December 26, 2011

How You Doin


Christmas is lovely.
We go to my Uncle's house in Jersey.
Watch basketball and a movie and of course, eat.
I got everything I asked for, and more and I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.
Luvin' C*

December 25, 2011

I Say

Happy Birthday to THEE Biggest Boss


Merry Christmas everyone

Luvin' C*

December 24, 2011


Some People Cannot Be Tamed.

Its a Cane Thing

Dear Santa, Can I have this for Christmas??? Pretty Please.

Holiday Cheer

its been a while since my last post which is odd because i haven't been doing anything....oh well damn that's the reason why i haven't posted anything. 
Literally all i been doing since my sister's graduation last Saturday was sleep, eat, and workout.
Today i woke up at one o'clock.
This is just what i wanted.
Pure hibernation since the end of the semester and i am loving it.
It is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is CHRISTMAS :)
We usually open presents at 12 on THEE dot and chill for the rest of the day, then hit up Jersey to go to my Uncle's house to chill with the family, then MORE SLEEP
But next week, it should be fun fun fun
Monday, i start back at my hell-of-a-job nursing home. then my sisi and i are volunteering for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. For three mornings, we are going down to NYC for the early morning shows to be those crazy fans that be, well, crazy. It should be fun, since we are morning people.
Then to cap off the year, we will be at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx to see Rutgers Football take down Iowa State.
And after all that fiasco, ill be at work on New Year's Day, getting time and a half!!!!!
Well i got all this week to rest and restore my body so next week, ill be back on the road.
It was fun while it lasted
I hope everyone's holiday season is as festive as mine
Luvin' C*

December 17, 2011




Limited PAC DIV tee’s available at

Cali Sun

My Sisi graduated from East Stroudsburg University today :)
I am beyond proud of her and cannot wait to see what her future awaits.
i was looking at a blog my sisi put me up on.
i love her blog. seriously. she lives in california, and i am currently on the hunt for actually moving and going to san diego state university for graduate school and possibly my doctorate. i need a change of scenery. as much as i do love the east coast, i love warm weather and i need to be around it more often.....
This semester is just about over. my last final is at 6pm on monday and i am overjoyed. once i get some kind of rest, i will really be able to get back on my consistent workout schedule.
and since i visited this young lady's blog, i think i am going to go on a diet as well.
 a serious diet. 
no short cuts and shit.
because it doesnt make sense to workout and eat junk. it defeats the purpose and since this semester was entirely too hectic and out of my control when it came to what i ate, i am going to get on it.
for. word.
changes will be made.
and they are being made.
first it started with my hair,
now i am going to do research on foods i can and cannot eat because i'm allergic to things with skins,
revise my daily exercise routine because i've been doing the same thing for a long time (maybe try zumba and sign up for a kick boxing class or finally go wall climbing)
Changes are essential to be happy now.
and i've come to realize, if you're not afraid of the changes you are about to make, they are not big enough....
Luvin' C*

December 14, 2011

aww man

Ok so, i have no idea why i am posting all these videos of white people, but i gotta admit, they are funny.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my little big brother. This kid gets on my last nerve sometimes but its all love
Happy Birthday Dude.

Some Funny

December 11, 2011


I am supposed to be studying and writing the last of the last of my papers for the rest of the semester but im blogging, looking at other blogs, and listening to Madbury Club's Ashburn Study mixtape. its basically made for studying during finals season and I love it....volumes one, two, and three.

December 10, 2011

For Word Tho

My bladder is seriously doing something else.
Im at work with no one here and i  need to pee all the time.
But anywho, i need to shop but i am soooo broke, its not even funny and my car is making a new sound that i do not like so i def gotta get that taken care of......
its finals time and now i although i should be studying, i am not. i would rather be on tumblr and blogger updating my sh*t.
While browsing tumblr, i came across a young lady's page that loves to dance. i've always wanted to dance, in a studio, with steps, and actually know what i was doing. when my sis and i were younger, we were into gymnastics, and i liked dance to some degree, but our parents never put us in it. then we got older, maybe 12,13, or 14 and we really got into basketball so dance for me, wasnt even a thought. i was a tomboy. i equated dance with cheerleading, and i hated cheerleading.  and i know exactly why: i always equated it with  girls wanting to get a guy's attention and looking good for a guy. to me, i didnt need that validation, and i guess that's why i stuck with basketball and track for a while. but now that i am older, i still run whenever i can but i would  love to dance. my group (west indian culture club) started a lil dance team thingy, had a couple practices, and i realized how much muscles you're actually working when you dance. i had never been so sore  from not actually playing a physical sport, it was just dancing, choreographed steps, and it truly kicked my ass, and i frickin liked it.
but since i am the broke college student i am, taking classes are not going to happen no time soon, so i will have to suffice to youtube and my little bedroom
Luvin' C*

December 5, 2011

Christmas List

I haven't made a Christmas List in years because i was content with my parents just giving me money. Now i finally realized that the $150 i get every christmas does not amount to how much stuff i could get and be worth way i decided on what i wanted. 

1. Vera Wang's Princess perfume. I got it for my birthday a couple years ago and loved it.
2. Big Bang Theory DVD set
I need something to hold me over while i have no television to watch and this show will always be funny as hell.
3. H&M gift card as well as a Barnes&Noble gift card. 
I dont ask for much because my parents are paying for my living expenses and education which are pretty hefty so i dont need too much.

Welp, thats all i want for christmas this year. i see people lists be all types of extra and ridiculous for no reason. some people dont even deserve some of the expensive ass gifts they parents give to them. and when i say deserve, i mean they dont appreciate anything......
Luvin' C*

December 3, 2011

I Did It

I did it guys!!!
I drove to New York!!!!!
My sister and I went to the a little orientation session for The New Era Pinstripe Bowl to be held at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx on December 30, 2011 and since we dont do public transportation, hootpie was the only was to go. Getting to the Bronx was fairly easy.....its apparently one of the first exits after you get off the G.Dub bridge, stay to the left and BAM, you're there.
The orientation was really to let us know what we were going to be doing. I thought we would be helping DURING the game, but we are not. when i heard that, i was fairly disappointed. what we're gonna be doing is helping teams, players, fans, and families of the teams find their way around new york, check in to the hotels, and answer any kind of questions they may have about the game, events, or the city. since these people are coming from all over and it may be there first time in the Big Apple, its our job to leave a wonderful lasting impression and not one of the typical new yorker of being tough and attitudy. some of what we can be placed is at the hotels, or the events. one event i really wanna do is going to NBC studio's and being one of those crazy fans reppin a team on television. Its gonna be kinda awkward wearing another team's gear because im all about The U.....

But i am excited and still blessed to say My sisi and I will def be at the game,we'll be in the stands :) SUPER excited because i've never been to Yankees stadium (the old or new), or an athletic event not held in Jersey but i am scared to be in the cold, shivering in me timbers to watch a football game i could watch in the comfort of my own (or parents') home. oh well, it should be fun.
Oh and i just realized my brother lives in the Bronx...i def thought he lived in Queens for the last three or four years....
and "my friend" of forver lives across the street from the stadium, so im excited to see him because i havent seen him since September.
Kinda miss the guy
anywho, im gonna sit here and actually act like i am doing work
Luvin' C*