January 29, 2011


Hola Comrades
i am now posted in my parents' dining room doing this post when i'm supposed to be doing homework...oh well. i'm in the process of tryna get 'beautified'...did my nails (hurricane orange), now doing a facial and deep conditioning my hair which i feel like cutting completely off!!!! it seems as though i do not get along with a lot of things and my hair is now entering the list of some of those things among snow, traffic, ppl who dont like ketchup, and ppl who just lack all around common damn sense....
Snow is a BEE. wednesday into thursday was the worst. i had to dig hootpie out all by myself and i think i lost about 10 pounds doing that!!! i swear to you, i was up to my knees in snow. and i'm about 5'6-5'7, so you do the math and figure out how bad my knees were shaking lol my arms and shoulders are still recovering from that fiasco. i am soooo done with snow. i honestly think i've been complaining about it since last winter....and i probably wont stop until i'm in a warmer climate during the winter months.....
dammit i had a post idea and didn't write it down so now i have no clue what i'm writing about...
summer i'm looking foward to going to a bunch of places for caribbean/west indian type events but we shall seeeeeeee.
i want to do some video posts of me being extremely sarcastic and showcasing the unbelieveable variety of faces i have to make/show the world. but i think if i make a video, i'll probably go on FOREVER about something OR jump around b/c i have a thought and dont wanna forget what it is....
sort of like my writing...
i'll think about it.
i need some feedback please.
Luvin' C*
&these mixes my reflection just made me:)

January 26, 2011


I NEED TO GO........

p.s. if anyone watched the BET show "Baldwin Hills", you'll know the main chick in this video is Seiko:) i always thought she was soooo pretty:)

Luvin' C*
& NOT the ppl that fired the car salesman in chicago for wearing a frickin green bay packers tie w/sentimental value...OR
the parents that have their elementary aged kids knowing about AND performing oral sex in school(oakland,Ca)

January 24, 2011


That scene right there was obviously the end for the Jets.
Yep blame it on your boy Mark Sanchez picking his nose&wiping it on teammates.....

January 23, 2011

coming to an end

HOOPTIE!!!!! i am coming to save you!!!!!

holes in gloves dont work out so well.

about to battle the cold and get hooptie outta the calamity of snow:(

can u tell diane prosper is a tad on the bored side???
this snow thing has me sooooo down and out and ghost. i just dont wanna be around people and i wanna sleep all day. i think i probably have seasonal depression b/c this winter is ridiculous. and me being the summer child i am, cannot handle it. now that its snowing just about every week, i am convinced the world is coming to an end in 2012. i always thought i wouldnt believe it, but this weather is too odd for me. last winter it was 20 inches in one shot....not this year, totally different story.
since the world is coming to an end, what have you done that you could be proud of? have you lived life like evryday's your last or just let it pass you by????
i'm glad to say, i've done alot but not as nearly as much as i would like to do. i know i am the only person holding myself back and every year i say "i'm gonna do me" and end up hating myself for not doing half of what I wanted to do......i dnt know how to solve this equation.....
my latest venture has me looking at graduate schools in california and florida, oh and louisiana-warmer climates-and to get a taste of life elsewhere other than my beloved "beast coast". looking for new people, new food, and motorcycles of course!!!!
snap, this semester is in full swing and i'm already stressing b/c i dont have the books i need for two of my most important classes :( and i already have way too much work after the first damn week. but it'll get done b/c i am me. i am also the secretary of the west indian culture club at Kean PLUS i'm still tryna get my 20 hrs a week in the gameroom. BUT luckily friday's, i will be completely off from work AND school---3 day weekend. i'm souped.
Luvin' C*
&not this psychology of learning professor.got us writing in pencil and ordering us when to write and when not to write in class....
deuces mcdeuces.


January 21, 2011

im sorry but i dont know why i felt the need to post all these videos. lol.
i love bob marley.
i grew up listening to him on every road trip because my family is entirely dominican (caribbean) and my parents weren't down with main stream rubbish so i basically know all the words to almost every bob marley tune.
mara hruby, someone i've never heard of before, did her rendition and i kinda liked enough to post it on my beautiful space.
how can you hate on this woman right here. she is a creative genius and a gorgeous person inside and out:)
and she's from Grenada.
Luvin' C*
&not the way the sun is giving the right side of my face a tan....

Have a Great Weekend Folks.


January 18, 2011

the high road

today has been a-ok so far. driving to school was the biggest task thus far. i woke up to snow and ice and rain falling and NOTHING gets in the way of diane getting paid:) even though classes started today at kean univ., i have a bomb schedule where i dnt have classes on tuesday and friday(no work either!!!) but i unfortunately do work 9-5 on tuesdays so getting here on time depended on how crazy people were driving in this weather. im the type of person that has to get every inch of anything off my vehicle, esp when it has to do with earthly elements. snow, ice, leaves, hail.....anything and everything must be removed before i get on the road.plus when im actuallly done doing all of that, i'll be comforted by the warmth of my vehicle. i just wish folk thought the same as me!!!!
nooooooo, lets ride around with all the ice from mother earth on the hood, trunk, roof, doors,and mirrors on my vehicle. yea so the wind can knock it off!!!
this, my friends is not a good idea. so when you see me cussing you in my car because a bunch of ice sheets damn near broke my wind shield and killed me, you'll know why. i dont care how early it is.clean off your shit.
i honestly think people should get tickets for b/s like that. all i know i def wouldn't get any:) because i'm a careful driver, hooptie and i.
RANDOM: you know how you hate a song so much, you know all the words to it....that is happening to me w/this chris brown song.
alright folks, my break is done:(
Luvin' C*
&people who are actually smiling on this miserable day.

January 15, 2011

Whaddu doe

I know i havent been alive since my little 'robert sacre' binge but its all for a good reason.....well not really, just meetings at work for the last two days. BUT of course, the world stops for no one:)
Lakewood,NJ, my hometown, has just turned into Philadelphia,PA. last night i got on facebook and everyone's status is about "lakewood cop shot". Are you kidding me??? i dont understand why people shoot cops....you are going to get caught somewhere and they'll probably shoot your ass dead in a heartbeat OR you're def getting the death penalty....smart move....
NJ traffic and their HORRIBLE drivers. the only reason why traffic exists is because kats don't want other drivers cutting them off, so they basically tailgate like a mofo.hence the stopping&going&stopping&going. NOOOOOOOO. PLEASE STOP. it urks the mess outta me when people are inconsiderate and just plain ol'dumb. oh and yesterday while i was in traffic for about wayyyy tooo damnnnnn long, i had to pee like a reacehorse lol i swear i almost died. i tried to stay occupied by not thinking about it,singing songs,looking at all the clean benz'z pass me by,and trying to figure out which unmarked cars would be police officers but it did not work. i stopped at a gas station to relieve myself and felt like a river!!!lol it just kept on going. i felt like i was squatting for 10 minutes lol after that, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders (well,my bladder in this case).......
OKAY so i also do not like guys who think they 'hot shit' (my new words) all the time. they think they can get away with everything. "yea i like you, but my girlfriend and i are taking a break, so wassup"....Wassup is I don't believe in 'taking a break'. you two are either together, or you're not.which one is it??? because all that grey area is not a good look and that's when feelings get hurt and people get shot and/or stabbed. lol. not funny....
soooooo my cousin left me in the condo until tuesday because he went back home,to dominica, to surprise our grandmother-soooo sweeeeeet!! BUT what bothered me was that i was the last person to know. but anyway, i'm here by my lonesome, 3 floors of lonely. lol. my cousin has this crazy surround sound system where you can play and listen to music from anywhere in the place.ok cool. the first night alone, i really couldn't sleep because i, being who i am, was a little paranoid. when i finally fell asleep for real-for real, i hear Busta Rhymes playing. I'm thinking, "am i dreaming?why is busta rhymes in my dream right now?he's not even cute!!!" so i get up, opening one eye thinking to myself, ok TJ(my cousin's girlfriend) left a while ago and his best friend Derrick never came back AND i def didn't hear the door open, so why is this music playing?? i get up,turning on every single light, grab my sharpest heels,yelling "HELLOOOOO" peeking around corners and what not. i didnt hear anything but i found the control for the music and quickly shut it off. i didnt even think about going down to the first floor. that's where a killer would be hiding....i never ran so fast to any room as fast as i did to mine that night. locked the door and everything. i even left a light on on the hallway and everyone who knows me,knows i need it to be pitch black when i sleep lol
funny but scary.
let's just say, i told TJ about it and she stayed the next night :)
that's all i have to say until i actually start having a life again lol
Luvin' C*

January 12, 2011


I like you, like you.

i like you.

Robert Sacre


i think i'm going through writer's block right now. Oh no, wait, its because nothing has happened to me other than the fact that i am breathing and well rested (which i am not complaining about).
The Game
one word.disappointed. BET had wayyyyyy tooooooo damnnnnnn many commercials!!! why?!? the acting was not very good. Kelly Pitts shouldn't be on the show and why dey change Britt Bratt??? it's too serious, no one gets along/likes each other and Melanie is still a little on the paranoid side. and Terrance J!!!! as much as i don't like this guy on 106&park with all his extraness and hypeness, he actually might be the best actor on this show....seeing this que be serious and not in his normal element is a good look for him.everyone else may need to find where they talent went b/c it sure wasn't there last night....this is a soap opera and basketball wives wrapped up together. so sad and too damn predictable. i'll watch the next episode, but if i'm still not feelin it, i may not watch the rest of the season....
Basketball Wives is ridonculous!! these women (evelyn,shaunee,jennifer) are too grown to be running around like they own the world! long gone are your high school days girls. get it together and tighten that mess up.
Pure Anarchy.
if that was my momz on tv looking like that, i wouldn't even claim her. straight embarassing.
I seriously believe MTV is one reason why teens have kids so young. 16&pregnant, Teen Mom, now this other show 'Skins'. The title is self-explanatory.....antiwho Teen Mom 2 premiered last night as well and this broad Jenelle is a serious piece of work. KIDS now a days have absolutely no respect for the elders, let alone their parents. Think they know everything about everything when they need some 'ack right' to put dat ass in place. (NOTE: when i use profanity, i am truly mad/upset).
*damn, i just got distracted looking at fb pix and checking my twitter*
Welp, since i lost all train of thought....i'll be on the couch watching music videos b/c its the only entertaining aspect available.
Oh and snow in New Jersey is no damn joke. when they said 8-12 inches, they meant it!! shovelled hooptie out of the rumble and now its safe and sound in the parking lot and not on the street waiting to get demolished :)
Back to Kean tomorrow&friday for some work stuff. havent been up there since i jetted out after my criminal justice final on december 20th....oh well, it'll be fun reuniting with my co-workers.
Luvin' C*
&the fact that my cousin is trying to kill my by regulating the heat in this condo.....i'm cold.

January 10, 2011

The Game

man oh man, diane is still in pennsylvania extremely cold and extremely bored. i needed to go to the doctor but apparently i have no insurance and my momz wanted to take me to another doctor but once again, i'd have to pay out of pocket and as a student, a broke one at that, i cnt afford anything on the dot. so i'm just gonna go to the hospital and set up a payment plan to pay anything off. i've done that before when i got an x-ray and the bill came out to be $465 and i paid it over a two year period lol it works out. believe me.
The show The Game is coming back tomorrow on BET and the world is losing their minds. I love the show too but goodness.....
College Football
#1 Auburn takes on #2 Oregon
I seriously hope oregon wins because all i hear is cam newton this, cam newton that....alright enough about this guy from auburn and his scandals and beckys lol he still cute but he is not the only person on the team....
right now they're getting all the hype and highly favored to win but since the oregon ducks get no love, im gonna give them some.
I unfortunately do not have any recruits so.....
until the game starts, ill be watching the cosby show w/my reflection and parents.
Luvin' C*
&not guys that cannot take rejection well.....

January 6, 2011


I'm diane and i just prepared my first official meal at home.
Well i do know how to cook but im not one to mess you the meat because its so slimmy and my stomach cannot fathom. but my reflection and i did it as a team and we have yet to see how everything turns out. i think we'll be good though seeing as how we were calling our parentals every so often. and if it comes out not as expected, it'll be the parentals' fault. yep.
so now im sitting here manning the kitchen making sure everything smells good and the house doesn't burn down writing this post while my eyes are still on fire from standing next to frickin onions i did not cut......
i am so bored out here in PA. i think i've voiced my concern more than once. i'm way ready to get back to the garden state and i know alot of people are waiting for my return. trust and believe i'm ready;)
and since i have a couple of loose ends to tie up regarding my hooptie, i don't know exactly when i'll be laying my head in my twin size bed.
but once the snow stops making threats and the weather starts warming up my legs will be showing outtttttt!!!!!!!
Luvin' C*
&that movie 'Devil' is something else.....

As much as i don't like lil wayne, i like this song, but mostly because of corey gunz' verse. i was wondering where he went after lil wayne stole that other song he had a couple years back. the name of it fails me at this moment......

January 3, 2011

What??!! (dispicable me voice)

I am getting fat. lol.
since i been home as everyone knows, i been eating and sleeping like i am going into hibernation.....
BUT i am training to run a half marathon during the summer months. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS???? im going to tell you. Its about 13 miles folks and although i run, i am in no shape to run 5 miles let alone 13 but i am going to do it because i can.
I am going back to jersey probably by the end of this week.thank goodness. this saturday my godsister and i put together a 'cousins reunion'. seeing as how everyone is all over the place during the semester and we never get to see each other and since its been more than a couple of years---we're going to do something a little competitive---laser tag at funtime america. we used to go there for birthdays and have a grand ol'time. going back as the big kids we are, it'll be fun and ridiculously hilarious. i absolutely cannot wait. i need some fun in my life before this long semester starts back up and i really go ghost on you all lovely people.
my sister, my reflection, Cane! has now joined the blog world;)
its fairly new and its about....
i'll let you see for yourselves.hehe.
Luvin' C*
& The Closer. this show is so good.

January 2, 2011

love curty.