i love greek life and i cant wait to see everyone come out and support.
My group, West Indian Culture Club(WICC), had a nifty little event called Pass The Plate and as you could imagine, we had Caribbean dishes (YUM YUM) and the only way you were allowed to get a plate is if you donated de niro. Even though i wasn't able to actually work the event (b/c im the secretary) b/c of two stupid three hour classes back-to-back, we still made a great profit. We got something like 200 Beans lol ($200 if you dnt know what that mean..) with that said, i am excited and ready for everything after such a successful event. But of course my SHU family is having events next month and handy dandy camera will surely make the trip.
School School School
i am still working in the game room and doing my application for a managerial position (so i can get my extra 25 cents bee), i just registered for Fall 2011 courses,secretary of WICC, and i'm still looking at other "ventures" to get into. i have no love life because negroes aint ish lol JKJKJKJK i just dont have time for it/dont make time for it but its all love all the time.
ANY WAY im gonna go b/c i dnt like ppl lookin at my computerrr.
Luvin' C*
&not all these guys' hind parts in my face when they bend over to play pool.

March 15, 2011


Oh Man. Spring break is in the air, and although it's only Tuesday, i really havent done anything worth noting other than watching Everybody Hates Chris...on the couch....eating cake....oh but please believe my workout is still going strong :) i dont want a break from that..
Ohhhh and i still have to work. Tomorrow 10-7 then 10-4 on thursday. i dont mind it too much since our HOMEWORK BAN GOT LIFTED!!!!!! i am so happy. i may actually be able to get some work done seeing as how everyone is out on vacation in the sun, getting tan and what not.....they see yellow. I see green.
Going away for Spring Break sounds a little over rated. i dont know, maybe its just me but i would rather be in the sun on the beach ALONE. Not with a bunch of rowdy college students that dont know how to act. i would get annoyed too fast and then i'd have to turn into evelyn lozada lol
Speaking of.....
i watched the reunion special of VH1's Basketball Wives. Those broads, once again, are tooooooo grown to be rollin they necks and calling each other "boo boo" boo boo
Seriously though. and now i read a little tid bit saying how she (chad ochocinco's girl) and all the other girls want $25,000 per episode (they get $7,500 now).....WHY SHOULD YOU GET THAT IF YOU ARE SLEEPING AROUND WITH PPL ON TV AND MAKING AMERICANS LOOK BAD IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES????
i am baffled. are you serious. does anyone know what an actual hard working person would do with that $7,500????
boo boo, you are not saving the world, so put your hands back in your pocket.
Recruiting out the arse. this past weekend alone, just from watching some west coast teams and i was in aww. where did all that Fine-ness come from????

That's just a couple of what i've come across this season.....

Luvin' C*
&ESPN's The Fab Five


March 11, 2011




March 8, 2011

Love These Guys TOOOOOOOO

01. Intro

02. Pacific Division

03. Definition

04. Nasty

05. Put Me On

06. U Know My Styles

07. Act Like U Chillin’

08. Passing Us By

09. Flexin’

10. Brand New

11. Grown Kid Syndrome

12. How We Chill

13. Do My Thang

14. Unbelievable

15. Okay (Like This)

16. Syc & Mibbs

17. Bang It

18. Run

19. Relax

Luvin' C*
& how i'm sooooo doing me.
Get on my level.

March 7, 2011

I Still Like Him

Supposedly being studious....


So the spring season is def around the corner. you wanna know how i know this: my left eye feels like its bleeding!!
No joke. i just walked into the library and my eye started acting up. and i hate when my left eye does that. oh well.
this weekend i went to the boonies of PA to chill with mi familia, specifically mi hermana. she needs me because she's bored with nothing to do so i figured i'd keep her company and what did we dooooo.
Went spent money and watched movies. yep. that sounds about right.
Being bored is only cool when you have someone else to be bored with and i love being bored with her. i finally took some pix of my watches that were home and have no batteries, thats why i dont use them.....but i'm not done so im not gonna display them just yet.
I hate almost everyone that is going away to a beach or something of that nature. please understand i despise you and as i would say back in my middle school days, i hope you fall off a cliff!!! lol
my spring break will consist of me workinh in the UC and hopefully working on my research papers as well as conducting my very own experiment :) yous cant beat that.
ANTIWHO, i'm supposed to be studying for my 'stupid learning experience' at 2pm. damn i hate that class. lol
Luvin' C*
&not my crazy eye and string bean arms....

March 3, 2011

soo blogers this is marva live from kean university gameroom with the one and only ms prosper yay how lucky am i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO  so im extrememly bored as u can see but i decided to come to her page and do what u guys do best and thats BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh okay so im kinda running out of things to say so i guess ill just stop here i would tell you about my day but this is not my page and i dont wanna bore u guys.... hey to  TO THE OTHER PROSPER..... sb its so freakin cool how she has a twin lol who would have ever known.. okay im gettin side tracked i didnt come on here to write a whole paragraph time to go now toodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Rock Sox and i just wanted everyone to know:)
So now that thats outta the way, i will proceed.
Last night at the lovely Kean University, our Haitian Student Association (HSA) held a charity basketball came to of course, raise money for Haiti.Duh. it was fun to watch guys try and show off like they were in the NBA but hey, i enjoyed myself. I couple of missed dunks and too many crossovers only to lose the ball and it was on to the half court show and real show-Frats strollin'. I have no clue who won the brand new Wii they had as the prize but I do know that every Frat of the Divine Nine came out to support and it was beautiful. Ques came in deep with they gold boots, purple tees, and camo vests while the Kappas were Kappas. Dressed to impress and shimmying down any female they could LOL JKJKJK. Iotas were def in the spot. They were strollin' from the pregame all the way to the end (PS even though i know the purpose of an Iota Sweetheart, i truly do not understand the significance....just saying). Alphas didnt do too much but ok.
They did the work.
The DJ played everyone's theme song but when Juvenile's "Back That Thang Up" came blaring through the speakers, and although the Sigmas were on there way out, they came back in the gym hoppin' so strong. and although it was only three of them, they got the most love:) they went so hard&there was no animousity from the other frats. it was all love, all the time. straight resepct and that's what it was all about.
overall, the event was great. alot of people came out and it was very entertaining.
My photo game was kinda lacking b/c i was helping my girl focus her own camera which is wayyyy better than mine lol but i did get some nonetheless. maybe i'll post my bad skills 2mrw.
Luvin' C*
&all my ppl that actually know what i'm about
&Not those who feel the need to try and bring be down.
Im going home (to Pa) 2mrw because my reflection misses me and i miss her.