July 1, 2013


as you have probably figured out....i am 24 years old now.
my sister and i usually dont do much for our birthday because our friends are busy and always everywhere else but this year i really wanted to shake my buns among other thangs.
My sister, and our bestie drove out to Jersey to do what we do best. we went out to one place and lets just say it was WAYYYY too ratchet to our liking.....girls wearing sneakers in the club????
i dont understand. When u go out, i thought you were supposed to look extra nice, even bougy.....not come in lookin how you look on a regular basis......so we bounced outta there quick because Mister C of Hot 97 was on deck and wasnt helping the cause....plus it was still early but i honestly didnt want that place killin my vibe.
So then we hit up another spot, literally steps away and at first, we were like "Eh, theres nobody here, but ppl looked like they were having fun...." so we just said "f" it and made the best of it and Boy, was it a nite. one of my jersey girls/ace's that came out was just handing my sis and I drank after drank. i honestly didnt mind it because i NEVER go out anymore and i wasnt driving back home
Random: you know how they say "All the single ladies, hands in the air!!!!" well outta all my friends, i was the only one single which felt super awkward and a tad depressing.
basically danced the night away and ended up falling flat on my face/ass mostly because of the frickin' foam, which is cool but i wasnt prepared for at all. i def felt like i had a concussion but my sister said it wasnt that bad. i def think the alcohol made it worser.
i also literally ran to the car in six inch heels which is remarkable after dancing all night. i dont know how i managed to do it. i kinda felt like when i was running the half marathon.....it hurt when i stopped, so i just didnt until i got to my destination.
Overall I had a great birthday with friends, after not seeing them in forever. Im thankful they took the time out to enjoy it with my sister and I.