June 30, 2011

Dom, I need you in my life.

June 28th 2011

(artwork by Archer One)
Well, this album at least...


I may be crazy but i have a thing with hands. i have just came to realize this. Everyone who knows me knows my nails are always on point (because i take careful time and effort to do them myself) and my hands are never ashy
but since i started at this crooked kitchen job again (sigh), my hands are the total opposite.
i wash my hands 24/7. i always have on gloves. its hotter than a mofo in there, and i'm pretty sure my fingers have lost their identies about fo' or five times since i started back.
I cut my nails almost twice a week because they are so brittle and soft.
My joints are usually solid as a rock, to the point no one believes they are actually my nails.
If my co-workers from Kean could see my nails now, they'd be shocked and appalled.
SoOOO this weekend, i am going to venture out to the nail salon to get some acrylics. as much as i love my natural nails, this is what it has come to until i finish out this job for the summer.
i refuse to walk around with manly looking hands lol
well they're not all that "manly looking", but i am not proud of them to say the least.
damn i should just go all out and do a "spa day" because my body needs it. between faithfully working out and this damn job, my body is taking a serious beating.
Geez louise.
and between all this, i am still trying to decide whether i should get my masters in social work (2 yr program) or go all the way and get my doctorate in psychology (5-7 yr program), when i should take my GRE's, what schools i would like to go to, oh and STILL looking for a resting place for next semester.
and amongst all the chaos, i still maintain because
I Am Just That Cool.
(oh the beach def plays a huge role in my coolness)
Luvin' C*
&PEOPLE i am still trying to leave comments on others' blogs but i cant and i am getting irritated!!!!AND the internet at my house is crazy (Still)
OH and i still love funnel cakes and my new boo, Angel Pagan (NY Mets) and even though he plays for the enemy (i am a Yankees Fan), his facial hair is Always on point........
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June 26, 2011

Summer Nights

Damn, i havent posted since my birthday but its only because the internet in my house is possessed so now im posted at barnes and noble. this place is so cold all the time and folks lookin at me crazy because i have on sweats.....no playa, i know what im getting myself into when i come to this place.
So reflection and I's bday shindig didnt go down as planned. But we still enjoyed the night, nevertheless.

Our parents were out in VA for the weekend and decided to go to DC as well. As it turns out, it was Carnival weekend and of course there were motorcycles everywhere. my momz sent me pix of the madness. She even sent one with her on my Suzuki GSX-R600.........
While they were enjoying there time, we went to our girls' graduation party which was tons of fun. Lots of little kiddies, food, family, and cake. I loved seeing all my people being that we were all away at college. Whenever there was any kind of function, no of us were to be seen. But now that most of us (minus my sis and I) are graduated, its basically like one big happy family reunion. We've all grown up so much and i am extremely proud of what we all are about get into. We taking over the world!!!!!!
And while we were out in the Garden State, i almost always get at certain people in hopes of seeing them. One is Melissa because she almost always has time for us :) she was also at a graduation party not too far from where we were at, so we went to rescue her and chilled at the waterfront in Perth Amboy with all the spanish people. Oh and saw a couple of bikes (had to put that in there)

Luvin' C*
&look at those guns

June 21, 2011




Today is my sisi's and I 22nd Birthday.
I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life, all of my beautiful family and my ridiculous friends. the ones i've known since elementary school that are still checkin' for me even though i'm in the boonies, the people i've met out here in Pa throughout my college career and my new found family out in Jersey that i've come to love over the past couple of months.
I am truly happy with the people i have chosen to surround myself with.
BUT TODAY, Cane and I did nothing birthday worthy other than make plans for our bday dinner out here in Easton. We're having a little shindig at the River Grille Restaurant. I hope, hope, hope all our people can make it. The menu looks great and i honestly cannot wait to eat,eat,eat.
22 years strong and although i complain alot, its all in good faith and totally logical
Luvin' C*
&everyone leaving comments on my blog, trust and believe i have been trying to leave comments on your posts as well, but blogger hasn't been good to me in that department and i am def trying to work around it because yous and i could def get along

June 18, 2011

Tatt, Tatt, Tatted Up

this summer i am def looking forward to getting my next couple of tattoos:)
I want a small cross on my left wrist which can easily be covered.
Then on my inner left arm, i'll be getting "Prosper" because it represents every inch of my being.
Next will be "My Brother's Savior" along with my three brothers' names (Darnell, Gee, Imani) on my ribs under my left boob somewhere, if that makes sense.
All this to add to the first tatt i got last year while i was in Toronto, "My Sister's Keeper" and "VI XXI MCMLXXXIX"
Every time i go to the beach, i always say i'm gonna get a tatt but get so consumed with food and the water then the thought of traffic, that i totally forget all about it :(
And these that i am looking to get are all meaningful and classy, and small. I don't need anything big or spectacular.
i'll be fine.
When i do see young ladies with big tatts, i think to myself, "they are brave". First my momz would kill me, and then rip then off my skin. lol. JKJK. she would be disappointed. I also dont understand or overstand the significance of getting your entire body tatted so young......what could you have possibly been through that every single tattoo has a special meaning to you?? my ex-boyfriend had a bunch of tattoos and none of them made sense to me so i vowed never to get anything "just because".
 i only do that when i shop. 
Luvin' C*
&no one else at the moment. Guys can suck sometimes.

June 17, 2011

The Root of All Evil

I have come to the realization that money just may be the root to all of evil. We need it to apparently lead a happy and healthy life, but it blows.
When people get a little whad of cash in the hands, they (myself included) do not know what to do with it.
 I bring up this topic because i had to go over my predicted expenses for the upcoming semester today
And since i am still battling with Kean about tuition AND my apartment went to someone else, I am currently screwed. YAY for Curty!!!!
even if i do get in-state tuition, i am still not living on campus because it'll cost almost every organ in my body to pay for so an apartment or renting a room is my only option since my "family" is a little disconbobulated and off the radar.
i know i should not be complaining b/c i do have my parents to help me out, but they are way beyond fed up too so I am complaining on behalf of them as well :)
i am allowed.
Why does life have to cost so much?
Why am i paying entirely too much to go to college, something i absolutely need to get a job to get what i want???
Where do these people expect us to get money when we are already paying for tuition...books...food....computer services....landscaping....trolleys...advisors that dont know squat...Ice T and CoCo...
And why is it raining in Jersey and Sunny in Pennsylvania??
Idk, my mind is everywhere today.
Luvin' C*
&not apartment hunting in an area too close to nyc and in too many 'hoods'

June 15, 2011

Looking Up

This summer is going great (since i got a job). The beach is an every week shin dig, birthday's are comming and going, events are lined up so yes i am pretty excited. next week TUESDAY is MY BORN DAY (and reflection's of course)
The Big Deux Deux
We don't know exactly what we're doing for the actual day, but we are planning a nice little dinner at Ringside (Larry Holmes' restaurant). Should be splendid.
Then on Thursday, my sis, our Ace (Melissa), and I may be heading to the Prudential Center for the 2011 NBA Draft
Recruiting at its finest!!!Up close and personal.
THEN on Saturday i'll be out in Jersey for my girl's graduation party which i am beyond excited to go to because i havent seen this snickerdoodle in what seems like an eternity.
oh yea, she has a blog....
Oh yea, and i'll be working at some point in between all that mayhem and madness, as long as i am being productive, i'm good.
Luvin' C*
&another great day at the beach with Cane.

June 14, 2011

My Last Day Off

On my last day off, which was friday, i took to the beach with my ace Melissa of neondiamonds.com. Besides me getting lost on the way to her house, we went to Belmar, soaked up the sun, enjoyed the water, took in Seafood Fest, and avoided an olie tryna get at us....
Very productive i would say.
and since then, i have been working like a mad woman. so much my ankle hurts like hell (b/c my shoes suck)
i actually have to go to the miserable place in 20 minutes but i'd rather write on my blog and watch ESPN.
Luvin' C*

June 8, 2011

What it is

I have been M.I.A. because i have been on my feet working for the last couple of days straight. and even though i complain about the people i work with and absolutely dread driving there (13 minutes), i always think about pay day and how i am going to distribute my monies....
i digress
you guys, let me tell you how much of a loser i am
no one gets at me.
i feel like i be pullin teeth to hear from "my people". just to say "hey, diane...whats up?? im just checking to see if you're alive b/c you know, livin out in the boonies makes you wanna slit your throat sooooo entirely bad"
oh and facebook does not count one bit. if you have my number OR bbm it is because i actually care about you enough to give you my digits (or you're a pretty important person), hit me up every once in a blue moon b/c i feel like i go out of my way to "see about" my folk w/no love in return. guess i'm not that important.
But you know what, Curty doesnt care!!!! And you wanna know why???
I dont pride myself on having tens of thousands of "friends". i keep a close circle of young ladies (probably about 4 or 5) that i know i can call to hold a decent conversation full of puns, laughter, and sarcasm. Then i have probably one guy friend (or two) that i can always get a tand they know it's not for no booty (lol).
sure it's cool to "know of" people, but i literally don't "know, know" everyone, and i truly cannot call certain people my friends because its just not frickin necessary.
and truth is, i dont want to be everyone's "friend", that's how folk get taken advantage of and get got (lip-pout like Tamar Braxton)
alright that's all i have in my head at this moment. i'm supposed to be looking up scholarships so i get hit my head to the pillow by 10....
leaves me with 30 minutes.
Luvin' C*
&not this heatwave with hooptie having no kind of A/C

June 4, 2011

I Got It

Last night i went out for the first time since Super Bowl weekend.And that was in February. I guess school hindered my partying ways.
i drove out the boonies of PA to be on a wild goose chase with one of my ace's, lookin for a decent enough spot to go to in Jersey. I think we must've went to about three places only to return to the first. It sucks that my reflection and i were in one car, while my girls was in another. We basicaly got separated :( and ended up at two different places. But to say the least, i still had a wonderful time at Luna Lounge. After paying only $5, my sis and i got in and my boy hooked us up with our drinks and the music started gettin right....
even though there were virtually no guys in the place, i still had a good time because we were the flyest and classiest kats in there. As always. the dance floor was my man last night.

damn its tough being fly but somebody's gotta do it.
Next time i'm goin inn with my right-hand woman, Joy and Cane of course. and we are def staying in Jersey. Going back to Pa after spending forever in the diner was something else and an experience.
we got home just as my pop was leaving for work. at 5:20 in the AM so now im in recovery mode from dancing and driving to and from.
Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus i do not work today.
Luvin' C*
&i hope everyone enjoys their Saturday.
Be Good.

June 3, 2011

in a Bee mood

Yes here goes another one

Simply Timeless.

I love Beyonce. She'll never get old.

Nothing Wrong Here

This here is Rihanna's video for "Man Down". I've heard so much criticism about this masterpiece. As a West Indian and a woman, i def can overstand what the hell she's trying to say in this video. it relates back to the song, if people even listened to it, she talks about killing a man and hence homie being shot dead in the beginning,i see why she did it. in the islands, law enforcement is not really a priority and its sad to say but she had to take matters into her own hands and i am pretty sure i would've done the same exact thing.
My thing is where kats are saying this is not appropriate for children blah blah blah. Rihanna is not raising your kids, you are. Dont let them watch it if you yourself is not comfortabe with it
the woman had an album titled "Rated
 R" for goodness sake......
go head rih. as a caribbean woman, i give this video 2 thumbs up . it makes sense and relates to the song, plus it has a story. which most, if not all, videos are lacking.
and even though she's a little on the freaky side, she is truly a freak living out all our fantasies....
Luvin' C*
&i have no idea what it is (either my computer or blogger-but i think its blogger), but this thing is too slow.
so sad b/c i have alot to say but i do not have the attention-span to go on.
Peace and Love.