April 15, 2012

At home

I havent posted in a while, as always. i wouldnt say im super dee duper busy but i just havent been  in the mood to write anything.....i wouldnt say nothing has happened to me, but ill admit, i really forgot about this thing. i've been writing more in my personal journal b/c there are some things that i o like to keep private.
but enough about the googliness.
My life as today:
1. trying to finish out the semester as hard as possible. tryna get that 4.0 so my GPA can be as legit as it can be come graduation
2. eating healthy and working out have been my main goal for this semester and just changing my lifestyle. so far, its been going well, besides the occasional cheat here and there.
3. lately, i have been listening to my people on slowing down when it comes to guys....
4. my spending has gotten outta control. it stresses me out. so now, im trying to cut costs any way possible. people have been asking me if i have any fun: my fun is going to the gym. i cannot afford fun right now. i am a senior in college working on campus and while i am getting a pay check, it doesnt allow me to have fun (unless im going out on a date and he's paying).
As of right now, im at my parentals' house in PA, on the couch as usual. since friday, i have done absolutely nothing concerning school
and as i begin the work week, im kinda in a good mood, not the best because of physical ailments beyond my control buy i'll live.

Luvin' C*
&i hope everyone's enjoying their Sunday.