January 28, 2012

The Inspection

Green Hornet did not pass inspection.
Just as I thought.
Because of the thing that's making it shake.
Smitty, the guy that inspects my car, called me and told me about what i been telling my pop for the last five months.....my car is going to be virtually undriveable if i dont get it fixed.
of course they tried to charge me about $500 to do it and i said.....ehhhh, na.
so my weekend in PA was cut short because i had to come back to the hood in Jersey to get it fixed.
it took about ohhhh all day, and i had my little big brother with me too (i say this b/c he complains alot). luckily, we just slept and watched CAA bball all day, then headed to IHOP and now we're at my television-less place waiting for my pop to come pick this kat up.
Well i know now that hooptie is fixed and i am tired from eating belgium waffles, eggs, bacon, OJ, mozzi sticks, and chicken fingers.

Peace and Love

January 25, 2012

The Day

wassup, wassup folks.
I am currently in bed at 7:11pm.
I just woke up from my nap and munching on Wheat Thins and listening to Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger"
I been busy, but its what i asked for. Wednesdays are gonna be my day to relax and catch up on anything i need to do....so today, i caught up on sleep.
and now that i am somewhat re-energized ill be monitoring my emails, texting my momz, eating wheat thins, drinking cranberry juice, and reading my life away, which is perfect because thats what my nap was for after riding what felt like an eternity on the bike in the gym....
thats what gets me tired.
working out.
but i gotta do it
Luvin' C*

January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday.

I am currently posted on my parents' couch watching The Village and waiting for my momz to bring in "the goods"

Luvin' C*

January 21, 2012

The Snow

Is outside and I am in here.
My mom is so crazy.
I was supposed to go to Pa on thursday nite so i could get hooptie inspected friday morning. koo. but i didnt because i had to take care of some things on campus on friday....but she wasnt informed and basically called me at the crack of dawn to ask where i was....THEN i told her how its gonna snow and what not and she totally disregarded what i said by telling me "it'll be nothing"......SOOOOO she proceeded to lure me into coming back to PA because i have no work or class on fridays.....basically a three day weekend.....she said she was gonna "cook". 
But im just concerned for hooptie and i safety.
So Now.
Im here.
In PA.
because my mom said she would "cook"
BUT she's working ALL DAY!!!!!
Not cooking!!!!!
THEN she gave me money to put in the back but when i saw what was happening outside, i told her "DO YOU SEE THE ROADS OUTSIDE?????"
Once again, she said it wasnt that bad and the money was to pay for my school and she didnt want the check to bounce blah blah blah
So i proceeded to get hooptie ready and rode around hilly ass easton with no heat just to deposit money.
ANDDDD my pop was already out "in the street".....he couldve done it but she insisted he wouldve split up the money somehow and what not.....
im such a pushover with my mom.
This has got to stop.
Well im back in my bed.
writing this post.
def not looking to go back outside until i have to go back to jersey at some point before monday.
this is all my mom fault.
Luvin' C*
& i truly dislike snow.

January 17, 2012

In That Mood

Golden Touch

i am listening to the beres hammond station on pandora. i think i listen to it after all my workouts (now that i realize it). I love working out. as of right now, im turning my routines up 200%
tomorrow i have winter training for work and after all the free food we will be getting, our department is competing in a flag football game under the lights against another department that has about half our staff....i dont know why they would pose a challenge like that, when they are going to lose.
antiwho, another semester is about to be well under way. it starts on friday, which is retarded but i dont mind it b/c i dont have class or work so ill be heading to PA for a doctors appt and get hooptie inspected. im just ready to start making some kind of money again and be busy. ill always be busy, as far as college because ill be here for a while....now, im not saying im a professional student (and i know some), but in my field, i have to get my doctorate soooooo yea.
 sheesh, at least i have a major and a plan....professional students dont.
ok thats my 2 cents for today.
Luvin' C*

January 15, 2012

I Die

Take me Here.
I shouldve been there yesterday.

The Man

Awkward silence.
That is one thing i do not tolerate.
a point where you and another person are just sitting there, looking at the wind blow by.
I can be shy at times, but i still know how to initiate conversation, speak on an interesting topic, and keep it flowing.
I can do that.
Sarcasm helps a lot.
BUT if you cant even remotely do half of what i just mentioned, i am not going to be interested.
i feel like guys have it easy when it comes to girls, they dont know how to work.
and apparently starting a conversation is part of "work".
if i am meeting up with a man, i refuse to talk my own ear off; if i am pausing, i am giving you a chance to respond, and that's usually where the silence comes and im forced to roll my eyes and basically understand, "this is not going to work in any way, shape, or form".
i need someone that is confident and can hold a conversation....
is that too much to ask.
I cant do all the work all the time.
Balance is key.
Luvin' C*

The Roommate

Yes I know there is a movie with this title and i swear, my roommate is not as crazy as that broad....
BUT she is pushing my buttons.
SOOOOO i am off of school for a month, and that break is slowly but surely coming to an end. I have been in good ol' Easton, Pa for the last 4 or 5 weeks and i had to head back to jersey to work a couple days on campus, so i stayed at my place in the hood b/c hooptie has been under a great deal of stress and i like to sleep.... 
Now, my roommate, i dont see too often, but it seems like wherever i live with another person, i never see them. seriously, this woman almost always asks me my name whenever she sees me which is once in a blue moon.
but antiwho, i worked on campus this past thursday and friday. thursday nite, i get to my spot, and as soon as i walk in the joint, i see she been using my sh*t!!!!!
My pot
My plate
My jog thingy that i put water/liquids in that i use for the day....
I think she thought i wasnt coming back and decided to use whatever i had like she dont got enough things taking over the apartment. So me being me, i took all my stuff that was in plain view, including my toilet paper, and put it where it belong.....in my damn possession.
Next was the fridge....my pop brought my sisi's fridge for me to use because i always complain how this woman basically left me absolutely no space to put anything. lucky he did that, b/c when i went in the communal fridge, majority of my ish had been thrown out to accommodate her meals for what seemed for a damn eternity!!!! all i had in there was one vanilla ensure and a jug of fruit punch that hadn't been opened yet.
I grabbed that, and placed it in the fridge in my room.
She whylin'
I do not care who you are, if you did not purchase it AND did not ask my permission to use/touch it, exactly why are you doing any of the above????
My brother's even know better than that.
enlighten me!!!!
Legit, this woman has enough things to fill a house!!!! Why is she in a little two bedroom apartment????
Me naw know
AND my jug is stained for life due to whatever nasty concoction of a drink she conjures up every so often.
as far as i'm concerned, she can have it.
I know i sound evil right now, but it had to be known....besides i always write about my "roommate troubles". its funny when i read back on my little captions as to how i was feeling at a certain point in time 
But seriously, i hope she reads this and not touch or try to look at, any of my possessions again before i give her another good talking to.
Luvin' C*

January 7, 2012

January 5, 2012

New Era Pinstripe Bowl @Yankee Stadium

Happy Birthday :)

Sean Dockery!!!!!!
If anyone has known me for an excessive period of time, you'll know i was one of Duke's Men's basketball biggest fans....granted i'm still a fan today, just not as big as i used to be. Anywho, the only reason i got into Duke bball was because of my soulmate....Sean Dockery.
Well, we havent met, but when we do, ill tell him of all the pix and games i watched and went to because of him.
I've watched this guy play from the time he was in high school all the way to his senior year as a bluedevil. Although he never won a championship under Coach K, he still did the business (to me at least)
PLUS he's cute

Luvin' C*

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

While everyone is out partying they buns off, i am at home, in PA because this past week has been crazy. I been driving to and from New York, New Jersey, and PA for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (which Rutgers won). Hooptie is now Green Hornet with all the driving i did this week and it pulled through. So today i rested and kept g.h in the driveway.
Ill pamper it whenever im not sleeping, eating, working out, or sore from working out.
YOOOOO those Nike Training Club workouts are really kicking my butt.
everyone with an apple product should download that app.
welp, my eyes and brain is tired from looking up all these grad programs.