April 27, 2013

one week

one week until my half marathon. since i last wrote,my feelings havent changed,im still scared.hopefully ill have enough confidence to finish the race decently. since moving back home (to PA) i've been lacking all types of confidence and my self-esteem gets low. theres absolutely no motivation to help me get to where i wanna be. in a way,i kinda feel like im just stuck here, working to pay bills and barely saving. im literally on the verge of getting a second full time job just so i can have a little extra something for myself and not feel guilty about spending.
overall, life after college is shit.
i recommend,if you dont think  you need to go to college,dont. youre wasting money and time.sure do a technical school or something......but a four year degree doesn't mean what it used to.
thats where im at right now with life.