July 25, 2010

Blue and White

Mr. Too Smooth

Minette and Tina Banina;)
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.'s 2010 Crabfest at NJIT was what I needed this summer. It only gets me hype for the Labor Day parade in Brooklyn in September.lol. I have more pix but this is just a preview.....The event was wonderful and the afterparty was def 'on point'. I love being with the girls and positive black people-scratch that-positive people that are making things happen;)
NEXT: Toronto Caribana 2010
Got a whole lotta work to do this week.Starting NOW.
Luvin' C*
&Sigma Alex from Maryland who tryna be like me and my "Jays phone"

July 20, 2010


Me about to go to Philly to renew my passport;) Waiting on my popz as usual so we snapz pix. What's the passport for u ask??? TORONTO CARIBANA. I will be in another country come July 29th. And I'm pumped. Cannot wait to get outta PA for at least 4 days. Its gonna be fun. Got my girls and West Indian people=tons of food (hope I can control myself).......But i'll be in Jersey on Saturday for Phi Beta Sigma's 2010 Crabfest at NJIT. Sure to be a "good time" and Applebee's will be on and poppin' for a second year in a row if blk folk dont know howw to share. Oh yea, ITS GONNA BE 100 DEGREES on saturday too...
Pray for me.
Luvin' C*

July 18, 2010

When It All Falls Down

Hello there. yes I'm actually alive, barely. School stuff, guy stuff, work stuff, and money stuff all seem to occupy my time and quite frankly, i think im gonna cut off one of them because its unnecessary stress that I dont need and/or want. Also, guys don't understand the thinking processes of women, therefore making them oblivious to why we make the decisions we do. So with that said, it's back to doing me and helping the world realize their full potential.

Luvin' C*

July 14, 2010


I am tired of my hair. I run so I sweat......and so my hair refuses to cooperate with me in anything I try to do....and its hot.
I am seriously about to chop off my hair.
I'll let you know how that little adventure goes.
Luvin' C
&James Morrison.

July 8, 2010

That Is All.

Salary Cap

My room.
Needs another do-over already, but u see what the problem is, i cannot get it to stay clean for the life of me!!!! I work endlessly for 8 hours and then head straight to the library to do some more endless work in hopes of getting my degrees quicker all the while my room is in shambles with paper and books and pods of clothes and bathing suits.
Toronto is around the corner so my room will be looking like an even hot-doggin' mess when I return.....
Oh and this heat calls for me to be at the beach everyday i am off.....if it weren't sooooo farrrr awayyyyy.
"Having someone wonder where you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need." -Margaret Mead
Luvin' C*
&Not the way my HeadQuarters is lookin'

July 6, 2010


Family Day at the Beach because it was 10000 degrees out!
Curty and Miami a.k.a Cane
Popz ultimate pose
Cane's "fence"
Gee and Momz
Fourth of July....tryna avoid the rain of fireworks
Cane lookin' sexy
Juaquin.....yes thats a boy:)

July 1, 2010

Im Here

I have been missing in action as of lately. I been doing a lot of school work on top of my job and trying get back into running.....I feel gloppy sometimes and don t feel like doing anything but reading my books. Yea I know, I suck major you know what (i hope).
21...doesnt feel any different than when I was 20 or 19. so what's the big whoop???Me nah know.Oh wait maybe b/c my parents are crazy and that is one of the reasons I am leaving Pennsylvania to go to school in Jersey. Its only right. Of course i love the parentals but some things are ridiculous and i want out right about now.
Time to be a ONE and not a "Two"...if you catch my drift.
Luvin' C*
& my imagination is full of bikes that I dnt have:(