February 25, 2010

Over It

As everyone most likely knows, Im done with this snow business. I cannot say how many times ive asked for spring to show its face a little and gotten nothing in return. Its snowing now (again) but its not sticking so i been testing out my new tires by going to the gym, the bank, and the grocery store & almost Five Guys (but that would defeat my purpose of going to the gimnasio........)All in all, my tires are good, im alive, and i should be doing some 'work' before my girl Melissa's bday party tomorrow night---hopefully Snow White wont show her ugly face....

P.S. Killer Whales are called Killer Whales for a reason;(RIP)

Lovin' C
&somebody else**
&Pound Cake

February 20, 2010

Numero Uno y Dos

I am a double. Meaning there is another young lady in the world who looks exactly like me. And everyone asks the usual questions that two-somes get but I dont think Ill ever get tired of it because its a part of me.....
Even though we are identical, we are still different,if that makes any sense. We do different things but overall still enjoy the majority of everything.I dnt think I could live without this broad because I wouldnt know how.We dont fight,sh** we cant fight. its pointless and useless because in a millisecond one will say something stupid and it all be love again:)Thats just how we roll. I support her, she supports me, We scheme together, we get in trouble together....but we cant do everything together....after 20 years of being "We" im finally figuring out how to be a "Me" without her. Its hard but its something that must be done and its getting done holmes. We wont be those twins that hate each other or dont talk to each other because of something utterly ridiculous because that in itself would be utterly ridiculous.
last nite was a testament to our twinship. I did something stupid and she had my back. we were mad at each other for literally twenty-one(------) seconds,both popped some tylenol at the same time(even when im about 100 miles away), and still "made-up", had a laugh and moved on because this instance was one of many but the most serious of them all.
I love that broad&I know she is def in love with me (LOL)

P.S. You CANNOT lie to your Mother....EVER....well not mine at least....Love her too;)

Lovin' C*

February 17, 2010

No Canes today.

They have on shorts.......
Lovin' C

If I was ya lova.......

Im really feelin' this one.

Lovin' C


Ive been eating a whole lot of pound cake for absolutely no reason other than the fact it tastes so ridiculously good;) I am beyond ready for the weather to start warming up. All this snow white is blinding my eyes& i wanna show my leggaroos sundun.......Listening to this Electrik Red joint "Friend Zone".I dnt know about u, but i like it and i like their style. Been busy with life i.e. getting my taxes done to do this fafsa due march first so the government can pay for my education which they should be doing regardless.
Did you know that the Gee's spend more dinero on prisons and such rather than systems of Higher Education (public colleges/universities)......Therefore making college students stress about those nice loans we get to pay back when we "really" get paid>not fun stuff...speaking of government....
There is this young man in my American National Government class, which is taught by Prof Kiki,the PA teacher of the year.....well okay this kat has a comment for every little, minuscule, minute, thing that is broughtup in this 50 minute class. He makes it dreadful for everyone, including the Prof (im sure).....Whenever he talks, its one of those "oh my goodness here he goes" by everyone in the class....AND he's one of those kats that prolongs everything, making his explanation of how china and their population and something about portugual is related about 20 minutes longer than it has to be. JUST SAY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY AND MOVE ON.. ALREADY. good frickin grief holmes. (eye roll)

OKAY folks....as my little brother Kev would say..."Yo son, you dont know, Diane tough son"

Lovin' C

February 15, 2010

Valley Day

St.Valentine's Day was yesterday(damn im late about everything). My plans were crushed from the jump but I still got some Red Lobster;) I quite frankly dont believe in Valentine's day.it makes no sense to me....to have only one day dedicated to the one person or three people you love. These acts of loveness should be year-round, not one day in the shortest month of the year....Im just saying.
The gifts and flowers are still nice*

NBA all-star weekend....reallly could care less. nate robinson of the new york knickerbockers won the dunk contest.....yet a-damn-gain. i own "a special someone" a trip to Burger King. Straight chicken firs holmes.


Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.” Erica Jong

Lovin' C

February 11, 2010

Denver, Colorado

I feel like I live in Denver................

^^^ This is from last saturday&not the recent calamity of weather we had^^^

OH thats about 16 inches right there.....
Stayed home allllll day yesterday. Waited on my Papa John's Pizza for an hour and a half, did not go outside what so ever,and watched television and studied/did homework. Today is not gonna be as miserable, I promise. Why is that C? Because i have to actually step foot out in the snow today;(Dentist-dreadful. Get my taxes done. Need tires (still). &maybe get some FIVE GUYS;)
Lovin' C

February 8, 2010

Marchin Orders

Hehe thats what the Colts got on sunday baby;)
Love that New Orleans played like Pure Money THE entire game and it showed.
Lovin' C

February 4, 2010


Today is one of my bestest friends' birthday;)
Miss Joy Alexander.
I've known this broad since before I came out the womb...that's how far back we go.Kats prolly dont overstand but that's just how real we are..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo
"The year of the Duece Uno"

February 3, 2010

My People

It's three days into Black History month and I havent posted anything about it.......I may be blasted for this but people from the West Indies do not consider themselves to be "Black Americans" or African-Americans. We get offended when no one knows where we originated from.


Well here it goes....Happy Black History Month and for all those that only know the usual figures in black history, yous need to get your education on;) I know i did.

Lovin' C*

February 1, 2010

I've Got a Friend in You



C...thats me*

Melissa!!!!!my grl from jersey

These last couple of days have been tiresome and trying but im happy. This past weekend I got the chance to boogy with some old-but-new-friends,basically women that are in my "extended family that should be blood-related" crew and met a friend that respects every aspect of any woman.
I Love Real People.
Lovin' C