May 31, 2011

The Beach

when i grow up and really get paid, one of the many items on my wish list is a beach house. of course, i won't be at it alone, my handy dandy side kick and ace, Cane, will be along for the ride. Today we just picked up and went. It's the day after Memorial Day and everyone was home or at least getting there so the beach was the perfect place to be.
The day started with me waking up like i had no business waking up at 9AM and walking into my sister's room with a big ole grin on my face ready to take to the sand. We got what was necessary, went to the bank, filled up hooptie's tank, and took to the road. The drive down wasn't as horrible as the drive back home. Cane had her turn with hooptie and i felt like i was going to die!!!! the way she was turning the wheel made my neck break and i forced against the door. lol. she'll probably read this and deny any wrong doing, but you know what, i overstand.its al love.

I will say this though, i hate guys who go to the beach and do not go in the water. they just go to scope out the ladies. and i understand they wanna get they pimpage on, but you cant do it when the ladies are on the beach, and not the boardwalk, especially at Belmar. today there were a couple of fellas that actually stood a chance with my sis and i but they never came on the beach, which i dont understand b/c it was free.....
the next time i plan on picking up and going to the beach, it'll probably be with one or two of my girls from Jersey or my "booski" from NY (all my guy friends are my booski's, they need to feel special i guess-lol)
Luvin' C*
&Joe Budden
That guy is hilarious AND he from Jersey...
and he fine.

May 28, 2011

In The Bag

what's in the bag?
my first day of being back at work.
to be honest, i do not care about the people i work with, i've known then for so long and they still "a little out there" and some do get on my nerves every day of my life....
i sound pretty horrible right now but that is what it is.
i went, i saw, i conquered, and i went home. said my hi's and bye's and kept it moving. i'm not there to be filled on all the drama i missed in the last couple of months b/c i quite frankly DO NOT CARE
why is that so hard for people to understand????
i just want to do what i have to do in a civilized and professional manner (basically, dont talk to me), get my pay check and count down the days til i am back in new jersey.
well as of right now, im waiting for the bank to open so i can cash my final check from Kean. this should hold me over uptil i get paid again.
Oh i almost forgot, i hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!!!!
alot of my guys (not girls, actual fellas) are out in Miami and i serioulsy wish i was out there with them right now but i know theyt're having their share of fun for little ol' me
Be Good.
Luvin' C*
&air conditioning!!!!!

May 26, 2011


I start work tomorrow and even though i am way far from being excited, it is a job and i will be getting paid:)
Today i saw my fellow leaders at a leadership conference at Kean. it was uber boring. i cannot explain. it was so boring that not even into 30 minutes of it starting, people were alseep....and by people i mean the vp of my club and a young man that EVERYONE calls Rick Ross reppin' Omega Psi Phi Fraternity vp was cool beans and rice while rick ross straight told everyone he was knocked out and not a morning person by his snoring and then waking up with an attitude every so often.....
really tho?!?
today also marked the day of people tryna get at me. i guess because its been a couple of weeks (about 3 to be exact), kats wanna come up to me tryna spit game, with the ultimate opener,
 "You work in the Game Room, right?"
My response: "Um, yes i do. so it was nice seeing you, and i hope you enjoy the rest of the workshops...."
I honestly did not want to be bothered but i guess it was inevitable given my track record.
to say the least, conversations were sparked and i guess friends were made.
Actually, no. i have a problemo with this.
why does every guy automatically assume they can have whatever they want?
honey, i can assure you it does not work in any such manner. the ending line of earlier said conversations was "So, what's up? when can i take you out?"
I am taken.
Dont worry about by who, just know he's not one to be messed with and i'll def be sure not to let you know whether or not we break up.
go buy a clue somewhere.
well, this is one of the funniest posts i've written in a while, maybe because i got the chance to venture out of Easton frickin Pennsylvania.....
i guess more stories are about to be coming out the woodwork pretty soon because kats LOVE getting on my bad side, all the way to the point where i may curse them out in person, in the safety of my hooptie, AND on this here blog.
Alright kids i am wiped out for tonight.
ya'll be good and stay safe and by safe i mean wear condoms at all times.
Luvin' C*
(last thought totally irrelevant)

May 25, 2011

A Day With The Hurricane.

 ^The Hurricane^

 She had a bug on her.

Today is a good day. My sister finally cleaned her closet.
Got some mch needed money.
Took a scenic drive.
And now my reflection, The Hurricane aka Cane, is making dinner.
and i just got No Strings Attached from the Red Box so all is lovely in the universe.
Plus i got cake.
Well it looks like my prayers have been answered and i start work again on friday....but its at my old job which is basically a sweatshop (not really, its just a hot ass kitchen) and i am not looking foward to it at all. they were my last resort but it is what it is and i need money.
tomorrow i'll be at Kean for a leadership conference thingy. i hope i dont bore myself to death.
anywho, i hope everyone is out enjoying their day because i know i am
Be Coo
Luvin' C*

May 22, 2011

In May I Bask

Some of my Sunday.

The Day After Yesterday

While everyone was wondering about what will happen when God comes knocking on our doors, i was reading all night. 6 pm came and went and it was basically another nite in the Curty household: Parentals and reflection at work and  little big brother at the basketball court while i lounged at Burger King and in my cozy bed with a couple of lights on because in as big as my house is, i do get scared when darkness falls.
i am debating whether or not to go wall climbing with my mom. i actually dont want to go alone with her because she is scary. lol. i am allowed to say that because she is my mom.
i wanted it to be a family affair but reflection and pop are making money and my little big brother would probably be complaining the entire time. maybe i should persuade her to take me shopping instead......
but for now, she's cooking and i am blogging while watching one of my favorite movies of all time: GoodFellas.
Oh Sunday, a lovely day to relax.
Luvin' C*
&i hope everyone out of school is enjoying their summer break because i am gonna try to start enjoying mine.

May 21, 2011

Hey Guys

Hey all.
i know i been away for no good reason but i am actually working on a new blog and i am going to be using wordpress this time around. like i said before, apparently c will still be up and running and i will still be showcasing my funny because this new venture is not going to be anything like what i have now.
so fret not, i am alive. just been reading and sleeping and making decisions about this new adventure.
Stay Tuned kids.
Luvin' C*

May 18, 2011


#np Foster of the People's "Torches"
No i havent found a job yet. i honestly do not know how people prefer to depend on the government (tax payers money) to take care of them when they are damn well able (but not willing) to do so.
erks the mess outta me.
just a thought.
anyways, i will be up in Jersey tomorrow to help with New Staff Orientation. Hopefully it'll be fun and afterwards i'll get at some of my trusty contacts and see what's up or going down in Jersey.....
camera will be along for the ride.
since nothing is going on in my life, just breathing and eating :) i am very close to starting another blog. i wont be getting rid of this one because it'll be totally different, the content will be fresh and a little more personal that this one already is. i also dont think i will identifying myself because it wont bascially be self-incrimination. lol. from who you mother lol
she probably reads this because every now and again i'll post a link on my fb to my blogger and she's def on my fb. hard.
i am also on the verge of cutting off my hair. its bascially nothing but split ends and a pure headache for me. i go to salons and it looks nice for a month then.....i dont know what happens.  and its not growing so im fin to cut it all off
Luvin' C*
&not how my chest is hurting....

May 16, 2011

Got Me Wondering....

Hey Allllll
The world is apparently coming to an end some time this week.....

Can you believe it?
I dont know if i do but my question to the masses is:
If the world were to end on Thursday, would you be satisfied with the life you've lived?
I can honestly say, although i am blessed to be where i am and extremely fortunate to do what i've done, i am not satisfied. Sure i'm only 21 (22 in JUNE!!!!!), but i feel like i havent done anything with my life but go to school and go to school.
I've met some extraordinary people in my time, but none that really stick around and none that i can truly call my friends.
I would like to do so much, but time, money, resources, and support (or lack thereof) is holding the kid back and got me in a funk.
i dont know, maybe i'm just in the mood to complain because i have no one here in this house in Pennsylvania to vent to and i just diagnosed myself as depressed from being bored since Tuesday.
i guess i should go eat the spaghetti my momz made even though we were supposed to be running.....
i got another post coming later.
my bed is making me sick.
Luvin' C*

May 11, 2011



What I'm About To Do

See what had happened was.....
I was being a Sumo Wrestler.
As you all can see i am offically posted in Easton, Pa for the summer with some free time on my hands so me and reflection took to the backyard to fool around and be bored. i adont have all of our "action" shots just yet but they will be in my possession soon enough.
Anywho, i am currently jobless but not for long because even though i put in apps at some places, i need to put in more everywhere else. i am now at the point where i dont care what i do, as long as i am seeing green. (notice, i've only been out of school for TWO DAYS)
i dont mean grass.
so while i was bored today and after my sumo wrestling ventures PLUS my popz' infamous bbq chicken and potato salad, i plopped myself on the couch to watch tv for the rest of the night and ended up on "Bethenny Ever After".
If you dont watch her show, or been living under a rock, Bethenny Frankel got her own show via Real Housewives of New York on Bravo because she was basically the smartest and took no punches. plus she's real and tells it how it is. this woman  branded herself with the "Skinny Girl Margarita" which now is worth kabillions. She's a chef, written a book, sold liquor, and a television personality....this woman has basically taken over the world and i absolutely love it!!!!!
watching her business expand and doing what She wants to do is so inspiring to me. i guess i like her so much because she's just as sarcastic as i am as well
you really don't see that many sarcastic women cuttin checks while being "liked"
and she's married and had a baby girls not too long ago. so ladies and gentleman, being a mother and an executive is definitely doable. it's just a matter of having a great team to support you. 
I know i should probably have a "colored" woman on here as well but i dont know, i actually don't think there are many out there that everyone doesn't already know about. i guess what i am trying to say is its pretty limited. no doubt, i do have some i look to, but this is just what i came across on television that i felt was appropriate, today.
Plus she's realistic.......
not everyone can be a Beyonce, Halle Berry, or Michelle Obama.
so what i am about to do is monumental with epic proportions.....
i'll tell yous at a later date.
Luvin' C*
&every man that owns a motorcycle

May 10, 2011

Television Time

That is Tamar (Tay-mar) Braxton....
I watch "Braxton Family Values" and Tamar is sooooo ridiculously (lol dats all she do is add ".com" to everything) how she rolls her neck and eyes, i wonder how they dont fall off her body lol and her mouth......she always look like she got something sour in there!!!! she is really the only reason i watch because i love toni braxton and she's probably the only sane one but tamar is way tooooo extra and honestly the only reason the show is alive lol
oh man i honestly dont know how she in that family w/her attitude and mouth and neck/eye rolling lol
she's funny and how old is she????? my goodness!!!!
Luvin' C*
&the couch


You Guys!!!!!!!
No Summer classes!!!!
No Game Room!!!!!
But i am going back to PA maybe today or tomorrow and i havent started packing. i just woke up, brought my computer downstairs and turned on the tv to project runway and so that's where i am posted. My plan is to just throw everything in my big red suitcase and wait for my popz to get all the big stuff. i haven't even seen my landlord (my cousin) since last week because i went home to my momma for momma's day. So i guess i have to wait for him or text him at some point to say imma be chuckin' the deuces...
and so next semester, i just may be homeless because i cant come back to my cousin so i may have to live with his momz (my aunt), and that is THE last thing i want to do because a)she lives down the street from him and b)i do not want to drive 30 minutes everyday back and forth to school so i am now in the process of looking for 2 jobs (maybe 3) for the summer to get my money up and have absolutely no life because my parents straight up hate the idea of me getting an apartment closer to school which i do not understand one bit. i applied at a hotel and sports authority so if i could get those two, i would be in heaven. my goal by the start of the semester is at least $7,000 so i can pay rent for the semester, and any utilities plus hooptie (which wont be much since i wouldnt be driving it as much as i do now), and groceries (i am about to be on some extreme-couponing ish).
Oh and i'm mall deprived lol
anywayssssss i am glad i have this time to relax and actually go on my computer without having to write a paper and watch tv for a change.
it is very apparent that i just may not get anything done today except being lazy
Luvin' C*

May 7, 2011

Day Six

Deanna Prosper:)
She is my bestest friend in thee entire world.
No one could EVER compare to that kid....
Luvin' C*
&Happy Mother's Day To ALL of the mommy's out there.

May 6, 2011

Day Five

The most amazing thing that has ever happened to you.....
thanks to my cousin who is now in the navy, i was able to get my first legit ride.
it felt so good, i did not want to get off BUT i had to and from then on, i been hooked:)
Well since this girl's computer is illiterate i am going to end here.
Luvin' C*
&i am almost done with this semester

May 5, 2011

Day Four

So i am now on Day Four but i will get to that in a few.
Its the last week of school for me:) just have to finish one section of this ridiculous paper but i cant figure out the program i need to use so it looks like im gonna be doing these calculations by hand.
im getting a headache just thinking about it.
Lately i been really irritated. i dont know, maybe its the end of the semester blues. i am beyond ready for it to be OVER.
OK so day four if if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be....
I would live in every bed across the world. lol. i know it sounds weird but i love beds. and i love traveling. put the two together and that is where i would like to live
oh and Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone AND Happy Birthday to my beloved co-worker, M"Balu.
Luvin' C*

May 4, 2011

Day Three

If you could only have one wish, what would it be?
My one wish is to be successful.
Luvin' C*
& this Ashburn Study Mix by The Madbury Club

May 3, 2011

Day Two

Explain your relationship status....

Taken by one person.
Only one.
(oh and my reflection but she technically doesn't count)
Thanx and Good Morning.
People, i feel so motivated today:)

May 2, 2011

Day One

I got this little nifty thingy via Picasso on Tumblr.
It looked cute and something I should partake in.
DAY 1:

Hello, Diane is a student, friend, sister, daughter, money maker, and Thee Bomb.

May 1, 2011

Its the First Day of May!!!!

whaddup doe??
i am busy but i have to blog.
this weekend marks the final weekend of the semester for me..YAY!!!! i been doing work all yesterday and all today but no matter how much i do, i feel like i'll never be done. I cannot wait for May 9th to come around. I went for a nice little run at Kennedy Park last night but that was kind of a bad idea because a) i dont like flies in my mouth and i MUST run with my mouth open and b)i was watching one of those episodes of 60 minutes (or whatever it was) and it was about a guy who killed girls jogging in parks. on when i finally saw no one around me with kids, i ended my run immediately. There is no way you were going to see my hooptie on the TV with reporters saying how i went missing and here is my hooptie with my gray and orange Nike kix somewhere in the bush...
No Way Jose.
I probably just jinxed myself.
Today i walked for March of Dimes in Bloomfield, NJ. Its was fun. Kids, food, music, and good ol' allergies. Oh and motorcycles. Too bad camera was out of commission once again. SIGH.
RANDOM: i think i almost always get some kind of junk food after i run. that does not sound right. At All.
So now, at THIS very moment, i am in the library, with no shoes on, playing Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters, while listening to the James Morrison station on Pandora, all the while writing my paper for experimental psychology.
Yo i am really THE best multitasker in the World.
Luvin' C*
& all the fine arse men on they bikes today!!!!!!