August 30, 2010

I'm here

So I am officially moved in to the Graden State. Back where i belong. This past weekend was very eventful...moved myself to jersey and my favorite cousin had a little get together w/some bangin' food. Then on Sunday I helped move my reflection into her 'single' up at ESU. Saw my 'girls', had too many chicken nuggets, and put more mileage on my vehicle. Now I'm here, by my lonesome, in this nice condo with a beautiful hi-def tv, juicy grapes, a/c, and arizona iced tea waiting for the yankees game to start all the while im supposed to be looking for a J-O-B but im not because I had an interview today and thought it went rather well:)
Its blazin' hot and I'm beyond broke so I cant even hop,skip, or jump to the beach right now;(
PLUS i am getting sick. WHY????
Luvin' C*
&New Jersey

August 26, 2010

Oh Yea

Music by More on R. Kelly

This is loverly.....R.Kelly always makes good music.

Luvin' C*

&this beautiful day

August 25, 2010

This is what I am trying to do. Tryna get back into a routine for the next chapter of my life. So much I want to do but time holds me back, but i'm not going to procrastinate because I am def not going to miss any opportunity that comes my way. Whether it be education, business, networking, or even love...
Life is full of chances, we just gotta take 'em;)
Luvin' C*
&the fact I will be in Jersey for a while.

August 17, 2010

For the Love

I do it for the love he says......isn't that what we all ought to be doing, something and everything we love. Of course there are obstacles and negativity all around, but doing what YOU love is all that matters...Do it for the Love;)

It's All For The LOVE from levi maestro on Vimeo.

What I'm lovin' right now is the fact I take my last final in half an hour and I should be studying but I'm blogging about 'my love(s)'.

Luvin' C*

August 9, 2010

Busy as a Bee*

Whaddup world. I been so extremely busy catching up on life. My tenure here at Northampton Community College is slowly but surely coming to an end so that means I have been busy studying and writing case reports and papers so my eyes are shot from looking at a computer screen. Working my arse off to get the ultimate green is my goal and I'm making signifcant strides. Kean University is my next educational obstacle and hopefully it'll be just as fun and exciting as my last. Jersey is always fun;) (esp. when I'm there)
Family and friends (old&new) bring out the best in me and I appreciate every single one of them that 'actually know' me.
I am so satisfied with life right now. All I need is some sleep and a motorcycle ride and the beach.
I'll be soooo good for the rest of the summer and hopefully the rest of my life;)
Luvin' C*

August 5, 2010


More pix w/captions later....I forgot to pick up my check!!!!!!

August 2, 2010


Toronto was unbelieveable. Have a great time whenever I'm out there. Weather was right. People I was with made this trip worth every penny of my now broke arse. New people I met kept me hype. Overall it was a wonderful trip and I absolutely cannot wait to go back.
Pix later. My eyes are tired.
Luvin' C*
&the Fab Four;)