November 28, 2012

Its The Div


November 23, 2012

Christmas Mayhem

This is all I really want for Christmas.
Julia Roberts' Eat Pray Love on DVD
The Kindle Fire HD.
I love that movie. I watched while I was doing a long 12-hour shift at work and I couldn't stop smiling. Julia Roberts is an amazing actress.
And the Kindle is because I would like something more handy other than my phone. Using that thing 24/7 hurts my hands.
No bueno.
Plus my eyes are getting worst and I need something bigger since I'm not carrying my laptop around. I also realized the only reason i really have my laptop is to write papers and since i'm currently not a student (and dont know how long i wont be...)i hardly turn my computer on.....and its a hassle  The charger is so dead, held together with duct tape and my computer can't stay on for 5 minutes without it being plugged up because the battery has been demolished.
After I buy my car, i'll buy a computer if i really need it.

Oh snap, how could i forget Thanksgiving yesterday.....I worked until 9am just to wake up and go to jersey to hang with family and leave early to be back at work for 9pm 
not fun, because my family is always one for great times and although i experienced some of it,i would've preferred all but i'll take what i can get.
 Im just thankful.
And no I havent left my house since i've woken up. People and they crazy black friday antics. everyone in my family is grown and we not about that life anymore. anything we "want" for christmas are wants and not needs so its not imperative we go out and freeze our buns off.

Welp, as usual im home alone on a friday night, watching football. i guess ill run, workout, and put up the christmas tree tonight.
Good Deal

November 11, 2012


Currently jamming to this guy as i look over my student loans which i start paying back next month
So much fun, I cannot wait!!!!!
Antiwho, i am currently a little crippled. I cannot drive or go to the gym or do anything really physically demanding.
Why do u ask????
Because I am suffering from the worst kind of muscle spasm known to man.....starts with a 'T' and ends in 'S'...(i forget what its called)..and its on my neck. Along with that, one of my joints is a little misplaced so pairing those together along with muscle inflammation, I really cannot do much as I am in a whole lot of pain. All day yesterday, i popped meds and laid down with a heating pad because it was all i could do. 
i'm only upset i cant workout because im finally starting to see changes in my body with strength training
AND it's the first full weekend i've had off since labor day and I wanted to do alot......
But i shouldn't be complaining because i could've been way worse than what it was.
Luvin' C*

November 7, 2012

2 Terms

Okay so Obama won a tight race but he did it. Now let's move on with it. Yes I'm glad our President is Black for another four years but geez.......some people are taking it too far, like people who I wouldn't expect.....They are the ones i am talking about....the ones that don't know anything about politics but only voted because Obama is black smh. it's important to know the issues at hand.....
Welp, I see my vote counted and I'm happy about that....
In other news
Everytime i go to the Nike store, I buy something...even if its to return an item, i'll be in the sale section getting something. Well, my logical explanation is i got paid and I been working hard so I deserve a little something. Whenever I get something from the Nike store, I KNOW i am going to use it so why i work out just about everyday and all i wear nowadays is workout clothes because i dont go anywhere fancy smancy anymore and i already have clothes for all that soooooo....
Speaking of working out, i have come to the realization that I like men with bald heads
but it only works if you're fit&in shape.
No way am i looking for a bald headed guy who does not work out.....IT will not work gotta have one with the other. cant be bald and a little on the heavy side and under 25. 
now at the gym i go to, there are alot of bald african american men that look very fit and me likey
and they are older than 25 (of course), and if you know me, you know how i do