June 11, 2013

Oh Hello Blog

I have been neglecting this thing because nothing really significant happens in my life anymore where I feel the need to share with people or tell any kind of story. 
Since my last post, I have still been working out, unsuccessfully cut out the bad foods i eat, went to Michigan for a wedding, have an interview for a part time job, got accepted into graduate school (back at Kean).....now I'm waiting to hear back from Lehigh University because i kinda wanna stay in Pennsylvania because i dont wanna pay rent in New Jersey as much as I love Jersey and the freedom i have out there, it just makes sense financially to live at my parents' house rent-free and eat all there food.
I'm still working overnights at my current job and with this hopefully part-time gig, I can get my money all the way up, pay more bills, and save more money than I have been (which has been about none).
Life is tough, thats why i'm going back to school. im not satisfied.
At All.
The Hurricane

At my childhood beach, Belmar

Race day- Before

Race Day-After

Bride and Groom.....Natalia and Joseph

We're Sexy.

Alana and the Bride...cousins

Trouble 1 and 2 :)