April 26, 2011

Utterly Confused

i posted this picture from Mediataleout.com because i am a tad confused....if you know music, then you'll know that's the handsome Lionel Richie being a caddy for his youngest daughter, Sophia (girl in the front). Now how is this girl, do you ask???
13 years old....
.i am still confused.
confused about what you ask???
Belly-button all out and what not!!! i understand its hot in California or wherever you are, but seriously people!!! if your 13 year old walked out of her ROOM looking like that, someone would've been beat, and i promise you, it wouldn't have been the parents.
And her thin scarf is not doing any justice.
i'm actually not knocking the outfit, but the fact that a CHILD is wearing it seems a little inappropriate to me.
and who would buy that mess for their kids sooooo young...
i tell ya, that's how kids get pregnant at 13, 14 years old since they start their period at about 6!!!!
Making little boys hormones go extra crazy and whatnot.goodness.
sigh. i bet kids nowadays have absolutely no clue as to what being AN ACTUAL KID means and i kind of feel sorry for them. HELL i feel sorry for US b/c THEY are our future!!!!!
i am about to start praying more often.
that my kids wont try and pull anything over on me because if i dont catch it, they daddy will and if they daddy dont catch it, my mother will THEN she'll catch them and give them a whoopin' that'll make them think once about trying to grow up too fast.
In the West Indian culture we call that being BOLD and FRESH and its basically not tolerated. Kiddies know they place. and i honestly think we (caribbean kids) are the best.
(with some exceptions)
Well, that's one post for today with a couple more to come.
Luvin' C*

April 25, 2011

To weave or not to weave....

These are my girls.
crystal, tina, and lisa.
i love them and i always compliment them on their hair.....
I hate my hair. since i got to jersey, it's been doin its own thing and not anything of what i want it to do :( its just split ends and i hate it. all i do is wear it in a bun and call it a day. and since i run, getting a relaxer can be pointless because i sweat it out in .25 seconds.....
i want a weave but im scared lol i dont know what im afraid of....oh wait i do, i dont want my head lookin cheap!!! but im broke so i really cant invest in a good weave and maintain and take care of it properly. i would need tutorial after tutorial after tutorial to help my illiterate behind. Tina does her own hair and she does it soooo unbelieveably good. every time i see her, isay something about her hair....just this summer when we went to toronto, we went swimming and me, having my natural permed hair did not dip anything above my neck in the water, but this girl went all in!!! weave and all!!!
when i grow up, i wanna have hair like tina grant.
(PEEP her blog kids)
maybe just maybe this summer ill actually dabble in the weave world. none of that "glue" mess either. I'd like to at least keep some of my hair.
Luvin' C*
&the ladies that know how to take care of they weave correctly.
HELP ME!!!!!

Pac Divvy Div

204 Varick Street
where will I be????
At Kean Frickin' University.....
Happy Monday.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend.
I did work.
Luvin' C*

April 24, 2011

I Love Bunnies lol

Happy Easter.....

April 23, 2011

Kennedy Park

 Poor Little Fishy :(
That was my walk at Kennedy Park. I was in the condo alone and got scared so i headed out.....
Luvin' C*
&hopefully I can muster up enough de niro to go to NY next weekend...
its only $12.something by bus...

April 21, 2011

What I Just Saw

I had to comment on this. The past weekend was Rutger's Fest, which is basically a weekend of pure drunk students....... And if you're like me and didn't go, you probably heard all the mayhem that took place. In a nutshell, people got shot, folks got arrested, and RU Fest is basically shut down for life. I saw a video on YouTube but i couldnt embed it but if you go to this DMV'ers site you can see all the ghettoness and classless broads and boys fighting.....i really dont kow where girls like that are made and why they act the way the do and dress like they think they got some sort of style!!! PLUS girlie's hair was RED. i bet you her eyes were green....and from my understanding, these people aren't even college students. Just plain IDIOTS that ruined it for everyone else......AND my whole thing is, the police came and didnt arrest the girls ON THE SPOT!!!!!
Well its all said and done because Rutgers has had enough.
Its Over....
I've never attended one of those lovely events, maybe because i cant stand being around people who dont have a purpose (i.e. drinking and partying all day)......so i'd rather not deal.....besides, i am too mature for all that mess. you will never see me fighting a broad. EVER.
Oh well, Diane dont like being around grown kids.
Luvin' C*

April 19, 2011

These Guys

of course everyone probably knows where i work.....the game room.
now i basically look at guys' asses all day because for some reason they think its still cool to wear their pants to their ankles....
One of my bosses came in and saw this madness and told these guys to pull they pants up. they did, then pulled it back down....soon as my boss left, they started with the whole "he aint my daddy BS, blah blah blah, cant tell me what to do, blah blah blah.
no one wants to see your ass AND your balls!!!!! because when your shirt is smedium as well, you my friend, is basically exposed for ALLOF THE UNIVERSE TO SEEEEEEEEEE.
no matter how many times i tell someone i am about to kick them in their balls, they still look at me crazy and i will continue to threaten them.....
i dont kow how some of these fools are in college.
Just pull your pants up so we cant see your balls and all of your ass.
Luvin' C*
&the fine ass men that actually know how to wear their clothing in a presentable manner...


Some people don't like this video because it reminds them of the late Aaliyah's "Rock The Boat" video....

BUT Keyshia Cole's not much of a dancer......PLUS i dont think i would wanna wear black on the beach either so white will have to suffice....
i guess anyone who tries to do a tropical video wearing white will not be liked...
Luvin' C*

April 17, 2011


My disconnect Fridays turned into disconnect Friday+Saturday.....
yesterday was so sucky. the rain just kept on coming and i just kept on watching movies. ALL DAY.
I was on the couch, started my laundry, and made bbq pork chops w/mac&cheese because my momz made me. NOW on this sunny but windy day, i'm @NCC in the library writing up the results of my pilot study i had to do for my experiment. i have a test tomorrow which i totally forgot about so imma crammmmmmmm all tonight and probably in the AM. meeting as well as a presentation....diane is not ready for this week. and this cold isnt helping one bit. this weekend def didnt go as planned. i was supposed to go to ESU yesterday and today i was supposed to run a race with my momz....none of which DID NOT happen. so, according to my big little brother, i came to PA to waste my gas and contaminate everybody. and that is apparently true b/c now his throat is acting up.......everybody told me to come home.so i did.....now im in trouble for it. PURE ANARCHY.
AND he ate all the vienna fingers PLUS bought pizza and aint even offer to get me a frickin slice!!!!
now im just burning time until my sis comes home from work w/my hooptie....at 7. i hope ill make it back to jersey in one piece.
and as much as i wanna go to sleep because my body feels so weak, i really cant because im so consumed with school work from pure procratination......
i'm Out.

April 14, 2011

Thought I would share.....

This video was made by John Ledbetter, a member of the Beta Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. down at Virginia State University. The song in this video is called "That You Would" by Dear Euphoria....
i posted this because i love the everything about this 3 minute and change clip...the angles, the realness, the rain, the crowd, the clean and crisp-ness, and the respect.
I loved the focus and emphasis he put on his brothers and what they are about.
you see, this video was made at Virginia State University, down south. Up north, i def dont think any fraternity or sorority could ever compare. there's really no respect/support between the groups (well on Kean's campus) and i am honestly thinking some people are missing the point of what becoming a brother or sister is all about.
i myself am not a member of a sorority and i am in no way bashing them.....this is just how i feel.
i also feel like when people "cross", they do change (this is from personal experience) and some people just dont know how to act (not all but some).
diane doesn't change for anyone (unless its my mom) lol.
Luvin' C*
& the fact that i may not be able to run on sunday because im still sick as sugar honey iced tea

April 13, 2011

ME when i'm not sick.....

April 12, 2011


And just as i predicted, EVERYONE decided to be butt nekkid. The gameroom was empty because everyone was outside and that's fine with me. what i am not ok with is the one 85 degree day then the rest of the week it'll be regular spring weather.
i am officially sick. my throat is running rampant and i'm tired. PLUS i have allergies. so i am def dying.
i have an unbelieveable amount of work to do. but people, its the same work i been supposed to be doing.
i suck.
im slacking.
oh well ill live and get it done, somehow, some way.
God Willing.
Luvin' C*

April 9, 2011


I have come to realize that every Friday, I totally disconnect from the world. After work, i usually power down (as my Communications prof would say) all my electronics and talk to nobody except those who actually call me (which is not that many). i go to the gym (and i never take my phone w/ me when i workout), go home, shower, watch tv for exactly 15.2 seconds and sleep the rest of the day away. i literally go into hibernation mode and won't be seen until the next afternoon. my cousin knows my routine all too well. The week is so hectic so when i actually have time to myself, i take it ALLLLLL to myself. saturday i feel rejuventated and ready to either go to PA, do homework, or be a couch potato. as of right now, i'm doing homework (well not really b/c im blogging&on FB&twitter&tumblr...) in PA....
OHHHH YES. My toothache is gone
I'll take a root canal for $1000 Alex. you must be crazy to think im gonna pull out one of my teeth (esp in the front) NOOOO i had jaw surgery two years ago, and got my braces off a year ago, i'll do perfectly fine if one of my teeth does not have a nerve in it.
trust and believe.
Friends spring is about to be showing its face and broads are about to be showing dey ass. there is a classy way to do it (you know, exemplify your ass) and a not so classy way, but with some of the broads that walk around Kean University, i'm pretty damn sure its gonna be on the not so classy side. Me, i feel like KU aint ready for my legs lol
heck, i cant even show my ankles at work so no one's gonna be seeing my leggaroos antiway.....
well. imma try and get back to work and get everything done.
Luvin' C*
&my reflection got a job guys. YES.

April 6, 2011

Feed Me

Diane loves food. i dont know why but its all i think about and i wont be hungry but some items are worth craving. like fried calamari......
the first time i had it, i was at my neighbors 4th of july shingig. and since they are italian and own a family restaurant, there was no way i wasnt escaping without eating everything that was on my plate. and trust and believe, it was alot. thought it was onion rings at first until i put it in my mouth, started chewing, and uncle jake told me it was fried calamari. i realy didnt know what it was until my momz said squid..........i guess i'll probably eat anything, as long as i dont know what it is or was....

PS crossaints fill me up.

Luvin' C*
&not people who say they gonna come see me then don't. yo at least call me son!!!
dont forget about my tumblr

April 5, 2011


SOOOOO UCONN Huskies done won the mens basketball championship against Butler. Im so glad i did not watch that game because by the way of the score, that game looked boring as hell.
since my last post ive done nothing too exciting. volunteered at a food bank, went home to PA to visit my sis and attended a banquet. so yea, i guess i been busy busy busy.

i know i talk about school alot, but its because school is my life....soooo its getting nice outside and people at Kean do not know how to act. flip flops and tank tops. seriously though??? i swear if the sun was out and 65 degrees, kats would be out on the bball courts tannin like some damn fools. i'll keep my clothes on. thanx so much.
still on my workout grind:) i need more than 7 hours of sleep with the way i hit the gym but i cant get past 6.5 because i get home so late and all i do is study. damn i suck BUT it'll all pay off in the end and when it does, i'll be happy as hell.
OHHHH yea, i am getting sick. all thanks to my cousin who just came back from Montreal. i havent been sick,sick since august but the weather's changing and that also means my allergies are coming on as well. great.
Luvin' C*
& eating breakfast.