September 27, 2011

Boy oh Boy

Whats up pimpins?
My blog is about to be extra dry the next couple of weeks,
between school and all my various activities
i honestly dont think ill be able to update as much as i would like. give me about a couple of months and ill be good lol
There aren't enough hours in the day.....
Luvin' C*

September 24, 2011

Wassss Hannen Playa

I been lost in action.
This week has been hectic, as any other week is.
I honestly dont know where to begin.
Lets start with my car.
it is now a death trap.
i told my dad that it has been making sounds for the last two weeks now and when i went home last week and asked him to check on it, he claims he didnt hear anything wrong. now today, saturday, i get in my car to go to work but i realized hooptie is partially dead because the right front tire is flat. SOOOOOO me being the gangsta i am, i attempted to change it myself but i didnt have a jack so i had to wait on my popz friend to come and hook me up.
NOW, this man supposedly lives 5 minutes away but it took him damn near an hour to get to me. he said he didnt realize it was me  and thought it was my dad who needed help so he took his time.....
my pop can change his own tire!!!!!!
antiwho, it turns out my tire had a bubble in it=grounds for it to bust while im driving
theres a bolt thats worn and can basically give way at any moment=grounds for my tire to fly off my car
basically if you dont hear from me in the next couple of days it'll probably be because im in a hospital from a car accident.
Hopefully it doesnt come to that and ill be alive to post
but as of right now, im just tryna get this work INNNNNNN and done.
i am kinda behind right now because my profs are so lax and chill i feel like i dont have to do work.
But i will and im gonna get on top of it.
Starting Now.

Peace and Love and Pray for me because as of right now, everything that can go wrong for me, has been.
Luvin' C*

September 18, 2011

End of Moving Day

I am tired
Today started off nice.....the sun was out, i was packed and ready to head out to Plainfield....
BUT not so early!!!!
i was awoken by my pop telin me to meet him where he's working at an Iselin so i can pick up the keys to the place. Okay, Kool, i can do that. So i get to where i'm supposed to be and my pop is no where to be found. i can his phone to no avail (not surprised). so i hit up mama duke b/c he always picks up for her. While i was sitting watching Iselin vs Edison Pee-wee football i get a call from my momz saying my pop is in Avenel!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me!!!!!
I dont even know where Avenel is!!!!!
So my pop tries to direct me and says to take Route 1 South when in actuality i should be taking Route 1 North......and just as i suspected, i googled the directions via my smart phone and had realized i wasted about 10 minutes driving in the wrong direction
Antiwho, i finally got to where i needed to be, got the keys....went to my uncles house in Perth Amboy to pick some of my mail then headed out to Plainfield, or i thought i was......
I got lost tryna get back on the highway and when i tried to get back to where i started, a motorcade of motorcycles
just came and took over new jersey. i was seriously at a stand still for about 45 minutes while these bikes took up 2 lanes in one direction.
Granted i love motorcycles, i jsut wish i was on one of them.
But they were riding for a great cause.
Our Troops.
i finally got to the place in Plainfield and go my avail while i was vacuuming, i had a nice little surprise....
a mouse.
and damn near flat.
i said "Oh My God" about 20 times. then turned around and walked out.
i had a headache and it was hot and mousy wasnt helping one bit
(and to add the person who had the room before was a heavy ass smoker, the room wreeked)
PLUS i went to open the window and that thing broke
another no surprise.
After all that mess, i waited for my pop in my car. i need some fresh air and that was the only logical place for it.
He came and took care of all that hoopla and i just tried not to snap on anybody.
Well we sort of finished cleaning the room. i didnt leave all my stuff there b/c i didnt want the smell of cigarette smoke in my clothes.
I ended up comin to Pa for the night and to retrieve some things to make my room homey and smell great.
Hopefully it'll work
Luvin' C*

September 17, 2011


Hey world and to those who still even look at my blog, welcome.
I been back after 5 days. this week and the rest of the semester is going to be long.
after a week filled of meetings and classes,  work, group work stuff, events, and working eyes are exhausted. i'm at work now trying my best not to lay out on this table and knock out, but i have a lot to do so ima try and get it done while i can because ill be crazy busy tomorrow.
and why is that?
Im moving.
yet again
im finally (after 3 weeks) gettig out of my aunt basement and into an actual apartment. my popz friend hooked me up and im moving on up. i will have a roommate. my pop said shes young but she's probably the same age as my momz soooooo i dont understand why he thought i would "make friends" with this woman. ill be nice and respectful but thanx. ill pass.
anyways, i guess i should get back to some kind of work im supposed to be doing.
Luvin' C*

September 12, 2011


HEYYYY ITS MY 400the POST!!!!!
I know that's not really a monumental number but ohhhh welll
There'll be no dedication, just a rundown of my life lately....
So the semester is about to be in full swing. even though there's always something going on on campus, the last of the welcome back week activities are coming up this week and next. but on top of all that, with work, my classes, and being the prez of my club AND working out faithfully sleep is looking like it just may be a necessity. There is another venture, which i'd rather not divulge, that i may or may not do because of my financial situation. i may have to weigh my options extremely carefully before i make a decision on that.
everyone wants to know who is Angel Pagan, because he keeps getting mentioned and i say his name so well in real life.
If i knew how to speak spanish well, i'd be saying alot right now.
Cane's gonna hate this.......

OKAY thats enough
Luvin' C*

Day 10

This is the last day of the 10 day challenge and i am very proud that i actually completed it because i never finish thingy's like this

so i have to divulge 1 confession......
I found my Angel Pagan

Luvin' C*

September 11, 2011

Pictures Say It All

Day 9

2 smiley's that describe your life right now

1. B-)
im always just too cool
on my bbm, it has shades. even though i am happy, i can always slap on the shades to hide my :insecurities

2.  :)
and i'm happy because i'm in a happy place. maybe not with every aspect of my life, but for the most part, i really cant complain

September 10, 2011

Day 8

Three things that men do that you love
1. Smell Good
2. Fix Things
3. Clutch his Jaw

Luvin' C*
& Days like this

September 8, 2011

Day 7

Four things that men do that you hate......
1. I hate when men think they can have any woman in the world.
2. I hate when men grab me by the arm, like that's supposed to get my attention. the only attention you'd get from me after that is the side-eye....straight stank face
3. I don't like men that make too much noise while doing anything that's supposed to be tell a secret or eating.
Keep your mouth closed boo
The ultilmate: I hate when guys think they know everything about anything!!!! especially driving and damn directions!!!!!
Stop it. You dont know.
and when we get to wherever we gotta go because of my smartness, I AM PAYING FOR NOT A DAMN THING
Luvin' C*

September 7, 2011

The Intel

                      Oh man i seriously needed something to get me through the rest of this day

Day 6

5 people who mean alot to you

1. My parents
2. My Siblings
3. The World
4. Myself
5. Jesus Shuttlesworth

Hey its raining, gotta keep myself entertained somehow....
Luvin' C*
&not how was one minute late to work

September 6, 2011

Day Five

6 Things you wish you'd never done

Even though this is a blog, there are some aspects of my life that i WILL keep private and this happens to be one of them (or 6 of them)

Luvin' C*
&Be Koo


As everyone probably already knows, Labor Day weekend is religion for me.
I take off work every year and i go "down the parkway" with my West Indian People in Brooklyn, NY
This year, not so much.....
This weekend started off horribly, i wasted my gas, and some of my money, and time.
And in all my frustration, I hit the indoor track hard, tried to get some studying innnnn in the basement (fail), and basically went back to Pa for the day just to recollect myself and sanity because everyone was just off the rail.
PLUSSSSSS it wasnt even sunny so i wasnt gonna waste my money going to new york with an overcast....
No Bob.
It takes that much for my mood change for an entire weekend.
Its sad but true AND the sun wasnt out to change my mind.
im super stubborn and this is evidence of it......Plus my reflection wasn't there

Luvin' C*
&not this headache i have

September 5, 2011

Day Four

Seven things that Cross your mind alot
1. How can i graduate with my doctorate faster?
2. What am i going to eat next?
3. Where is my boo?
4. What am i going to do in my next workout?
5. My mistakes and regrets
6. When i'm going to go back to church?
7. When am i going to get my next tattoo?

Luvin' C*
&Hurricane's computer

September 4, 2011

Day Three

fellas...listen up
1.Respect me
2. Nice smile and athletic
3. Ambitious
5. Can overstand sarcasm
6. I love a man that wears clothes that fits his body and Smells wonderful
7. Must be smart in a constructive way...i know it runs with ambitious but it must be emphasized
8.  and dont try too hard. i love a man who just does him and knows he doesnt have to compete with anyone but himself

Luvin' C*
& not this Labor Day Weekend

September 3, 2011

Day Two

Nine Things About Yourself.
1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Motorcycles
2. I'm too sarcastic for most of the world
3. Food and I are best friends
4. I dont sleep, i hibernate
5. I am a twin
6. I can drive almost anything
7. I love my school (now)
8. I plan on being a Doctor of Psychology and running my own office
9. I love God.

Luvin' C*
&nine things isnt enough....

September 2, 2011

Let's Try This Again

I tried to do a "challenge" one time and it didnt work out because it wasn't interesting enough....
Then i found a ten-day i could probably finish via Shani and thought to myself, this is doable, so im gonna do it...
Day One
Something you want to say to 10 different people.
1. Dear momz, i love you even though you're're getting better
2. Hurricane, kid you my ace forever and always
3. Pop, i hope you never get old lol
4. Gee, stop being lazy and dont complain at every little thing...just do it
5. Imani, stop growing....i'm gonna be the smallest of all of us pretty soon
6. Darnell, you still have yet to come to Pa son dun
7. Sean Dockery, I will ask you to marry me when we cross paths
9. Ricky, i kinda miss you as odd as it sounds
10. God, you are my savior and life

Luvin' C*

What I'm Chillin with at the Moment


I Love Gatorade


September 1, 2011

The Game

If you know me, you know i love sports and when im engulfed in it, i am not to be interrupted. i think thats understandable right.
I'm one of those people that can solve an algebraic equation and tell you what shirt to wear while watching a game.
im just that sweet.
and i dont get mad when people interrupt, just dont make it a habit (only if you're my momz or popz, other than that, yous may have to take a back seat).
So what's the point of all this....
im texting my guy friend, telling him about my current living situation and how ideal it isnt..talking about Hurricane I-frickin-Rene and how much of a joke she was to some areas (like both of ours)....all the while oozing sarcasm...then he just sends a smiley face
so i ask whats wrong..
he says nothing....just watching the game
and since i'm tv deprived i of course ask who playing, put in my two cents and said deuces becasuse i already knew he wouldnt be paying attention to what i was sending and i'd end up getting a text at 3:14 in the morning talkin about "lol" or some nonsense like that....
my thing is, you shouldve said you were watching the game from the jump and it wouldve been peaches and cream
not that the convo wasnt good but i wouldn't have expected it to be longer if i knew you were busy.
then i thought in guy-mode and realized he probably didnt want to hurt my feelings
i'm still the best
Guys are so simple and easy, i love it but then again, it always seems to backfire because they have no kind of depth
alright folks, thats all i got because my eyes are getting heavy and im waking up early to jet outta this house tomorrow morning
Luvin' C*
&my family but sometimes they get crazy