December 31, 2010

Good Bye and Hello

Good Bye 2010
Hello 2011
a new year is a new year
some change,some don't but there will be lessons to be learned, people to meet, items to be bought, things to be eaten, books to be read, professors not to listen to, friends/people to be dropped, choice words to be said, money to be made, someone to love (or not love), places to go, pictures to be taken, and all out memories that will be made.
some reason, my new year's resolutions never seem to change but that's all right with me because i'll be growing and shining and smiling and dancing like no one's watching.
Be Koo my friends (&stay safe AND sane)
Luvin' C*
&all the possibilities.

December 28, 2010

Retail Therapy

Today I did some retail therapy w/my reflection at H&M. i could have absolutely bought more but my i wouldn't let myself because i need to save at least some of it seeing as how i haven't been making any money since the semester ended. Now i really can't wait for spring '11 so i can start getting a paycheck again.
Cane! and i haven't even bought each other anything for christmas but we're both broke so we get a pass. But i'll get her something to do with the Miami Hurricanes of course....
Now i'm in bed writing on this here blog.
RANDOM: My room is a hotttt messssss. but anyways..
and I have no idea what i am doing but i know my comrades in jersey will come up with something for us to do and i'll be ready,ready,ready esp since it's not going to be snowing---no where-anywhere on the radar so this is going to be good. we'll just see how my money situation is looking and if one of my trustly guy friends will spot
feel so good. I started my resolutions junk food/eat smaller portions,
drink strictly water,
and keep running (since i'm already working on my core and arms...),
i plan on reading books i wouldn't normally read,
going to nyc alot(esp. when it gets warmer),
making big splashes at Kean,
try not to spend too much money,
get a 4.00 GPA (i got a 3.62 this semester),
and some others i absolutely will not mention because it is absolutely none of your business:)
Alright ppl enjoy your night.
Luvin' C*
&the fact the Cane! told me to tell you guys that she is getting used to her "new eyes"

December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays folks....

these last couple of days have left me full and in bed since i've gotten back to PA. a little on the crappy side but i'll pull through.
i'm satisfied. i got family, and great food, great gifts (mucho de niro), much needed bed time so i'm good, As well as that hard earned 3.62 GPA.
Ahhh Life's Good
Minus the snow.
I hope everyone enjoyed their "Holy holiday" as much as I did.
Next up: New Year's.....
Luvin' C*
&and the five movies my sis rented for us to watch on this 'snow day'

December 23, 2010

Here are the items from my swag bag from the second time i went to the NJ Blooger Social event a couple of weeks ago...
We are all shocked by the biggest 'gift' out the bunch which is the "KY Yours&Mine Lube". I, of course, being the funny and sarcastic person I am, said that I have no idea who I am supposed to use this on or when.
I was joking.
It's not that deep. I thought it was funny and lightened the mood. Always all in pure fun folks.
At this moment i am back in PA, jobless with nothing to do. Just went Christmas shopping for my brother and pop. Even though I am not giving much, I'm gonna be with my family and that's all that matters.
Since the semester ended, I've done nothing but watch TV, sleep, looked up&found some scholarships, and counting the days till i actually go shopping for myself (which will probably be never again!)
My Tummy hurts.
Luvin' C*
&Cane! b/c she is now an official member of the "Four-Eyes Club".

December 21, 2010


^^ Asparagus wrapped in beef^^
^ Crispy Calamari^

Me and My Kiddie chopsticks. I still need wayyyy tooo much practice.

so last night my cousin took me out to eat Sushi, as a celebration for the end of the semester, for the first time in my life. I wish i knew how slimmy it would've been because it felt so weird in my mouth so it was kind of awkward. I felt like i was on Amazing Race where the competitors have to eat all types of non-eatable things and for me, sushi was it. Don't get me wrong, i'd def try it again, but it'll be a while before my next outing. Maybe I'll try again in the
I can still feel it in my mouth,my throat, and stomach....that's not a good look.
Oh and that last picture looks soooooo damn good. I love how it came out!!!
&I might be heading out to PA today.
I think.

December 19, 2010

Melissa, my partner in crime for the next month
Angela and Zoe

All of us with the lovely Chasity
Fly Young Lady ;)

Last night was another eventful NJ Blooger event hosted by the lovely Chasity;)
I went with a dear friend whom i hadn't seen since the beginning of the semester (she goes to school allllll the wayyyyyy in the Poconos with my reflection) so it was nice to catch up on life as well as meet a new group of people. I always love going to the V-Lounge (even though it was only my second time lol). i just love the atmosphere and the vibe. The lovely ladies we were with helped the conversation flow and we were (of course) THE Flyest ladies in the place lol I met a comic book enthusiast and a future brain last night, i def think i was in great hands.
networking and living life to the fullest.
Oh and the infamous "swag bag content" (no "s") will be reveiled at another time.....
Well folks, have a Happy Sunday;)
Luvin' C*
&all the people that enter my life.

December 16, 2010

The start of a beautiful 10 pg paperMy energy=rabbit food
Scratching my eyes out......

My semester is almost over. Tomorrow I have two finals then I'm attempting to finish this Communications paper some time before 6:00PM on Monday.
Wish me luck.
Last night after my Psych stat final, i literally went to the library for .05 seconds and looked outside the entore time. Reading something so boring is not entertaining to my senses so i tried to do something that would enhance my senses.....i went home. lol
At kean, there was literally no snow, not even a flurry. i get on the parkway to go home and its literally a blizzard!!!!!! how is this possible???? after 45 minutes i finally get to my exit and low&behold, its clear as day!!!!!! This is from exit 140 to 129!!!!
Dear Mother Nature, Please make up your mind.
Today was supposed to be my "relax-on-the-couch-write-paper" day BUT i got a lovely text from my lovely boss saying we have an all-team meeting today at 3:30&PLENTY of free food will be provided.
Im sooooo there. One of the best parts about working for the school is the free food (and pay check&the insanely sane people you get to meet). i'll take it all.
Welp, I just finished working out and I feel liberated. Hopefully I can keep this up instead of sporadic workouts every once in a while.
Luvin' C*
&this CD my reflection made for me. Miguel&Nipsey Hussle is def doing something.

December 15, 2010


Hey all
I know my blog is sorely lacking in the visual department and I am sorry.
I'm not only apologizing to you all but to myself as well because as much as i love to take pix and document everything, poor little camera keeps getting left behind. hence no visual appeal. It'll be back in commission soon enough.
This Saturday I will be attending another NJ Blogger Social Event at the V-Lounge. I am super excited and ready to have fun seeing as how i'll be done with the semester by friday!!!!!! This event i exactly what i need to let my hair down and chill with some kool people;)
Luvin' C*
&giving a huge shoutout to my reflection CANE! congratz on your internship homie......its been too frickin' long;)

December 14, 2010

Should Not

I absolutely should not be writing this post right now. I should be studying. I should be heading over to work to hand in my timesheet then proceed to the last class of the day b4 i meet my bed again. feels good to be almost done with this semester. sleep is def on the horizon. I do have stories but time is lacking but ill be sure to update tonight or 2mrw or friday or whenever im not asleep.dead.
Luvin' C*
&everyone looking at me w/ Cane's Miami Hurricanes Cap.

December 10, 2010

Still Here

Now im in the computer lab until 9.
Called my sister, my momz, and some of my other contacts and chatted it up. on my two hr break i tried to take a cat nap in the gameroom but then ppl decided to come outta the woodwork and play video games.
I know the deal with guys and video games but seriously,I DO NOT understand why guys have to have a 60-inch television soooooo damn loud and why do they sit all but two centimeters from the tv????? Hence kats being blind and deaf and not being able to pay attention to their ladies....Me na know.
I also got some free food.Yellow rice and lasagna. and a piece of a nice italian sub;)
I'm full and tired and ready to get on the road.
Luvin' C*
&once again not this cold weather
P.S.I am not going to marry a Kappa or a Que.

Thinking about....

Hey hey
I'm actually thinking about giving my blog an actual title. But i dont know what to name it. I only have one idea in mind.....
SOOOO i did end up going to that Sigma probate up at Bloomfield College on Tuesday and even though it was cold as all hell, I enjoyed it a whole lot. Very entertaining and an overall great experience. Saw my people and had a nice time.
Its Friday thank goodness. But finals start next week so everyone that's usually not in the library is here making my task of actually studying all the more difficult.....This weekend i was supposed to go home to PA but i work till 9 tonight and as much as i do wanna get back to my queen size, its lookin like its gonna have to wait until after this semester is officially over and i don't have work;(
Speaking of work, while i was supposedly 'working', i was chatting it up w/some of my co-workers and i established how much i love older guys. and people always look at me with the side-eye for it. I just DO NOT LIKE LITTLE BOYS. They literally give me a headache and like i said before, i do not want to babysit anyone. Plus i love my freedom, so being with my significant other all the damn time is going to make me tired of you and younger guys always wanna be in contact....noooooo i need to breather every once in a while. Besides, these younger kats don't like me that much and that is A-OK with me;)
I'm just saying.
Luvin' C&
not this weather.

December 7, 2010

So Far So Good

Today is going good. I honestlt cannot complain. Minus the fact im using the library as my napping place rather than my studying place....picked up and extra shift at work. went to Seton Hall's Caribbean Christmas dinner shindig. Crazy fun playin Taboo w/my SHU ppl. Communications presentation was a breeze.ACE. I haven't gotten pulled over and no one is getting on my nerves just yet. so overall, for a tuesday, the week's going rather swell.
I honestly believe when you are nice to others, they have no choice but to be nice to you in return. and I see that all day everyday because i try to be nice to everyone and have a happy attitude. When you're happy and you exhume that positive energy onto to others, it seriously makes the world a better place. trust me. AND you won't get shot.
FINALS NEXT WEEK. i should be writing my ten page paper due on the 20th but i'd rather update the world about my life. According to my girl @murdamarv, she loves reading about my life, and i quite honestly don't mind writing about it because some of the BS that happens to me is quite damn entertaining and needs to be shared to the masses so what better way than an online blog--seeing as how i stay buried in some sort of electronic device....
alright world i'm done.
Luvin' C*
&debating whether I should make the trek to Bloomfield College for Phi Beta Sigma's Probate tonight.......
Damn gas prices.

December 5, 2010

Christmas List

I know as everyone was younger they had to make that christmas list of everything in world they wanted. But as I got older, my list got slimmer and slimmer because what i wanted cost mucho de niro..... Now I just want the essentials. A couple of gifts wouldn't hurt. Seeing as how I hardly ever get gifts for any other holiday (birthday, valentine's day, easter; nothing) and every christmas all I've been getting for the last couple of years is money. So this year, i think i would like to open at least one gift this holiday season.
So here's what I would like (So far):
Spike Lee's Book "Do The Right Thing"
Keds (plain white OR black-really dnt need both)
Microsoft Office Program (killing myself without it)
and at least $50 for my bank account
That is all I have so far but I'll probably come up with some other stuff I want but don't need.
Holidays like these make me think about what is necessary to live nowadays. I'm learning how to manage money quickly and its hard as hell but its a lesson that must be learned and i'm learning it the hard way. Whenever I buy something I think about if I need it or not and even though i dont technically NEED it, i think its a good purchase&i keep it. lol.
But I am trying to maintain myself.
Oh well I'm at the library video taping a fellow student sleep and snore the hell out of the first floor of the library.
Luvin' C*
&laughing my arse off.

December 3, 2010


Last night was Midnight Madness in the gameroom and I worked it. It seemed like a great idea at first b/c i would be getting paid, then I remembered I need to schedule some sort of sleep time!!!!
Well, the event ended at 2am and I was on my way home
I got pulled over yet a-damn-gain. Can you believe it??? Three times in one week for absolutely no reason on a road i drive damn near everyday should not be humanly possible. This guy wasnt cute but he was nice after I explained to him how I'm a student going home to my bed that's calling my name after a long day's work. Why do I feel like I have been repeating myself....oh wait b/c i am.
Dear NJ State Troopers who ride around in unmarked vehicles that pull up beside you only to slow down to get behind you to flash your lights, go pull over the folks who whip in and out of lanes when no one's on the road. Stop bothering little ol' me and my honder---we just tryna get home dammit.
NOW i hope i will not be writing another post about these ppl next week or else i'm just going to be UPSET.
Luvin' C*
& my lovely ladies that i'm going out with tonight. No worries. Straight up.
&congratz to the Fall '10 Neoz Four Seasonz of Deception of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. at Kean University.
(no pix it was too cold)

December 1, 2010

Wrap It Up

Today is World Aids Day and here at Kean University they are all about promoting safe sex so I got bombarded with free condoms at the University Center. Of course b/c I work there, I got a little more than I needed (or wanted). I didn't mind it though, because the extra ones i had, I gave them to somebody else;)
Save a Life.
I have been working so hard with school and my job I hardly have time for sleep, let alone friends;( I am seriously wrapped in myself, everyone is on the backburner but that's hard for me because I love helping ppl and hearing them out, but when i feel your problems are taking up wayyyyyy too much of my time, I'm gonna have to chuck the deuces for a while. Last night, when I got home and took a 5 minute hot shower, I got in my twin sized bed and realized how greatful I am for having the luxary of even sleeping in a bed at night. I felt so relaxed and my body just soaked it all in. So much going on and its only the middle of the week.
Welp, I have a headache from being in that gameroom from 9-5 all the while I have class at 730, have a lot of reading to do (which will never end), and a couple of friends who absolutely toodlutely need to talk to me as soon as I get settled in my 'nightly headquarters'.
Luvin' C*
&those that know how to keep a hush tone.
P.S. the rest of this week is going to be a b***
I got pulled over on both monday and tuesday for absolutely no reason but the tuesday cop was wayyyyy to gorgeous not to mention on my blog---black and italian, mr. johnson was his name. I even asked for his badge and he flashed that handsome smile and actually asked for my number! he think he slick.
Not slicker den me though.