July 28, 2011


Dear Blog,
Sorry i been neglecting you. i dont know why...
oh wait, i been catching up on sleep and preparing myself for Toronto!!!!
Kids, I'll be on the road tonite with my girls and my sis on our way outta the country.
Caribana weekend is made for ladies like us and just as we did last year, we're def living it up again this year:)
i just finished packing and i'm realizing my wardrobe isnt anything special but i makes it work.
i honestly cannot wait to see what this trip will bring us and hopefully we'll have a lovely and safe trip there and back in one piece
Luvin' C*
&not my lack of words to describe my excitement

July 23, 2011


I workout.
and I eat.
I probably eat wayyyyy more than i workout.
But its not really how much i eat, moreso What i'm actually eating
and what i been eating since i moved to Pennsylvania in 2005 is junk.
not even five minutes from where i reside, you will find mcD's, burger king, wendy's, pizza hut, taco bell, long john silvers, a fried chicken joint, five guys, sonic,chick-fil-a, and panera bread.
back in Lakewood,NJ there wasnt too many fast food joints so close to people's houses. all we really had was ronald mcdonald and that in itself was a treat just to get.
Now, i'm so accustomed to getting fast food, i literally get a headache trying to figure out where to go because there's soooooo many damn options.
AND there is barely anywhere to get a good workout in to work off all these "devil calories". gym memberships can be a sham, its too hot to walk any trail and end up alive, and you already know about my "track" situation......
and they wonder why america's one of the fattest countries. because we are disgustingly disgusting when it comes to quick food for little money.
i hate capitalist america.
they know how to take our de niro.
and as much as i try to cut it out completely, it never truly happens.
what i need is to make a pledge and follow it...
hell i should make a pledge for all my bad/unhealthy habits...
compulsive shopping
lack of emotions
cussing while driving
stop my pimpin' ways (lmaoooo)
and stop acting like a guy when it comes to relationships (thats a Whole nother story)
i think i'll just stick to the healthier food decisions for right now because it seems pretty doable and in my grasp.
PLUS ill be thinking of all the money ill be saving if i dont give in to temptation.....
Luvin' C*

July 22, 2011

Drastic Change

Today the heat index has come to about 10,000 degrees lol
and of course my hair is not cooperating with me
but what's new, it never does
so since last year i have been thinking about cutting my hair extra short. it would def be a drastic change and totally unexpected of me but it must be done some time before i head back to Kean.
all i need to really do is look up a great salon to go to where i wont be wasting my money and that's pretty hard for me to find because i dont even know where to start (esp in PA)
i know what kind of style i want though....
Take a look...
Yesssss i know they are all pix of rihanna, but i love her styles and these are something of what i want. short and clean....
all i need is someone to cut me up, maybe do a little color all for a good enough price so i can shock the world
and give my hair some structure other than a ponytail
Luvin' C*

July 19, 2011

What We Do

The las two days were spent sleeping and looking for an actual track to run at. In middle school and high school, i ran track but since there isn't a team at Kean, I just run and workout out on my own. I haven't set foot on a track since i left Kean in May and in all honesty, I miss it.
I love running and being able to run around my neighborhood without getting attacked (or something of the nature) is a blessing, but i'd rather do my high knees on a track where people wont be giving me the side eye trying to figure out why i'm running funny.
Yesterday and this morning (EARLY), refelction and i made our way to area high schools, got crazy lost and although we found the tracks, they were all locked!!!!!!
So you mean to tell me, as a legit tax payer, I cannot utilize where my money is going to????
we went to NINE HIGH SCHOOLS!!!!!
every facility was locked up.
I was upset as hell.
and to add to that, all the universities in my area are private so you already know how that would turn out.
it's sad and ridiculous
But on a happier note, the internet in my area is finally fixed
Luvin' C*

July 17, 2011

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity BBQ

 Hey all. I love my weekends off. July has been the month of pure partying. lol. every weekend i'm off, i'm in Jersey. i need to move there asap because all this driving is taking a toll on hooptie. all in the name of fun.
Well, yesterday i was in Somerset with my a couple of my ace's: Melissa, Joy, and Marva at Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity's BBQ (minus reflection b/c she was too busy making de niro)
i didnt get too too lost, but when mel and i first got there at 3pm(when it started at 12), we were basically the first ones there so we bounced, went to a bar near Rutgers, refreshed, chilled and then made our way back just to stand in line for potato salad and nonexistant hot dogs and burgers :( it was sad.
But as i found more of my people and the music started getting better, and the Kappa's started shimmying, the BBQ began to look up. Of course all the divine nine came to show out and it seemed at one point like it was a Phi Beta Sigma event because they literally took over the strolling (sorry kappas).
i also saw my Que boo from PA who loves my legs, seen a couple of bikes and was highly upset when they left because one of them (none of which had my bike) was too too Fine and i wanted a ride from him and him Alone.
No One Else.
I love sexy men.
Ovril (in green) doin Sigma things

The Shimmy

Kean Sigma

Dare and Mike (Mu Pi Sigma's)

Alright folks that was my Saturday. I am now about to leave Barnes and Noble because its an ice box...
Luvin' C*

July 12, 2011

July 11, 2011

The C's

This past weekend,my sisi and i went to jersey for Phi Beta Sigma's Crabfest weekend out at NJIT. we got there with no GPS (go Us),and had a great time. Now, i know i have astonishing legs but it seems alot of guys are getting in trouble because they like to stare.
Soon as we parked, a Que parked behind us and decided to be friendly because we had Pa plates as he did. He gave my sis a hug then turned to me and was basically talking to my legs.
his lips were literally moving while his eyes were glued down below my waste.
it was hilarious to me because a couple of weeks ago, a kid got snatched up by his momz because he just stopped and stared and last week, this kat was with his girlfriend when he gave me the look-over and she had some choice words for him.
i swear, my legs are hypnotic. what can i say, i like to stay in shape
OK back to CRABFEST. We got there entirely too late (the last two hours), but there was a lot of strollin', saw  my people from Kean, and motorcycles galore and some fine men.
then we went to see some family (cant leave out the fam when out it jersey) and went to a diner to eat because thats the only legit eatery in the garden state.
after all that was said and done, it was time for the afterparty.
Getting lost was half the story. i think it took us about 43.7 minutes to get there because of wrong turns and us thinkin we were too far in the hood AND me and honda hooptie dont play that.
another lol
the afterparty popped. of course it started off wack as all hell, but like wine, it got better with time <<<
my sisi and i have this competition whenever we go out,we see who can get the most numbers like they did in "The Wood" but its all friendly and nothing serious. i was a little disappointed in the lack of numbers i got but i will make it up when i go to CARIBANA!!!!!!!
Boy oh boy and i excited and ready to party it up with my ladies
I love being West Indian.
Luvin' C*
&one of my best summers Ever.
&oh yea, i'm single again.

July 5, 2011


Grill Master

Lighting the sparklers

running away from the sparkler.....

my godmomz and my godsis

two peas in a pod
Hurricane and Curdyer

Joan and my momz....i have no idea what she was supposed to be doing

the show

our street afterwards....

the big guns
all in all, i had a great 4th of july. worked, slept, ate, chilled with family and friends and got the best show....had too much fun, tons of laughs, and the grillin' was def on point (minus the fact i burnt half the dogs...shhhhh). kiddies running around and making new friends. got it in with my italian familia and my dominican fam that came out from jersey.
i loved it and had a loverly time.
i would tell yous the rest but the library is about to close at 10 which means right now at 9:45pm......
Luvin' C*

July 4, 2011

Stay koo

People, let me tell you...
its about to be on like donkey kong!!!!
well not really but i just like saying that.
today is July 4th and i am at b&n. i literally ran over here after work to check my emails and such. right now, there's a massive party going on with tons of kids and tipsy adults. i myself will be joining the fiasco a little later b/c im finna take a nap after i leave here.
i love motorcycles and i absolutely dislike how everyone in my home is getting next to one EXCEPT ME!!!!
how in the world is this madness possible???
i, for one, am over getting a mototcycle BUT i do not mind if my boo had one, or one of my close friends.
my life would be made.
oh and he has to like the Yankees too.
anywho i'm about to be over and out because my eyes are getting heavy and i have quite possibly the longest week of work ahead of me....
But it'll all pay off because NJIT's Phi Beta Sigma is having Crabfest:The Zoovie on saturday;) the perfect way to cap off my long ass week to come.
I'm def gonna be in there gettin' digits
Luvin' C*
&Happy Indepedence Day Folks
PS i am about to gain 10 lbs from eating straight italian food in about 2 minutes.