August 31, 2011

I Love Us

This here is some of my lovely University Center Family
And I love us.
Just this last week alone, i got to know my co-workers in ways i never thought possible but it actually made us closer and that's why we are the best of all the student affairs' divisions at Kean University in New Jersey.
point blank period
and the thing i love about this particular pic is we have the newbies mixed in with the ones a stranger

I dont think Jeri Lee likes camera's too much...
Marva holding the photographer, Jenesis
and these two together make...
get it??!! if not, you suck
classes start tomorrow and im hyoe b/c i only have one and im off from work
so im getting into all these welcome back week events
and im def gon hurt someone in laser tag...
trust and believe
Luvin' C*

August 29, 2011

Good Morning World.....

If you dont like Anthony Hamilton, something must be wrong with you
Luvin' C*

August 27, 2011

The Storms' Coming!!!

Im back in PA but i'm supposed to be packing to be in Jersey. But they've evacuated much of Jersey and Hurricane Irene is supposed to wreek havoc tonite so i have no clue when i'm actually moving into my aunt's basement....
Although i havent even BEGAN to pack and dont know where to start, it will get done and ill get there whenever i get there because i have a ton and a half of things to do today.
on another note, i just got my schedule for work and i am def gonna be looking for another job. I probably wont be alive by the end of the semester, but sacrifices will be made and i'll be closer to my dreams of becoming a doctor of psychology
well this was jsut an update of nothing other than the fact that i am alive and Hurricane Irene aint.....
Luvin' C*
&my PiecexKarmin bracelet  that i ordered

August 24, 2011

Aww Geez

Party people, its about that time to get busy!!!!
NOOOO not That kind of busy, but back in to school mode of busy. Today was the first day (of three) of training for University Center Staff. All i can say is, i missed free food. Doesnt everything seem way better when its free. For some reason, I appreciate it more because i dont wanna waste it, seeing as how it was free. And i am greatful for it because there are people in the world that are less fortunate so i take advantage of ALL my sources :)
anywho, today was long and cold.
the building was freezing and even though i had a light jacket, i was still shaking in my boots...
Speaking of Shaking!!!!
seriously people, it was that deep. i overstand that we dont get that kind of activity around here but c'mon...
I didnt feel anything but my co-worker who was standing two feet away from me did
and the act like it was for 10 minutes....stop it.
i imagined it lasted no more than .00000001 seconds here up in Easton/Phillipsburg
AND some people are truly exaggerating how shaky it got. if you were in the basement or on the first floor of a 3-story building, im pretty sure you didnt feel anything drastic.
people are too dramatic for my liking.
too extra for themselves...
Anytiwho, that was my day in a nutshell, im tired and had way tooooooooo much to eat today.
Luvin' C*
&let the semester begin

August 17, 2011

School Time

alright so everyone knows im moving back to jersey probably next week.....i will have no time to pack what so ever because ill be working until i dip outta pennsylvania. and since i wont be able to pack, i wont be able to shop either
even though im not bringing as much "stuff" with me as i did before, i still like to have something "new". shopping does the body good so i guess "window shopping" online isnt going to hurt my vision or wallet....but it will fuel my drive to buy (since i already bought my books...OOOPAAAAA)
AEO Suede Driving Shoe ($39.99)
I love comfy things, especially if im not gonna be living on campus. These suckas will be the ones to either be on my feet OR cooped in my car whenever need be.
Classic Watch from Forever 21 ($17.80)
This watch screams "Official", does it not???
and i am too official so its only right.
Double Layer Trousers from Zara (ON SALE FOR $9.99)
there on sale. thats all. and i love trousers......
Nine West® "Rocha" - Black
Nine West Rocha in Black
no i dont have a legit pair of black pumps.....
Oh and a couple great blazers....i already have one that i got from Express but it now has a beautiful imprint of the iron on it.
and i been stealing my momz' own from the 80's or early 90's and she doesnt seem to mind, so imma keep taking them...
well that's all i have for now until i actually hit the stores and start picking up every and anything i technically dont need.
Luvin' C*

I wouldn't mind.......

having a satchel.
this specific satchel is made by Portland based leather goods maker, Tanner
but  i dont think they make these anymore because this came out in 2008 :(
they're still cute and handy to have and i would def use one of these in my life.....
Luvin' C*

Random: Timbs and William Yan

I dont know what it is about Timbs that can get me al rouled up. they look soooooo good on men
especially when their worn however you want to wear them. gotta always have that swag when it comes to Timbs :)
Luvin' C*

August 14, 2011

Too Much

I've doing too much thinking and not enough doing lately.
I've posted some things i wanted to get done but it's been nothing more than a post....
my tattoo, the hair cut (which i did go to get cut but got a typical haircut b/c i coulnt fathom what the lady thought she was doing to my head), and recently i'm debating whether or not to get a new phone.
i'm only on my second blackberry and i love it but i feel like its time to move on. its still a blackberry world (in my eyes), and i'm just not ready to part with it
and as usual, i dont know what to do. i'm the type of person that volleyballs' back and forth with decisions that arent on my "too-too" important list....whats important=anything requiring me to spend more than $50 on, like education or a car or a laptop....little purchases like a phone i can do without because its not that important and That is why its still up in the air.....
whats also up in the air is exactly when ill be moving to my quarters in Jersey. This academic school year ill be posted in good ol' Maplewood which is way closer to Kean than where i was before. even though ill be staying with family, i dont want to stay there!!!!!
Why you ask??
ill tell you.
i feel like my aunt and uncle are gonna be watching my every move and report it back to my parentals.
when i was staying with my cousin, it was typical roommate behavior....clean your mess, make sure the iron is off, and lock the door before you leave.
No questions, no rules, no nothing. just do you.
But i have a feeling there will most def be rules because they have two kids under the age of 15 sooooooo i basically gotta be on my p's and q's (i have no clue what that means)
and once again, that got me to thinking.....i need to find a roommate. but i have to go on campus and look at bulletin boards and ish because there is no way in heck you'll find me on craigslist or something like that....because craig just might end up on My list if he know what good for him
oh boy, its Suday and its raining so i guess ill go read something
Luvin' C*
&waiting on my momz to come home so i can bother her. havent done it in a while so i know she'll appreciate it

August 10, 2011


August 9, 2011

After The Storm

i feel like its been  months since i posted. once again, i've done one of my disappearing acts only to come back to life and here's whats been going on:
I STILL cannot find the cord to my camera. i am pretty sure the thing just up and left and decided absolutely not to come back....
i picked a date as to when i will be going back to jersey: August 23 and the 24th is when i'll be starting work stuff back at Kean. Well the eight days before school will be pure mayhem. oh and can you believe were starting before Labor Day again!!!!! Dumb. a whole lotta Kean student are Caribbean and i know a whole lotta (including myself), will be at the Lador Day parade in Broooklyn, NY come the first Monday of September. the next day ill be dead as usual.
they cut my hours at my stupid job two weeks before i sail up outta that place!!! are you kidding me???? i need my money, ON TIME!!!!
I think i may have whooping cough lol i dont even know exactly what that is, but since Toronto, i been coughing like i smoked cigs for 5000 years and thats not a good look. at all.
Yesterday i spent the ENTIRE day at Dorney Park w/my fam from Connecticutt. THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!
even though i give Pa a bad rep, Dorney was too damn fun. it was only my second time going but i def approve. it sucked that i couldnt recover from it because i had to work at 630 in the morning like the dedicated worker i am
but dont fret, i'm off for the next two days, so ill be working out, sleeping, and trying to get alot of actual work done before any other adventure....
Welp, thats what i been up to since my last post. Where yous been at???
Luvin' C*
&curry chicken made right

August 3, 2011

About That Time

I am back from Toronto and i been working ever since. i am still in recovery mode, and will be that way until i have a day off which will be on Monday BUT i still wont be able to relax because i have way too much to get done (mostly reguarding school stuff)
you see, my procrastinating ways have caught up with me and now im tryna move at the speed of light to get things done all the while getting in as much hours possible at work before i head back to Kean and live off zero sleep.
as i write thos post, im looking for any type of money to extort to pay for school
its ridiculous
and all the mayhem i have to go through JUST to be considered an in-state student is horrid
i cannot fathom
sometimes i feel sorry for my parents and how much they're shelling out for me to go to school THEN i remember i have a 3.62 grade point average and they STILL go on cruises....
but once i getback to jersey, i must get another job on top of the one i already have just because i am not a lazy bastard and i love working for everything i have.
knowing I especially deserve it, makes everything worth wild
Luvin' C*
&i am very very very upset that i cannot find my cord to my camera so i can upload my Toronto pix!!!!!!
I got motorcycle pix ppl!!!!