September 12, 2012

running 5 miles
washing and doing my hair
looking over my bills
ordering my senior portraits (after forever)
looking and still not cleaning my room
Nap time.

Let's Dance a Little Harder

Well i technically dont have anyone to dance with, but i'll dance with myself. I usually do that and rock it anyways
of course everyone knows what i've been up life seems textbook.
lol well not really but that's what my life consists of.
Whenever i dont get a run in, i feel so guilty and go extra hard the next day.
I love that feeling. i dont know why people dont workout/be active more.
Someone once asked if i was "training" for something. I simply said "Yes, I am training for life".
Being healthy and happy will help you live longer and be happier. 
Whenever someone talks shit to me or tries to get me heated, i just say "i bet i can run a faster mile than you can".....
you really cant tell me anything
im horrible but in the best way possible.
As of right now, i'm tryna log 100 miles this month. I started on August 24 and I end September 24 of course. I started out at 2.5 miles a day but put the ante on myself and bumped it up to 5. Hopefully i'll be able to keep moving up my distance so i can get to that 100 sooner than expected.

People Go Be Active.
That's All I Ask.
You'll Feel Agazzillion times better.


September 3, 2012

Bean Town

Spent this Labor Day weekend with my reflection up in Boston. We went to see the Miami Hurricanes take on and demolish Boston College. Then we got the chance to take a tour of Fenway Park. All in all, Boston is a great city. Definitely drive-able city and the people are great. I wouldn't mind living in that city at all. Going there, i'm not thinking about jersey or even nyc anymore.
Speaking of NYC. today is the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn. I am not in attendance because i'm pooped and its raining and its kinda cold. I dont go to NYC on those conditions.....Hopefully everyone has a great time and stays safe this year.