December 10, 2012

I Wanna Dance

Das it
I wanna shake my buns at some point this weekend because I haven't been out in a while.
The Cuddyer

December 9, 2012


working late nights has me glued to VH1 Soul.
I dont have that channel at home so its all i really watch while at work (and ESPN) and talk to my boy.
Thats what i do after i do an hours-worth of work on a 12 hour shift.
Eh what can ya do.
Really cant complain because i have a job but I am looking for another because these bills are no joke and i would really like to save money.
i just figured out my budget for the month and where i need to cut back....i need to cut back on everything lol
no shopping whatsoever.
at all.
only to make recipes.
no unnecessary spending at any demon-mall
im only gonna go out when its free and i only have to pay for gas.....which is hardly ever.
I really do wanna do something for new years' though because its been a great year and i never really do anything special beacause no one invites me anywhere because they think i live 3 hours away from civilization.
Hopefully my friends will actually come out if i plan PA or Jersey.
Or i'll just hang out with my friend in Jersey....since he actually has a life.