July 30, 2009

Ask Curty

So my cousin believes i should base my blog on giving advice on relationships when i myself am on the market....But i do give good advice and it apparently works.......We'll see how this works out......

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow"
-Mary Anne Radmacher


July 29, 2009


Today has been so draggy...Been raining on and off and its muggy as.....Once again im listening to PACDIV{{{Knuckleheadz}}} in the room im not supposed to be in with vanilla wafers and bottled water;) Sooo our stove dont work which also means there is absolutely no hot water YAY Sure its hot and cold water is cool but i still like my hot showers[SteamingHot]
Been thinking about every- and any- thing possible (just because i can). Got alot on my mind but imma get thru it because i always do;)cant talk to everyone about everything but one can always talk to Him.....

"He that will not reflect is a ruined man."
-Asian Proverb


July 28, 2009

Love Those "Siggys"

Sisterly Love

Sigma's Strollin'

So My sister and i and a couple of her girls from ESU went to NJIT for Phi Beta Sigma,Inc. Crabfest 2009....I loved it!!!I love being around positive African-Americans. I love us comming together to celebrate brotherhood and sisterhood all the while enjoying each others company and not living up to a bunch statistics that i hope are changing for the better. And the thing was, it wasnt just Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta (sister sorority), but a couple of the other "Divine Nine" from all over came out.Kats from Philly and Georgia, and Florida came through, all for one event on one day. People from different universities like Temple and William Paterson (among others) came through and showed love. The most exciting thing (for me) was to see all the Sigmas and Zetas from everywhere come together to get their stroll on.The precision and togetherness made me smile almost the entire time i was there. Of course i had never seen strolling up close and personal b/c im west indian and my parents are wayyyyy against the whole 'fraternity/sorority thing'.Hopefully us giving them some insight as to how there is that whole 'family-vibe' theyll start acknowledging the greater things Fraternities and Sororities does for their respective communities and their own lives:)
Getting a little carried away.......Now I really cant wait to transfer to West Chester Univ;)

July 24, 2009


Phi Beta Sigma Crabfest 2mrw.Sure to be a fun time!I know I can't wait.Going with some of the girls and we got the 'hookup' on everything cuz we got it like THAT;)OH.will def post pix and (of course) my driving ventures... XOXO.

July 21, 2009


No this isnt another post about driving, but rather where ill be driving 2mrw.Philadelphia. That should be fun (sarcasm). Something almost always happens whenever we out there. Hopefully itll be a different story 2mrw.
I workout.So what.Donthate. Maybe you should be working out somewhere.Im slacking a little bit tho:( Even though i dont need to hit the weights, I hate being out of breath after walking up two flights of stairs......its not cool for me.
Still listening to PacDiv 'Church league Champions'...Good Sh1t if i must say so myself;)
Straight Random.....how does terrell Owens have a show????? Eventhough its on VH1, someone actaully came up with the idea of this guy should have a reality show.well i watched it and wasnt amused..Okay so there's apparently a difference between T.O. and terrell Ownens, maybe i missed it somewhere.But hey, i dont 'know,know' ol'boy like that so there probably is a difference behind all that teeth but one thing i Do know is, his body is still bangin':)


July 19, 2009

Where im not supposed to be

Chillin' in the dining room that we're not supposed to be in. Me and Chap of course, causing mayhem in our household. We kinda turned the 'untouchable' room into our little office because doing work on your laptop in your bed can cause bodily harm;( Back aches and tryna find different positions as to how to use your machine, one has given up. We do have a 'computer room' as we call it, but its messy with bills and the household computer which everyone uses so whats the point of chillin in there when i have a computer of my own....antiwho....feelin' like some old school lovey dovey songs.....


July 18, 2009


PacDiv...My boys...
Another song im up on since a while now,but im getting my 'blog smart' on so i kinda have a clue as to what im doing;)
PacDiv....new mixtape...Church League Champions...This mixtape isnt one where songs need to be skipped,DEF NOT,everyone song on it is ridiculous(well to me it is).

July 16, 2009


i been eating powder donuts just because. Nothing reallly to report. OHHH i was reading one of my daily sites, Verysmartbrothas.com and it was about kats altering their appearrance. Enhancing booties.Why would you enhance your butt!!!of all things, the one body part. Its crazy. i know im not going anywhere with this because im watching 'still trippin' by steve harvey.that mans teeth is ridiculously straight....porcelain of course. antiwho, i cant focus rite now,laughing too hard.


July 14, 2009

yep Yuppers

No im not from Cleveland nor do i know anyone from CLeveland, but I love this song and KID CUDI is nice. As well as THE COOL KIDS, PACIFIC DIVISION, and DRAKE (sometimes). I know there's more guys out there thats making noise, its just that I havent found them yet(Chapp gets me on these guys because im Imeem retarded). It gets to a point where i (and im sure others as well) get fed up with the same ol' 'Swaggalicious' songs some of these kats offer, so having something new and fresh and different is all that matters to me. So when you hop in my whip and hear this fresh sound and get excited, just know its not ever gonna be Soulja boy.Im just keepin it real:)I love music and thats one thing im not close-minded about. So when i bump a little James Morrison, dont look at me weird, ya'll should get your music game up and expand your mind******


July 11, 2009

On Again

I absolutely love the beach. But its one of those places where one can sit and enjoy vanilla ice cream while looking at some of the fashions people insist on wearing even though someone probably told them how wrong it was....in turn their mistake set them up for me and my momz 'sarcasm'......we went to belmar hell bent on buying fish at the marina.get there but boats not in,so we roll down to ocean ave.get the banginest parking spot and head for the boardwalk. NOW there were some characters (as always) that day. But today was extra special.Im not gonna elaborate because the story is too long. Lets just say the womans front was a totally different color from her back (and we wasnt the only ones lookin back at her).
Everyone who has ever driven in jersey knows that on 95 you gotta pay the toll. yes this is known so why does lady from jersey who knows she must always have toll money present (unless you have e-z pass) not have any change in her whip????She pulls out the credit card to pay for a $1.00 TOLL!!!!! so we're sitting there waiting for lady to press the gas pedal already but the frickin' toll lady is being a BEE* and she just as slow.......Woman finally goes to pull off, after a wave of honking ensued, and doesnt pull off enough for us to even hand the lady the money so we could be on our merry way already....its not like she was counting change or anything..GOSH. So momz roll up to booth to give lady the money and she just snatches it out my momz hand!!!!!Wrong move holmes....Momz aint even stop to begin with and she pulled out with some 'choice words' in the air..pure hilariousness. And of course my momz driving in me is self-evident seeing as how she was dipping in and out of traffic THE entire way home (Belmar is two hours away from where we live...) MmmKay.
Some of my pix endeavors at the top;)ENJOY

July 7, 2009

Bowling for the first time in my life and imma say that i truly suck at it:)
Siblings and cousins with our great grandfather

Simone teaching Mackenzie some thangs;)

Me on that Wii....Killed it in boxing....

Loves gas staton on 80 in PA......
Theres a whole lot more pix but im too lazy to share with the world..Lets just say they include more kids and monopoly money:)

July 6, 2009


Ann Arbor Michigan. Family out the arse. So many kids and more kids all wanting to go to the playground while we had our family picnic. But it was all good and dandy b/c i hadnt seen them in the longest. Overall, I had a great time with the exception of certain people being real "A"-wholeish about everything that def wasnt needed which killed the mood and made me bipolar from being around these kats. I love them and everything but.....
So playing Monopoly with family is one of those games that will literally get folks to show their true colors and see how scheming them crooks can actually be. Lets just say, i was winning and someone wanna steal about 2 G's from me......Thievery. I still won though:)
Bowling was fun too, but its def not my cup of tea.Def need practice*

Next Up: Washington DC and Virginia:)


July 1, 2009


Back to work for C. The kid is feelin' like money.....
Went to the movies last week for the first time in a really long time and saw "Transformers". I wasnt gonna see it but then changed my mind and went along with the rest of my siblings to the noon show (cheapo's) Overall the movie was really good. Next up:PUBLIC ENEMY....dumb excited about that because Mr. Depp is lookin' real right*
Independence Day is lookin' like Michigan for four days:) 12 hours of driving with the parentals and them talking about absolutely nothing but its all good because we get to katnap the entire way there. Fireworks and Food and Family---what more could one ask for?? &hopefully some motorcycles!!!!!!
Asians still cant drive*