January 17, 2015

Saturday Vibes

Its a Bright Saturday here on my side of PA.
Hopefully, I leave the house because its so cold but its not looking so promising so here's what I'm vibing to on my last Saturday before I'm back to actually having a life (work and school).


January 15, 2015

Scot's Head

This is from my recent trip to Dominica in November. It was nice to get away from life for a while but the reason for going wasn't so nice.....
Unfortunately my grandmother had passed away so the family made the trip to Dominica to bury her.
It was a nice celebration of her life, we explored the island and caught up with family. Its just sad that marriage or death is what brings most families together. 
I got the chance to see cousins I hadn't seen in forever and literally be one with nature.
The island of Dominica is very much untouched. It's not an island booming with tourism like Jamaica. There are still dirt roads, and fisherman, and hidden beaches everywhere.

All of these pictures were taken with my cell phone which obviously sucks. I deeply regret not bringing my actual camera. In all the rush and mayhem, I forgot to pack it 
The problem is I don't know when I'll be traveling down there again. I have literally gone every ten years (1995, 2005, 2014) which is sad because I love being in a place that is completely and nothing like America.

Since my phone sucks so much I didn't take as many as I wanted.....so these pictures are from Scot's Head.....its where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. Literally, you can tell the difference between both bodies of water because the Caribbean Sea is so calm and tranquil while the Atlantic Ocean.....is not.
We also went to a sulphur spring. There are many across the island but the one in Scot's Head was my favorite because it is literally in the ocean, a small patch that some natives carved out. It was so warm and amazing. Natural sulphur springs are theeeee best thing on Earth, mainly because they are not man-made. This one we went to had the bubbles coming up from the water and as soon as you dug your hands and feet in, you could feel the heat. Another one we went to wasn't too far up the road but it was more "touristy" because the water flowed down the mountain, there where different "mini lakes" one could walk/hike to to experience the springs' amazing energy. When we went, it was kinda dark so we didn't stay for too long because no one in our camp like bugs, lizards, snakes and such....
I would mos def recommend if anyone does venture out to Dominica to visit Scot's Head where you can make a little trek to the top for breath-taking views, swim with fishes, and enjoy the sulphur springs.

My father's village of Wesley is more so on the Atlantic side. But there was one beach that was close enough that could be on one of those Corona commercials......"Find your Beach"......
On our last free day there, we took a trip to Purple Turtle Beach in Portsmouth. I remember going there as a child. Being on the Caribbean side, the water was so peaceful, anybody could swim in it and go out as far out as they wanted without the potential of getting swept out to sea.
We also went to Cabrits National Park. A former military outpost, Fort Shirley still stands in history.....another fun thing to do in Dominica

All in all, I miss the heat (which is not like America where it gets to be unbearable at times), the sand, the beaches, the food, and most of all, my grandmother.....Miss Roma or Toma as we would call her.


January 11, 2015

I tried...

So folks, I tried to do another blog but i am not keeping up with it plus I did not like the layout too much so I might as well come back to my baby.
Ramble on about the happenings.
My new blog was supposed to be all about Health/Fitness and Spirituality but I obviously wanted to speak about other things in my life that do not necessarily pertain to those two subjects. 
Maybe i'll engage in both blogs, see that helps. 
This one is more of a "funny, haha" life situations thing.

But of course, I cannot make about my mind to save my life as I am way too indecisive.......This will most likely be my one and only blog as it has been.