November 29, 2011

What Say You

So i watch and post Job Budden videos alot. i've always loved him as a rapper, but hearing his manly voice, makes me like him even more....not none of that girly ish....if my voice is deeper than yours, i dont know what to tell you....
Ok so this video is one of Joe Budden's boys speaking on the topic if regular guys stand a chance nowadays, you know, the guy that's living comforatably, with his job and car (not hooptie) and basically got his ish together and ready to settle down. Instead broads chase guys that are basically outta their reach and get treated like crap.
The notion is that broads will not downgrade to someone like that after geting a taste of that "long money". And hence these regular guys get no play. its sad because eveyone needs love. regardless of the money, well you gotta be somekind of attracted.
he said ladies would rather be a:
"Made Niggas Smut, than a Regular Niggas Queen".....
BUT my problem is, guys do this toooooooooo!!!!!!!
its no damn surprise. They look at Ass and Boobies and Ladies look at the Bank.
Thats what it is. and Regular Girls dont have a chance, so to speak because guys are too busy tryna see how big the ass is...."oh, if you got small buns, i cant fux with you Or i dont want now flat chested broad".....well i dont want no broke negro!!!!!
Get it together.
Everyone either gotta be someone with money or someone with body and its a shame our society works like this now. everyone is so in tune with plastic surgery and every possible injection, its sickening or hittin the gym workin on they fittness to get that booty bigger.
broads look cartoonish and sickening (if i havent said that).
I know one thing, they gonna be lookin like Madea when they get super  old.
Saggy boobs and Grandma booty, cant walk and ish
Luvin' C*

November 26, 2011

Zam Ma

I have been saying for Thee longest while that i am going to chop my hair off because i am tired of it.
so i did it.
Today November 26, 2011.
I came back from Pa to work at school
and my homegirl Marva gave me a place to go to to do it and get it over with.
i was gonna do it on Friday, then realized i might not make it to then so what the heck.
you only live once right.

 i had them put a rinse in it and closed my eyes while she cut away.
I was honestly terrified because i knew what i wanted, but i knew i wasnt gonna get it because i dont have a lot of hair, so this will have to suffice and I LOVE IT.
*breathes sigh of relief*
Im happy with it because its something i've never done before and its crazy drastic and totally unexpected.
My momz hasnt seen it yet. i told her i was gonna go to a salon some time this week but she thought i was going for a typical doobie.
its time to switch it up and i did, and im glad.
Speaking of my momz, Thursday was Thanksgiving and I took my behind to Easton, Pa to rock with mi familia. My mom cooked, my sister worked the Easton/P'Burg football game (which Easton took, as always), my pop&brother were no where to be found when it came time to make store runs
So i was planted in the grocery store, basically.
BUT i did get to watch some football, a little bit of basketball, Fast Five (which is sooooo dammmnnnn good) and Rio.
I was also the designated food taster
if you haven't heard, that is the best job known to man.
i made sure all the dishes were safe for everyone else to eat.
i am the best.
 Gee and Cane making biscuits
 My Mum, the ultimate chef

 WOY!!!!! Watch food!!!!!
NOTE: we fry our turkey and my uncle brought the turkey fryer too late, so we started w/o the bird.
Trust and believe he still tasted good though

My plate.
This was the only plate i had because i was testing food all day
Black Friday does not pertain to me
I hope everyone had a safe and eventful Thanksgiving and black friday

Luvin' C*

November 20, 2011

Where I would love to live.....

I wouldn't mind spending my days waking up to my man in a Small Big City.
What is a small big city you ask?
Imma tell you.
Its considered a city because of all it has to offer but its relatively small.
Like Washington DC.
Its a city, but its not that big.
Apparently everyone knows each other down that way, and i like that closeness.
PLUS its a city, so you'd never (hopefully) get bored.
i def woudnt mind it at all because i've lived in places that are in-between....
they try to be cities but dont quite cut it so i would like to stay in an actual city....
Or Toronto
and its cleaner up there
And they have universal healthcare
BUT everything is a wee bit more expensive
sad face.
Another But...
I can actually drive in that city.
im not scared to leave my car parked on the street.
BUT when it gets cold, its considered freezing.
well, at least my thousands of scarves will come in handy.
I should be called the Scarf Queen.
plus i love T.Dot and Drizzy is from there.
Another reason i would move to any one of these cities is because i have connections. I have family in the DMV area and my pop knows just about every Dominican living in Toronto so its not like i would be moving somewhere totally foreign.
*please note: i think i seen this guy the last time i was out there*
That is my 2 cents for today considering my Jets lost to Denver.
Why do they do this to me?
Me na know.
Luvin' C*
&all this work i am not getting done

I want Some....

A Pair of high-waisted jeans
She's wearing a pair by BLKDNM
too bad they run about 150 beans......
Luvin' C*
&a Beautifer Sunday

November 19, 2011


WISO at Seton Hall

Bowling at Jersey Lanes
Cuddyer is I

Marvelous Marva :)

Ya Ya not so happy.....

I look worn out but i truly had all the energy in the world :)

Totally missed the silly face memo

Ultimate Margarita on the Rox at Friday's.....

The last couple days been real right so i am taking it all in.
One day at a time.
Last night i went bowling with my ladies and had a grand ole time
it was my second time ever and so the barriers came up!!!! the first ball i bowled went into the gutter so something HAD to be done and it was. I ended up winning both games but over time, my ball didnt need the barrier thingy. I actually even got a strike, if i can recall correctly.....which i cant.
Thugs be in the bowling alley, Heavy.
I dont mean to call them that, but i call it how i saw it, and thats what i saw, so thats what it was.
They were watching us from the time we got in the place but didnt speak, but as soon as we decide to leave (which was about 20 or 30 minutes after them), and we walking to our vehicles, These Guys wanna be posted in the parking lot acting like kats act.
"hey ma, where ya'll goin? You wanna get a game in with us?"
blah blah blah
No boo, you should've opened your mouth before yous left the building instead of stalling and wasting time, waiting on us to talk to yous.
Man up.
DISCLAIMER: If you want me, imma make you work and the first job is actually approaching me.
Googly eyes do not count.
After that fiasco, we headed on over to Friday's for half-off appetizers and drinks and we did the damn thang.
I love fun nights like that.
and today, i volunteered at the Foodbank of NJ in Hillside, yet again.....
Watching Kean football go undefeated and win some other championship.....
working later.....
watching my CANES do the business....
going to a wine tasting for charity with a "special friend".....
i'm good
Hope everyone's weekend is as eventful as mine
Luvin' C*

November 17, 2011

New Found Energy

So these last couple weeks, i've been really bipolar. i think i may diagnose myself with it because my moods have been on and off the wall lately. and today is one of those high days for me, so i'll post.
You see, i am a college student....and i'm a senior sooooo senioritis and procrastination has gotten the best of me in my next to last semester as an undergrad. I've had no motivation to anything but sleep and sleep....not even work out.
but today, i realized something....
an epiphany of sorts.....
since yesterday, i've been having a bad feeling something horrible is going to happen to me.
But i dont know what it is but i haven't been feeling right so i didn't even go to class which is a first because i take my eductaion very seriously but i was so scared of what might happen on my way home while driving late, i just left at 2:30 after my shift. I went home and slept.
until about 8:45pm....
Do the math people, that's alot of time in bed for one day when i could've gotten half of all the last minute assignments i have due by the end of the semester done.
Then today, i thought to myself
"Self, you are being ridonculous!!!! how are you gonna let this Thought hinder what you do??? Life does go on and the only one that controls your destiny is Your Higher Being, and He got you. So dont worry, Just Do It.
And Be Great Like You're Supposed To Be."
That is how the conversation to myself went. Everyone needs that self motivation sometimes and right now, i think i need it more than ever.
PLUS it doesnt hurt that i got Thee best hug from Thee best Hugger Ever,
Mr. Sherrod.
Marva calls his hugs sensual
and we talked for a little and he assured me everything does happen for a reason and everything will eventually work its way out
Yo i'm in a good place right now, i could use a vacation, but im in a good place.
And slowly but surely Autumn is becoming my favorite season
Be Koo and Stay Warm Folks
Luvin' C*
&What Nike Say......

November 13, 2011

I'm Sorry.....

Ok so my reflection, Deanna, is going to KILL me.
This is no joke.
We are Serious Miami Hurricane fans but this Man plays for our rivals, FSU.
But he's so cute.
FSU's EJ Manuel


Luvin' C*

November 11, 2011


seriously, how can anyone not like Beyonce??
This woman is phenomenal on stage
I would love to see her perform one of these days.
Luvin' C*

November 10, 2011

Oh Rudy

Rudy Ta-booty.
My hand hurts.
from writing all day.
i've been at the library for about 2 hours and im ready to leave.
this never happens, im usually in here for hours on end being productive and what not but right now, i dont feel like being here.
no bueno because i always have something to do.
maybe im just tired of looking at words for the week, writing, being glued to computer eyes need a break, sheesh my body needs a break.
once this semester is over, im gonna hibernate for about 2 weeks (as i do at the end of every semester), to recollect myself and get outta school mode.
I wish I were doing this right now,
straight chillin with no stressin about nothing.

Luvin' C

Phlo Finister

This is what I do when i'm supposed to be studying.

Phlo Finister

Feel Like Dancing

Seriously considering going to this Sigma/Que party tomorrow night.....

November 5, 2011

I post about them alot.....

Posted with Pac Div
Their album comes out 11.8.11
That's Tuesday folks.
I'm gonna have to find that on the East Coast somewhere to bump in my hooptie.
Luvin' C*

November 2, 2011

I'm doing a lot

I dont know why, but i'm posting a lot of videos.
oh well
i really do not have much going on but school and work along with all my extracurricular activities.
i finally made my b/s schedule for my final semester as an undergrad
imma be coastin' Spring 2012
BUT i havent turned in my grad app only because i dont have the money to pay for it. hopefully this week, ill get it in OR ask my parents to spot me when they get back from their cruise on Sunday
Boy oh Boy
my parents are something else. i already know they go on they little cruise every year for my popz bday and their anniversary, but they picked the best time to get outta dodge. Saturday, it snowed, and they was out.
i was stuck on campus working. then when 7pm came around and i had to drive home, i felt like i was never gonna get there....because the majority of lights were down and i needed to hit a u-turn to get home, i ended up driving 20 more minutes than i needed to actually get to my bed. so what usually takes about 25 minutes, took about an hour&15.
i hate snow and since its the middle of autumn, i was kinda livid. but i survived, i had power the entire time, and hooptie is still pushin.
and i know i havent posted anything about a guy in a long time so here it goes.
I wouldnt technically call this person my boo, but he's a gentleman towards me. i know he has chatted it up with other tender,young,thangs but from what we have going on, he doesn't talk to me like he does everyone else and i truly appreciate that because i will be quick to tell him about himself.....
he opens doors, holds umbrellas, walks me to my car, pays for everything, and took care of me when i wasnt feelin 100 on monday...and he is genuinely a nice dude.
i like nice dudes.
and it doesnt hurt that he's tall and handsome and in very good shape.
good shape.
Luvin' C*