March 31, 2009


"I know Jesus was a rockstar." -Little Jackie

I sit around alot.Doing homework or whateva it is i do half the time. I really hope we have a short spring and long summer because spring is the only reason i have glasses. Damned allergies. And school is slowly but surely coming to an end for everyone but it cnt come soon enuff (literally).
SIDENOTE* Louisville is out:( and i didnt even see it:(

SOOOO im bored on my day off from school but i have work later on GOSH that place kills me.

Yea i know, im boring right now.Maybe ill go play tetris or go do something my mom actually told me to do since early early morning, before i was even conscious........


March 29, 2009

Working Away

It seems there isnt a day were i am not working. Literally. Whether its school or actual 'work,work', im always busy. Im surprized i even have time to write on this blog. i lie, im always on the computer, so i might as well unwind while i take a break from being studious....its sunday so there's nothing goin on but Curty being couped up in the library then going straight to 'the stoopid workplace' form there. Television is not even up my alley anymore. Everyone knows I absolutely love sports and it is March Madness, well the kid has not even caught an entire March Madness game yet!!!!!! Not even my boy Curty Jerrells in the N.I.T. got any play. Sure ill watch the first half or a couple minutes of a game, but never the entire thing. SHAME>>>>im lucky to catch any show after i get home from work:( My blackberry is the only thing keeping me alive-its my only source to the world when im not buried in homework or tedious tasks at frickin Brakekly Park....Whateva, im still gettin MULA and Straight A's so itsss all goood in this neighborhood:)
STR8 2 WORK {$$$$}

March 28, 2009


Long gone the days of ordering pizza over the phone. Now with the technology that has plagued our country, the internet has made it twelve times easier to order our desires. Clothes and shoes, cell phones, etc etc and food is another alternative. Dominoes pizza has done this and its beautiful...ordering your pizza over the internet has got to be the best thing ever. I just woke up and thought about pizza while surfing the internet and then decided to look up the prices for dominoes pizza and next thing i kow im ordering my junk online:) SOOOO Excited!!!!!! Now only if mcdonalds had this service they business would be boomin'.



March 27, 2009

Im me,ur U thats all there is to it

Sun out(Real Bright).

Birds Chirpping(Loudly).

Kats walking their dogs.

Seen 4 bikes and its only 10:43 AM(none of which was my suzuki gsx r600).

Eyes are tired(Dev.Psych is boring).

Education till 5pm.

Hungry(thats nothing new).

NO work till Tuesday(every1 knows how much i hate my job).

Abs are on fire(gettin' rite this summer).

To clean or not to clean? That is the question(My room is starting to look like a disaster area-not worse than kay-d's tho).

Checking Mail is a Bee.

OHHHH SNAPPP so i was watching CollegeHill last night and that broad terri is dumb as sugar w/ her crazy azz. Thinkin she was gonna have ol'boy Brandon all to herself immediately.NOPE.he is tooo fine to be dealing w/ a crazy chick like her.first day in the house and she already on some possessive mess.......

AND both Duke and Memphis lost...i already knew duke wasnt gonna win hence villanova got ppl on they team that should be runnin track....Memphis, i dunno whad happened.i was really hopin Sean Taggert and Roburt Sallie was gonna do work but i guess not:( i would say something else but i would most likely jinx everrything and i would end up crying like i lost my 75 cents i just had in my hand to pay the toll from jersey to PA......

On that note....

March 23, 2009

If We Ain't, Then Who

If twins aint the sh*t, then I dnt know who is. Evrybody else just sucks:)

Plain and Simple*


March 20, 2009

What Im hearing

Speaking with my sister last nite and she told me not to go to Walmart(my fav store). Im thinking, why the heck not????? Cuz our girl Tina's sister said that there's gonna bbe some gang initiation where they gotta shoot four ppl.......

Gangs have to be THE dumbest thing Ive ever heard of. Dnt ppl got something better to do with their time???Obviously not because they run around the streets killing innocent people and by the time they realize what they doing is wrong, not just to the community, but to themsleves as well, the damage had been done (with the intent of more to come). Why dont they turn their negative typical gang culture into something positive? Its not that hard. Start something fresh. I hate when people say "being in a gang is cool, and fun". You are obviously outside of your mind cause that unk is not cool at all. And it sucks because kids are getting older and older by the second. Kats dont even look they age anymore. Kats are 11 or 12 years old looking older than me (And im 19 y.o.)!!!! there is something wrong with that. Kats just straight skipping childhood and moved straight to adolesence. Running around not know shit about shit but what they 'think' is cool.......GET REAL!!!!! And parents need to beat your kids. I can not emphasize this enough. Some kids NEED to be beat-Straight ^.

Alright its Friday and the sun is just now comming out:) enough of this sad stuff. Going outside to enjoy life:)


March 18, 2009


Thats from calvin&hobbs.chappy got me on them. dey some funny kats:) so it seem that every guy i meet name is Mark. Thats some weird shyt. This guy im talkin to, his name is Mark. I was at a stop light 2day, windows dwn,bumpin a little bit cuz it was beyond beautiful outside and i was searchin for the quickest way to food(of course) {OKAY} @ the stoplight, motorcycle pulls up behind me. if u know me, ill wave at anyone on a bike ANYONE. so he rolls up beside me, and we're having a full blown convo. And yes his name ended up being Mark. I met this kat from my history class at the library 2day (mind you, im on spring break) and his name is Mark. maybe im destined to be with someone named Mark. Who knew there were so many ppl named Mark to begin with. Ive only known 2 Marks since fourth grade and now there seems to be an explosion of Marks in the universe, i dunno.

Eggs and ketchup with AZ iced tea and strwbry yogurt. That was my dinner. Got the brackets tightened:(;( so now my mouth is throbbing w/ hunger. i have to eat anything soft but i REFUSE to puree any of my food. ID RATHER STARVE. so my girl says that eggs and ketchup is disgusting. i dnt give a two sugars what one thinks b/c its all gonna go dwn to ur tummy and get mixed up anyways. SIDENOTE* i hate ppl who MUST have their foods separated. get for frickin reel.yall dnt make not a lick of sense* Food and I are best friends but its so hard to eat when ur teeth feel like dey about to fall out. At least i can not eat junk food everyday (well almost until we go grocery shopping). now im stuck on eggs,oatmeal (w/ no bananas), and shagetti o's, yogurt and water.....

Motorcycle season is upon us kids. and its beautiful. i absolutely love spring/summer (w/ the exception of my horrible allergies which will make my vision worser than it already is). SO that means imma be draggin Chappy everywhere!!!!YAY ME,CCCCC. str8 whippin' no matter how much gas is (((((I TAKE THAT WAY BACK))))) Gas prices have a mind of they own now a days....

Juaquin da nephew up top:)

March 13, 2009


anotha walmart story. these kats dnt like money cuz im standin in the damn camera section for 30 minutes waitin for ol'boy to come back w/ my camera, turns out he went on frickin lunch break....aint that some BS to the BS????!!!! well i ended up gettin the camera but shit was broke!!!! aint even come on after i charged the battery for forever. so i got my mula back and took it to radio shack to get the same one cheaper:)

The Cool Kids&Drake&PacDiv is tooo much......Great Guys

School is still kicking my ass [SPRING BREAK STARTING @ 5 IN THE PM]

SunnyShine outside....

Apparently everyone is moving back to Exit 91..........

Back to ethics homework:( so sadddddd

March 12, 2009

Damn internet

So my last frickin post aint get posted now im upset for more reasons than frickin one. myspace sux ass crack times frickin two. the kid cnt find a legit printer at home or at school (aint that something else-a damn school man). its still chilly room is beyond a hotmess and i think its gona stay like that until next wk when spring break ends. spring break=work and zzzz and gettin fat off of chips ahoy choc chip cookies and pure juice.

On a good note, i dunno where to start w/ that.i guess im just hapy to be alive and have some vanilla ice cream w/ popcorn.see some bikes time and time again.driving out of pennsylvania is pure frickin joy for me:)

OHHHDEARRRR i think my internet is about to fail me again.....GOSHHHHH