January 30, 2009


That sugar huney blah blah you talkin stank cuz it sure as hell aint swet. grown women cussin all willy-nilly cuz 'im a grown ass woman' needs to stop. Kats* out and about like they dnt got 2 licks (not one but two) of sense and cnt purchase some class.
Here we go.....
im at walmart looking for some throat meds cuz i need some (pray for me) and this braod wanna be poppin in and out of every aisle w/ her grl lookin for (her words) 'f***** condoms'(hey, comdoms r used for f*****). so im lookin at these hussies w/ THE nastiest face cuz theres cuz theres kids and elderly in the place and not to mention they cnt pruchase two licks of sense and some class when it comes to straight up courtesy. [At least she's using protection-more pwr to ya]. in the end i told her where the condoms where located(which i know b/c theyre in front of the pharmacy line to the right-cnt miss those joints) so she and homegrl could be on their merry way and the rest of us humans could listen to the sounds of dispatch of missing kids over the walmart loudspeaker;) HAHA they should put the parents on!!! my very italian nieghbors would love every second of it: "Sofie and Sofia, get ur lookalike behinds 2 THE (w/ emphasis) eyecenter before i am forced to leave u n these ppl call dyfus on me, thanx."
And yes i do believe the mob is still discreetly makin noise. u may not know it but i do. my ears dnt deceive me of my italian listenings from "across the street". of course more cussing was involved and a car speeding of into the sunset but it was men so what can u say. they inbornidly*[NEW WORD] lack common sense. their brains wnt stop the jibberish coming out they mouths (hence kats gettin slapped somewhere around the head) this is not an 'all-the-time' phenomenom tho (thank goodness and all her friends).


save the earth/save yourself:)

January 29, 2009

Your Package

Now. it has come to my attention that some young men find it okay to work around with pants ubber (in the name of Chappy) tight!!!! where has this come from??? i remember my high school days when the skater kids rocked girls jeans...HELL they wore their girlfriends' jeans!!!!! bootay-tay all in the open, catching wind. back then it was only a select few, now everyone has caught on to the heartbreaking (or shall i dare say it- the 'ballbreaking' trend). even some of our hiphop heads. but its not cute. there is no way in hell would i want to wake up to my man puttin on MY JEANS and me slapping the sugar huney u-know-what out of him for even thinkin those was his to frickin begin with!!!! These KATS* (word in which i need to get some kind of licensing for) should stop hurting themselves and look at THE BIGGER PICTURE. u know what???? MATTER-OF-FACTLY, ITS ALL KANYE WEST'S FAULT!!!! he is the culprit. okay so now that that has been established, i only have one wish for the youngins of this world in this time of change.

PLZ where jeans somewhere next to your size.hell itll save u in the long run when u gotta by jeans, n dnt even think about those HIDEOUS EXTRA SMEDIUM NINJA TURTLE TEES.....why would u do it 2 urself (then u wonder y gurlie dnt take u seriously- cuz u look like u got slapped w/ a hamburger helper hand that had 1993 stamped on it;) MMMKAY.

Overall, i have come to the ULTIMATE CONCLUSION to this: where ur shit in moderation b/c whether your pants are twelve sizes too small or eighteen sizes too big, SOMEHOW, just SOMEHOW WE'RE ALL GOING TO BE FORCED TO BE LOOKING AT YOUR BATMAN BOXERS ONE FRICKIN WAY OR THE OTHER;(

fellas,inform me if im wrong and/or tell me the reason this "trend" or shall i say tragedy is taking over our youfs( i spelled that wrong on purpose-sue me)


January 28, 2009


A young man who shall remain nameless has decided to stop talking to me b/c i never pick up my phone when he calls....excuse me, i happen to be a very active young lady, so if i dnt answer my 'tele' its not b/c im ignoring you.get that str8. ol'boy just happens to call at the wrong time, everytime. when im at work, in class, driving in jersey-god forbid i even look like i talking to some1 on the phone in jersey-, hell he calls at frickin 2 in the AM which clearly equals zzzzz time for any fulltime college student w/ a parttime job dealing w/ this miserable east coast weather.......so i actually pick up the phone to c if this kat changed his mind about me. turns out he didnt. he doesnt even wanna be my frickin friend!!!! "i need a lady that has time for her man" he says....Well HotDamn, its like that???!!!! yep ppl it was just like that. dude im 19 years old and im not really tryna be that stalker girfriend that dnt know how to act cuz thats def not my steelo> but it does suck when i finally do get a chance to call this kat, he wants to be str8 disrespectful and uptight bout everything*****LUCKY I EVEN CALLED UR ASS****** n e who..

the weather's lookin to get better. no snow for the next couple of days:)


January 26, 2009


So im here sitting in my technical writing class writing this blog. 'why is she writing/typing/blogging during class?' u might ask....well here goes---im bored dammit!!!!!!!!! talking about how to write a resume and whatnot. i learned this in high school. is this what i am bout a significant amount of money in tuition for???? if anything tuition should go down w/ all this relearning mess....anyways, i will be getting an 'A' in this class despite my "distractions". speaking of distractions.....
I absolutely love music, as does any human being (i suppose). but there comes a time in the day of when and where to bump your music. why would u bump at 6 in the AM when folk (like myself) are hitting the snooze buttons on their alarms???? and the damned library-----a quiet sanctuary to TRY and get some work done in a timely matter w/o any distractions...PSYCH....why was i sitting at a computer in the library at stinkin 730AM, listening to every drum,every word, hell every single heart beat of whateva artist ur listening tooooo???!!!! this doesnt make a lick a sense to me.

All in all, ppl have some courtesy (if u know what that means), and plz plz plz turn the lites down low and lower ur damn music before someone on my team (TEAM CHAPPY, come join on nike.com-by the way) uses their force on u and totally eliminates your IPOD, cell phone, IPHONE, mp3, whatevea man, JUST TONE IT DWN;)

January 23, 2009

So i havent been on here for quite some time but its a new year so ive decided to freshen up my typing skills(which have been withering away) and do 'the business'. before i didnt have time to write/type/blog- whateva, but now that im back in school i apparently have all the time in the world, so here goes nothing......

My prez is black:) i still we have a way to go but this is a good start*

whats going on w/ hip hop now???? cant stand the sight of it:( glad to hear jadakiss is making some noise;)

Northampton Community College Profs sound like 'Sam, The Cooking Guy'- great show by the way.peep discovery health.....

wassup w/ the O.G.'s tryna get at a young lady tryna live her life(i.e. me). 'dude ur 30 frickin years old n im not havin ya kiddies anytime soon' so in the words of mike barber "FALL BACK"

19 y.o. and the kid has never been on a date-can u believe it??? WAIT, i can cuz my parents are str8 law enforcement when it comes to guys and their "girls". maybe for my own good tho,so they can wart off all the old heads.....

Being a twin isnt all its cracked up to be,sad but true....much love tho:) [thats a story for another day]

dammned double standards.....

VACA anyone??? prefrebly to DOMINICA----NOT FRICKIN DOMINCAN REPUBLIC!!!! get ur geography up plz....