April 19, 2014

Boom Pow.

Hello world.
My last post was a bit depressing but who doesn't get that way sometimes, especially during a time like this.

Since then I have been to church and brunch with a dear friend. We have decided to keep that going monthly, just to keep in touch and catch on on life....of course it was in Jersey....

I have changed my hair color. My hair is naturally brown and now its pitch black, and since i'm successfully growing my hair out, it looks good (it would look good regardless, but you know what i mean).....a subtle change is always good for me, heck, good for anyone. def lifts my spirits a bit :)

I have been hitting the gym like a maniac and really getting into my boxing circuits. I designed them to kick my ass, and they do. whenever i feel like stopping or throwing up, my old head trainer friend pops in to check on me, make sure im alive then tells me to keep going.....and i keep going. It doesn't hurt when one buys workout clothes and sneakers very often. whenever i get in a rut, i buy a new shirt or shorts or something, just to spark something up again....

I am currently on the hunt for a new job just in case i get laid off by the beautiful state of New Jersey.....which i do not mind at all because i dislike where i work. They are a couple developmental centers opened in the state, they are closing two and those people need somewhere to go....so they're coming to my center. Before news of the layoff hit the masses, i accepted a position in the psychology department and i thought everything was a go, until i never got my actual start date in this new position......of course the higher-ups knew everything was about to be on a freeze but they still "gave" people positions without giving them the position. I was so excited and had a lot of hope then I get word, basically saying you're gonna stay in your current title, most likely get bumped out of your position by someone with more seniority. And me getting bumped means bumped out of a job, instead of bumped into a lower title/position. As much as i don't like working for the state, a job is a job.....

I digress.
My debts are going all the way down :)
I have no store cards with a balance. Since i live at home, rent free......all i have is my phone bill and school loans..plus monthly stuff like little groceries here and there and putting gas in whatever vehicle i decide to drive. i am greatful my parents overstand the struggles of young people and they dont like to see their children suffering if they dont have to. the only suffering i endure is the rules of the house and everyone knowing exactly where i am at every minute of the day....my schedule doesnt change anyways.
gym, food, hygiene, chores, nap, work.
Thats it. 

antiwho, enough rambling.
hopefully ill write more with some interesting topics....