January 31, 2014

Sicky McSick Sick

The title of this post is my usual language on a daily basis....for some odd reason adding "Mc" to words make them sound better and I like it, so i does it.
And as you all can probably guess, yes I am getting sick or I am already sick.
I can never really tell.
I do know my throat is on fire and I just drank my first cup of ginger tea for the day, with more to come (and soup too).
So whats new in life?
I finally figured out how to view my paystub and get my tax information via the state of nj website (so complicated) so hopefully next week, i'll be able to get my taxes done and out of my hairs and get this money the government owes me.....speaking of hairs.....
Im growing mine back as along as i possibly can. i cut it short and i loved it but now that im not getting perms anymore (and necessarily going natural either), i dont think im comfortable with short hair so im growing it out. so far so good. I went to the salon on wednesday and my hair dresser said my hair wasnt bad at all for it being so short and me sweating all the time and wearing ball caps to work almost on a daily, my hair is still in good shape......speaking of shape....
(i like what im doing here...do you see it....)
Im still working out like mad, increasing my weights, im mos def seeing a change in my body. im tall and slim plus i run long distances, so pairing that with weights is a great look. im not too "bulky" or anything, more so getting toned. my shoulders and arms especially. i like working them bc i love the compliments i get :) my thighs will always be thick. whether i work them or not. Im trying to work on my legs now....get my calves together, but with running, they stay super slim....and my abs...smh. i can do every ab exercise in the world but as you know (and i know), abs are made in the kitchen. and Im slowly but surely cutting out junk food. im cutting my j.f. intake to once a month. then ill start decreasing more from there. hopefully by summer, my midsection with thin out bc i think i just look lopsided, with everything being slim but my ab area. 
my parents are in Dominica, have been all week, coming back tmrw.
kinda excited but not really. its been nice just having the house with my brother and sister. Just being able to chill and relax without repercussion. 
something i found on tumblr.
Yes i tumble.

Hope everyone has a happy mchappy Friday

January 9, 2014


Belmar in September

New years eve

Sambuca shots on the cruise......

it is

The new year is here already. I havent been on here in a while..... a long while.  I had a great christmas and new year celebration.
Work is still work. Working for the state has its good days and bad but usually im mostly not looking forward to going in but i will say im glad im in the position i have bc some people dont even have a job, so fortunate. Im still debating a career change, and overall overhaul of life.....where im at. I feel like my life is in buffer mode.
Hopefully i will be able to put more content out and i have a life so i can update. I love writing, i miss writing so i def need to get back to it. Even if no one is really interested......