March 31, 2010


Last night while I was supposed to be writing my paper on civil war in the Sudan, I went on, which I do every week, and read their articles they had for the week. They are very insightful and makes you think particular piece was about Nicki Minaj and how she is basically a video hoe with rhymes. I personally dnt understand this broad. Barbie.
Barbie is fake.
You sound like Lil' Wayne.
I dont understand, nor do I overstand......someone help me.
So who is Nicki Minaj really?????
Me na know. I dont see what the big hype is about girlie otha den her butt and her butt.....Lil' Kim twenty years done over is my conclusion. But kats actually respected Lil' Kim and her craft, her voice and words made her.....Minaj's booty makes her I guess. She just all around looks weird to me, maybe thats why she modeled herself after someone fake????Once again, me na know. Female rappers are long gone from the way they used to be. Maybe I should start rappin' about counting sheep and getting into Kean......anyone can be a rapper nowadays right???Might as well try so I can pay some tuition for

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Mark Twain

Luvin' C*
&all the boys at Easton Area High School that wanna take me to prom.....

March 30, 2010

"Move Wormies"

^^this is what i shouldve bought at the mall one day;(^^
It is raining and I have no class today:) Thank you shirley, goodness, and murphy. I dont have to deal with these crazy looking worms outside. BUTTTTT i have to go to work;(Bummer, at least i have a job.
Kean University on Saturday was beautiful. Loved,loved, loved the campus. And it didnt hurt that the school was in jersey;) Extremely close to NYC&everyone knows id rather be in NYC than Philly....My 'sister' goes to Seton Hall Univ. so if i have any problems i will be crashing on her couch as ive done before;)Im really praying that i get into this school.I got into both West Chester and Kutztown but they are both on the D-list and dont compare to Kean and Jersey.Yep. Im also planning on changing my major to psychology (with an emphasis on exercise and sport psychology). That's perfect because I love helping people and I love sports.Best of both worlds,why didnt i think of this na know. I plan on doing big things wherever I go, because thats just my nature. The Jersey/NYC area has soooooo much more opportunity to meet new people and the right people as well. That's why im hype about this new endeavor. Wish me luck sundun;)
My pictures suck because i was too excited i didnt know what to take a pic of so i took a pic of the bball courts 'decoration'.....yea i know. it was cold outside.yep,thats my excuse.maybe next time i go out there it'll be official,ficial and it'll be warmer.

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." ~Eudora Welty
&Dom Kennedy's Mixtape;)

March 26, 2010

The Left Coast

Since i love music and the sun and good music imma put ya'll up on DOM KENNEDY. i posted a song by him a while back w/ BJ the Chicago Kid......Now Dom has a mixtape out TODAY:) Yes he is from the West Coast, so east-coasters beware of freshness and pure dopeness and be ready to feel like those summer days are rite around the corner;)

I love this guy & PACDIV. They are what music is missing. These types of guys. None of that 'young money babaaay' BS we been hearing. Like i said they are from the West Coast, so us Yankees dont get what the surfer dudes are getting and it sucks so we have to go find it, and my reflection, MIAMI, and I have been found it, its just that folk dnt got it like us so they wayyyyyyyy late on what we up on:)

I say this again, DOM KENNEDY and PACDIV.
Im promoting these guys from Easton, Pennsylvania in my bed looking out the window about to go to sleep because that chinese food is finally getting to me.....

DOM KENNEDY "From the Westside with Love"
PACDIV "Church League Champions"
You guys are officially late.


My Kind of guys;)

Lovin' C*
Kean University 2mrw.JERSEY HERE I COME!!!!
On my sports kick today;) I am exhausted rite now at 8:41 in the AM at the library. supposed to be doin my spanish homework but...u know.....MARCH MADNESS is here and what a month it has been. the overall #1 seed, KANSAS JAYHAWKS IS O-U-T!! Lovin it. Upsets day in and day out. This year its very unpredictable. But the N.I.T. is still goin strong and its givin me a chance to recruit for next season;)lol. NFL draft next month;)....speaking of NFL...
Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers (i didnt have to google his name to spell it). this man is accused of sexual assult on two different women on two different cases in two different states and the league is not doing anything about it! this man is not facing any kind of penatly what-so-ever which is retarded because Adam "Pacman" Jones got fines and suspensions just for getting questioned; not even committing a crime, not accused of anything. Also, Kobe Bryant's little shindig in Colorado a few years back (even though he's in the NBA) got a little out of control but he admitted his wrongs and still got a backlash of negative publicity....Note both Kobe and Pacman are black while Big Ben is obviously white.....Full blown investigations for everyone else but Big Ben. There apparently a tape out and the feds arent really gonna look into it.....Why?How is it okay for a white athlete w/ deniro to get away with these actions while a black athlete gets scrutinzed out the arse????(Oh yea, Tiger Woods too, well no he actually has a problem).

Its Black and White.

"Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. " ~Will Rogers

Lovin' C*

March 22, 2010

Liars and Veejayjays

Spring break is over for me and yes im back in the library at 808 in the AM;) of course i didnt do anything spectacular. The weather was beyond gorgeous. Saw bikes, then moped because i didnt have my own.....Worked, speaking of work.
There is this young man at my workplace who flirts with anything with a its all harmless and fun games, nothing serious. He cant take my sarcasm, actually nobody can because im soooo damn good at it. I smile at what im gonna say next, thats how good i am....back to the point, so im tryna hook him up with my girl, he gave me his number and everything to give to her. and so its now a four-way text convo between me,her,Miami,& let's just say he lied to someone about something so now he's gonna get grilled the next time i see him, soooo hard grilled, like-cant-eat-this-burger-its-so-burnt grilled.yep.

Ohhhh yea, this is what i wanted to post. i got this from via The Most Misogynistic Blog Post on the Internet.....enjoy and realize;)

Men move the discussion forward. Women swap recipes and beauty tips.
Men debate. Women wheedle.
Men confront. Women slander.
Men act. Women plot.
Men invent. Women benefit.
Men are passionate. Women are passion parasites.
Men cheat. Women betray.
Men withdraw. Women shit test.
Men kill. Women play let’s you and him fight.
Men are emotionally distant. Women are emotionally manipulative.
Men’s Achilles’ heel is pride. Women’s Achilles’ heel is vanity.
Men die younger. Women live slower.
Men think loftily. Women think grubbily.
Men are expendable. Women are perishable.
Men humiliate. Women shame.
Men bluster. Women preen.
Men break barriers. Women co-opt broken barriers.
Men design. Women utilize.
Men self-serve. Women self-delude.
Men fuck. Women barter.
Men are funny. Women are melodramatic.
Men look at the sun. Women look in the mirror.
Men sexualize. Women characterize.
Men eat. Women indulge.
Men aspire. Women inspire.
Men love freely. Women love desperately.

Luvin' C*
& Miami and Tina for paying me a visit;)

March 20, 2010

Somebody I do not know with my camera

ESU Men.Look at that

Plane ride back from New Orleans last October. I wish that pic was more recent.
Above it all.

Luvin' C*
&my imaginary suzuki gxs r600
&not my allergies*

Gettin' Busy

Its oure madness this march, seriously. College Basketball is getting out of control. Number 1's losing left and right, upsets out the arse....Good grief, even my momz watches games with me AND she's the one always askin' "Can we watch someting else other than basketball??".They like tuning into Lifetime.Me na know. Now im hoping Duke takes it all THE way like a real #1 should*

Luvin' C*
&OH yea, i had Five Guys today;( im supposed to be "training" to run track again....

March 19, 2010

Damn Dominicans...

I took my braids out and went to save my hair at this salon in east stroudsburg......Now i walk in thinkin' this is a black owned business, until the owner started talking and had THE most spanish accent you could think of, straight Dominican.It was funny to me because I automatically thought about what Torry Hunter (MLB) said about spanish players in baseball and how they dont represent the African-American population. The color of their skin may say differently, but when you hear them talk, its a totally different story. I must admit, whenever I do watch baseball and i see a "recruit", he ends up being Dominican and there's nothing wrong with that. Fact of the matter is, they can literally fool anyone. Another fact is, they can only do other Dominicans hair and not African-Americans so im gonna stick to my cousin from CT or go back to Asbury Park in Jersey to get my hair did b/c these folk totally ripped me off and it hurts my heart. I also seriously think that was the worst hair salon experience ive had; almost every girl that worked in the place got to put their hands in my head.....not kosher beans.
Okay im done venting.Computer Science hw bout to take forever and a day to accomplish;)

Lovin' C*
&not my ridonculus room

March 15, 2010


C is about to make some serious moves holmes. There comes a time when sugar needs to get done so imma be the one to do it. Im about to apply to a number of schools just because i can and im smart as hell, outside of PA and run with it b/c its about that time;)& im deathly tired of Easton,PA and miss the jebbies out of the Garden State.
Lovin' C*

March 11, 2010

That Light Skinned kat from Canada.....

I remember when i first heard a Drake song(LYING). Well i do remember when i first seen Trey Songz sidekick. Before anyone even knew who this kat was i was bumpin' his sugar in my car just because i could.But now he's all "young money" this and that and im not feelin' it but i apparently still like his music. Just because everyone else is just now gettin up on folk dont mean he's all of a sudden wack.NOOOOOOO.he's just exhibiting wack tendencies, that's all;) People say this kat is too predicatble when he raps, then what is Lil Wayne and Kanye West, and every other rapper out????Me na know* I bet Drake happy as hell Lil Wayne goin' to the slammer, he about to take over the world.
Lite skinned still not in.LOL.

Lovin' C*

March 10, 2010

Haven't posted any pix of the outfits I rock that people go and jack oh about 24 hours later......As u can see, the weather's warming up and i love my american eagle denim jacket;)

Lovin' C*

The Sounds of VTech / jay_elec_3rdward_v5b   

White Wrap?????

So i was flipping through the newest issue of seventeen magazine and there is a section with ideas as to what and how a young lady can do her makeup and hair differently every day of the week. SOOOOOOOOO...why am I writing about this????? Because the young lady they were demonstrating on was clearly mixed but got 'good hair' that was obviously real and pretty long(past her shoulders). They had her wrap her hair.......FOR WHAT?????she dont need it!!!!!!when your hair is long and already straight, you do not need to wrap anything.i was trying to get a picture but i couldnt find one. This boggles my mind.White folk tryna take our sugar.even wrapping their hair.if i see a white person w/it ill probably rip it out of their head;)blk folk tryna get hair like ya'll....thats why we wrap our hair.Why are you doing it????You already have it...... it makes no not racist or anything, im just tellin it how i see it&how how ridiculous i think it is.

Lovin' C*

March 7, 2010


Chris Douglas-Roberts(CDR)@ the line....

I dnt know these folks. I just took the pic b/c i couldnt get one with the mascot;(
Orlando Magic

Nets Lost Again, Only byt 10 though, so I guess they're improving.......They've only won 6 games this season.I dont know whats going on.And Jay z wants to move them to Brooklyn so they could lose some more????? Just a thought.
Lovin' C*
&Gee's attempt at making breakfast

March 6, 2010

Flex Baby!!!!!

Went to the Nets game last night, which they lost-by ten to the Orlando Magic,nothing Whenever I get into Jersey I get into my Hot 97 mode. No one touches the radio when Im driving thru the "Real Tri-state". So my boy Funk Master Flex played this song out sooooooooooo HARD. You know how you hear fresh music&you put it on repeat??That's what Flex did with this song the entire drive from the Meadowlands to Easton,PA&that's an hour and a half drive folks......its true.
P.S. I had Five Guys yesterday before the game;(&I figured out what wrong with me.....
Thanks Ghan;)
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
-- Reinhold Niebuhr

Lovin' C*

March 5, 2010

Like a Tiger.

Well not really.Just thinkin about katt Nets play the Orlando Magic tonight and its sure to be something to miss but I am going because my cousin has some pretty nice tix;)as long as i dnt have to pay,IM IN THERE:) Still not feelin' 100%.Feel more like 80%&no Pure Money. Sleep is always upon my eyes and im getting lazier and lazier by the hour, yet i have energy to post on my beautiful blog......

A little of what Im up on....

"Love is all fun and games until somebody loses and eye or gets pregnant." -Jim Cole
Its true, ask Keke

Lovin' C*

March 3, 2010

Burwy Birthday.Duece-Uno

Miami. In a dress. Say Word*
Minette crazy-behind
^ Bday Girl and her Bottle^
Me&my deuces again......
Goin to the club but its cold as ice outside so we 'gots ta maintain' until we get there.
Lovin' C
&Popz fried chicken

Where U been C????

Ive been up, down, and around. School is like alcohol, driving me crazy. Snow is slowly but surely disappearing. Ive been out of it lately.I honestly dnt know what it is but i need to figure it out b/c i dont like it.....
.Pix from last week.
@ East Stroudsburg University in Miami's room w/my deuces, waiting to party it up for my girl Melissa's 21st birthday at Abyss in JERSEY......We make things happen bee.
Five Guys
Look at that Cheese* I honestly believe i am having serious health complications by eating these burgers as much as i do. I have stopped but i dnt know for how long i'll be able to last. Its been five whole days since i've had Five Guys burgers and fries&my money is still in my wallet, my tummy is still lookin like im gaining the freshmen 15 when im a junior in college, and my heart isnt hearting as bad......
Snoopy be chillin' with me. He stay down*
In her bed as always.....My tongue was hurting...
Lovin' C