September 28, 2009

On THE Mission

I stay in barnes and noble.Literally got locked in the place last nite....sittin in dese chairs im tryna get a pic of dis white guy zzzzzz sittin across from me b/c he always dozin off until 'someone' does something to wake him up.but this mission will be completed soon enough... its almost 9 o'clock so i have an hour to get this guy.results 2mrw;)


September 21, 2009

It was goin sooooo good....

Thats how my day went today."it was goin' sooo good" until....................i lost my petrie dish for biology class:((((((Everything was lookin up, was real productive, did the usual library thing.didnt go on facebook OR myspace, started chapter six in art was lookin real good....until i cant even focus because im thinkin' about what couldve happened to that damn dish!!!!!I wish i had an easy button right now.POOF!!!Magicito Cristo!!!!Its Here!!!thats not gona happen:( Hot Choc&Brownie....


September 17, 2009

C'Mon Holmes!!!!!REALLY

****Im at barnes and noble on this oh so comfortable couch and this guy sitting next to me keeps moving, touching his face, making sounds with his mouth...."SIR CAN U PLZ READ UR BOOK QUIETLY???" I dont need to hear about all he shyt stuck in your teeth, and the fact that u seriously need to shave hurts my heart!!!! Stop rubbing your hands on your 'need-to-be-shaven beard' because its making sounds that i cant even describe---wait it sounds like a grizzly bear, if i ever heard one in real frickin' life...GOOD GRIEF HOLMES....the things ppl do at Barnes&Noble.This calls for an experiment.....Im getting aggravated.serious. I also hate those women who been smoking since dey was 5 years old and now dey 50 and sound like a man....and they talk so loud like anybody wants to hear dey conversation about whatever***** evil....but these are some of my pet peeves and i'd like to express my thoughts...this is a blog isn't it????
MIAMI/G.TECH 2nite (Chap wont let me forget)

September 16, 2009

I Used To Not Believe

While at B&N the other day, something amazing happened to me while chatting it up w/ Jas during our study break. I was explaining to her how strict my parentals are blah blah blah but this lady was sitting next to us and happened to chime into the conversation.I myself didnt mind. Then she started saying how she was "sensing" things....."Im sensing some tension, and such&such"....then she said she was a psychic!!!!!! Ah Hell...I never believed in that stuff because you hear of folk like 'Miss Cleo' scamming folk, so its like they all phony, but talking to this lady, she totally turned my whole perspective around. She was saying some things that i wont go into great detail about, that were right up my alley and made perfect sense to what was going on with me rite now...At one point, she asked if i was thinking about quitting school.....but the thing is,my reflection, Chappy, has been complaining about whether to take a year off from school or not!!!!!!CAARAZZYNESSS...i was kinda freaked out myself. I was so hopped up on the things she said that as soon as i got home i went on the treadmill for a 20 minute run b/c i didnt know what to do with myself or handle a certain situation she was 'sensing'.Sugar like this makes me hella nervous about everything. Thinking about some of the things she said made me smile, but it got me to thinking about what im not doing, and what i should be doing.........

September 15, 2009


LaborDay2009 {shockingly disappointed but i did see some bikes&beautiful mens}BK,NY
Payless Pumps.......

I usually never do these types of photos but when your bored anything kinda goes right??

West Chester University

At WCU.Really looking foward to going to this school in pursuit of my Bachelors&Master's in Social Work:) No i dont take ppls kids away!!!!!!!

No i didnt watch the frickin VMA's so i didnt see what kanye west did to taylor swift and nor do i really care. its frickin kanye west for goodness sake,what do folk expect???I dnt know nor do i intend on finding out.
At the trusty Barnes&Noble doing some sociology work with my grl Jas workin' on her statistics...I myself is conducting a research on why blk mens love 'the becky's'????Ive been talking to both folk of the dark and lighter kind, and it has come to my attention that the darker the juice, the lighter they go {Becky}. Its something i dont quite understand fully, nor will i ever because im not a man. Becky love's blk men b/c "white guys dont know how to act". That sounds like what blk women say about hoodnegroes in the club.....But my research has just begun, im not finished yet. Not saying i have a problem with interracial unions, im just sayin' "what about me???"


September 11, 2009

No Rain on this Parade

Im here!!!!Back again but not for long because I have yet to find internet conection in my house. My computer is almost fixed but not quite.....Since last month,last time i wrote on here, I've been to the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn,NY (which wasnt the best experience,compared to the last couple of years Ive went). It was def crazy though, with all types of sexy ass black men that know they are men.No scrony ass kats wearing the same jeans as me*School will and still is kicking my ass:)Im at Barnes and Noble rite now taking a little "study Break" as I call it, to write this blig thingy. Been in and out of Jersey.....Did the Triathalon in Columbia,MD-huge success. Next up, marathon in through Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton on Sunday....Then I got a 5k in both October and November all for great causes......Also going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks...School and the dreadful job will always occupy my time, but ill always have time for everything in between including sleep(zzzzzz).The library is my second home:)My fashion is slowly increasing as well:)No men's news to report otha den kats is still sexy and I can not wait to be in West Chester:) My favorite cuzo/"sista to da bone" got mens trouble of her own, let's elaborate shall we:::::::
Why is it that guys that is 40 years old lying about they age to reel in the young ladies??? Im sorry you cant get it poppin' with the older ladies. Its either you or them but im thinking its you holmes..........
Im supposed to be reading some sociology and writing some thangs right about now....I didnt even work out today....a mile a day,keeps the (u fill in da blank) away......

*09/11/2001*NEVER FORGET*