August 21, 2012

Current State

Of everything.
Full of food.
Full of life.
Full of fun.
Full of Love.
Full of family.
That's where I am and everywhere I want to be.
Current State:
A tad tired lol i just passed my med. certification for work with flying colors and ate the bestest lunch (food always tastes better a couple days later for some reason). Now i'm gonna rest myself since i get zero sleep at night.....wake up,workout, then head back to sleep before i head in for the night shift. 
As much as i usually do complain about dumb stuff, im content and figuring out life as an adult. I am leaving the past behind and trying not to get back into old habits.
Just be the happy me that I usually am, and rub my happiness and silliness off on people.
I love to see everyone smile.

Luvin' C*
&and Boston next weekend to see Dem Canes rock my world.

August 11, 2012

Healthy Me

Hey Hey Hey
If you know me, I love hitting the gym, getting a run in, or riding around the neighborhood on the bike. I love sweating and feeling my muscles work and i love how I feel after working out.....accomplished. I could be totally lazy and blah one day, but best believe i am doing some kind of cardio.
I have a tumblr account and i mostly follow fitblr's. Since I have been doing the same routine for what feels like forever, i use tumblr to find new workouts to keep me motivated. 
So far, so good.
I also use the Nike Training Club (NTC) App for Apple products. It has great variations and options as to what you may want to target. When I first started using it back in January and went back to school after break, everyone was talking about how slim I looked 
Hard work pays off.
Now, I just signed up for a site,
It basically helps you track/log your workouts and you get points for it. 
I literally just signed up for it (10 minutes ago) so I'm still figuring it out.
I love food, its crazy. But it's probably why I'm not where i want to be. Of course I love my body, but I want to tone it up more and look fly FOREVER.
sweets are still and always will be my downfall.
Water is the only thing I drink.
I'm cutting out junk all-together. i'm cutting back on portions.
and trying to find fresh foods that i am not allergic to.
Let this leg of the journey begin, seeing as how life if always a journey.
Happy Saturday Folks.
Luvin' C*
&USA Track&Field

August 7, 2012


Hey all.
I know i've been thee worse at blogging but this summer has been busy for me. Between all the frat/soro bbq's and family functions, working and sleeping&working out, i barely have time to blog any more, sheesh i'm hardly on the computer.
welp, i just got back from vacation and im already back to work
i was vacay's never ended.

Phi Beta Sigma Crabfest 2012

 Vacation 2012
 Miami Beach

 On the boat.....
 Key West, finna Parasail

 Tha' rents

 Cozumel, Mexico
Popz was feelin' nice that night

 Taking a stroll @ THEE University of Miami