October 31, 2010

Look at this man.
That's All.


Another weekend gone by;)
Just got back to Jersey from PA. Went to see mi familia. Oh yea, isn't it Halloween??!!
Not too big on this 'holiday'.
Friday I went out with my girls which was way less than eventful (odd since it was halloween weekend). Went to two clubs, both were wack. So majority of the nite was spent in the car and at IHOP talking about people's accents and our waitress's name (Mahogany) and why there was a nice arse Camero just chillin' in the parking lot. We came up with so many different theories, you wouldve sworn we were scientists or something of that nature. Also my pigment-challenged girl expressed her hatred for older honda civics- "Honder" to her. And my boy Manny had one and when she saw that his alarm was going off for absolutely no reason, she straight up told homeboy he needed to get his pinto under control. It was hilarious to me b/c we ended up talking about where you'd typically see a 'pinto' and the convo just kept on flowin'. lol.
I love it.
Being with girls you can trust is always a plus.
Luvin' C*
&Manny's "pinto"

October 29, 2010

Man OH Man

Guess where I'm at?
Not at Seton Hall.
Anyways, it seems as though the work never ends for me. I have never yawned so much in the entirety of my life as much as I'm yawning today. I dont even feel THAT tired but apparently my body is saying something different.
Halloween this weekend and that really doesn't concern me. Long gone are the days of dressing up and partying like its 1999 for me. I'll just stick to studying, bbm'ing, keeping my money in my pocket, chatting it up on the land line, getting cozy with my bed (and hopefully my "someone else"), scratching my eyes out, maybe shoot up to my second home@Seton Hall (NOTE:my real home in PA is down to my 3rd possible home I could sleep at), and not messing with the weather.
I hate when people randomly spray sh*t in small places. Dumb arse, I may be allergic because now I'm coughing up a storm, hence you shouldn't spray sh*t before somebody dies. These stinkin' broads don't make no sense at all. Goodness.
Ok back to Business.
Luvin C*
&how much people love me.hehe.

October 27, 2010

I'll be doing Me

Tim Lincecum and his hair
San Francisco Giants

Hey World,
I am so beyond relieved that midterms are over, nobody understands. I studied so hard but it was worth it because some of my grades so far are 90,99, and 105;) I def predict a 4.0 this semester, esp with how hard I'm studying and being on my A-game. Even though I do procrastinate a tad, everything still gets done and I still make the grade. It's either I'm getting smarter or Kean is Just THAT easy...
My Yankees are out of the world series;( But so are those nasty Phillies so I can't hear my ex-boyfriend rub it in my face about that ugly arse team. The World Series isn't even interesting this year, the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants....C'mon. I guess i'm rooting for the Giants because of Tim Lincecum's hair;)
On another note...
In my last post I had something about Kean's lack of West Indian-ness, well yesterday at a staff meeting, I talked to one of my co-workers who I never see and asked where she was from (Trinidad). We got to talkin' and I brought up Seton Hall's West Indian Student Organization and how Kean doesn't have anything like it....BUT to my surprise, she actually put in the paperwork to start up a club, West Indian Culture Club (WICC) AND there are positions available on the Executive Board;) It may be official by the Spring 2011 semester;) I'm Hype.
It looks like everything here at Kean and Jersey is finally falling into place for me.
All it takes is a little patience.
Luvin' C*
&Tina, Lisa, and Crystal Grant
Wishing the flyest triplets I know the bestest, most bangingest Birthday Ever.
Love My Girls.

October 23, 2010


Yesterday i wrote THE bangingest post I'd written in a long time then my computer decided to disown me and shut down so I didn't even get a chance to save&post;( But.....
I went to a W.I.S.O (West Indian Staudent Org) event on Thursday nite at my second home, Seton Hall University. They had their 2nd Annual Mixer and since my lovely godsister is on the Executive Board, I thought I'd swing by after a nine hour work day and support my fellow West Indians.
The President-DeJuana
W.I.S.O. E-Board members
Director of Public Relations and Communications Major...my beautiful God Sister, Joy:)
And let the party begin.....

Overall, the event was a success. It made me think about how we don't have anything like this at Kean;( and what would it take to start W.I.S.O up. I know I am not the only West Indian person on that campus (of all the african americans I see). One of my bosses, who happens to be my kind of Dominican, is who I'm gonna have to bother to see about what I can do.
Oh yeah, and the food was on point, too bad my camera was acting up and I couldn't take a pic of my mini Caribbean dish...it was tasty though, trust me, I know;)
Luvin' C*
&the people who love me.

October 19, 2010

All for a Good Cause

After the Breast Cancer Walk, there was a whole lotta stollin'
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. stroll with their brothers of PBS
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc
This past weekend was very eventful for me. On Saturday my family came to Jersey to celebrate my momz bday.Went to Red Lobster and had a grand ole time:) I absolutely love seeing my family.
Then on Sunday I walked for Breast Cancer in Newark with a couple ladies from Kean University which was "funner" than I thought it would be.
Sunday night, I went out on an "actual date"....yea I know. It was nice not paying for anything, or driving. Just got treated like a lady&enjoyed myself. We went to a sports bar (which I've never been to-and i call myself a sports fan...) My jaw was hurting so bad because I was laughing so hard at that 'one lonesome Broncos fan' who wouldn't sit down or say anything after the bar (full of Jets fans) erupted because we had just scored a TD with under :20 left in the fourth. The Best. But everyone was drunk and enjoying life so it was all good. And the ppl (who were sober) were extremely sweet. I would def do that again;)
Oh and my date wasn't too shabby either.
Homecoming here at Kean this week. Too many events, so sad I have to work and study;( I'll find a way to have "some sort of fun" this week.

Well this week is looking swell so far.

Luvin C*

&the Sunlight

October 14, 2010

So I am finally established here at Kean. The only thing i'm a little fishy about is the driving, because it requires me to wake up extra early just to beat traffic and that is a Bee. Thennnn I have to find a parking spot and that's never fun....and its getting colder outside which requires me to use my heat, using more gas. Oh well, while im here at work making sure ppl dont put they feet on couches, this is what I'm jamming to...

Luvin' C*

October 4, 2010

Enough is Enough

There is an event taking place tonight at Seton Hall University (my second home). It's called "The Extinction of Black Men".....
The question posed is "Are black men extinct or are females' standards too high?"
Enough is enough. Why are we having the same conversation over and over again???There's no shortage and women's standards aren't too high, I think people are just pussies and can't/don't want to step up to the plate because society puts out WAYYYYY too many stereotypes about specific races and genders that it scares people off into not even approaching one another.
That is how I have come to rationalize it.
Also everyone's out to get that 'perfect' mate when in reality it does not exist and folk need to realize that and just love each other for what it is, and not what we want.....
On another note, just when I was about to give up on Kean's University Center, I actually got a call about how I was supposed to work TODAY!!! Mind you no one ever called me to tell me my schedule...people are unbelieveable. So I actually start working on Thursday....I guess/hope.
Luvin' C*
&Happy Birthday to my girls Sash and Lindsay. Damn we gettin' old

October 1, 2010

Don't Rain On Me

I hate when people look at me.
If you are not gonna say anything, not even smile, keep it moving please. Do not stare me in the face like I am supposed to know you cuz i keeps it moving.
With that off my chest, it's been raining all week and its gonna be like this next week. I always thought we weren't supposed to tailgate folk and rock high beams in rain, and fog, and wind.....Well apparently that's what they do in New Jersey and New York because on my way to school I almost caught a heart attack. I was waiting for one of those BMW's or Benz or Audi's to come and basically run me off the road. Idiots.
This school situation is slowly but surely getting better. Of course the UC job is officially over because I cannot wait on money..I need it now. Had an inteview with New York&company and it went SUPER well, so I am expected to be getting paid pretty soon....
Last night I went to a panel discussion about "Why Go Greek?" and there were a set of identical twins there. Now me being the twin I am, I'm lookinga these girls like 'why are they dressed exactly the same???" Their hair was the same, shoes and everything. I didnt understand it. You are seniors in college, why are you still dressing alike??? I know Cane and I couldn't do that unless we both REALLY liked an outfit but even then, i dont think we would dress alike because it decreases the chance of getting more and a variety of pieces we can both wear.Genius.
"Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain."
Luvin' C*
&not these worms.