December 28, 2009

Still kickin'

Yea I know I been missing in action but since the semester ended all I been wanting to do is sleep workout and shop (all of which I am doing).had a wonderful christmas with the family and I'm looking foward to a peaceful new year.2010 is approaching and all I could think about is how time flies (literally) and how I want to do soooooo much but there isn't enough time in the day.......I guess I should stop sleeping right??

Be Koo

December 21, 2009

Snow White

Popz doin' the "snow thinng"
Momz making a snow angel!!!! NOT ME, I'll pass, Thanx*
My Boots coming in handy after all. They're not just for show*
My pitiful attempt at a Snowman/woman

It snowed on Saturday;( My girl Akua graduated from East Stroudsburg University. Got her degree in Sociology.Im sooooooo proud of her. I love her and I will almost never know the true meaning of "Raunchy" in her context.......

The graduate and her deuces*

Akua and some of her family:)
Chris Henry
Brittany Murphy

December 17, 2009

I Concur

I wrote a post about Helena Andrews on Tuesday and just when I thought no one even looked at my blog, there is a comment posted asking me to go to youtube and view his opinion about the whole "Successful Black Woman Can't Get a Man' fiasco. I totally agree with what he said. Women need to stop looking for mr.right because he doesn't exist. Nobody's perfect so stop turning your nose up at folk. No man likes feeling like they cannot compete with other men, so why make him feel like he can't even compete with you because of your success and all you've done.....Enough of me here's the video by Paul;) Thanks for reading my blog;)

This advice right here is great for some of my girl friends who I keep repeating the same thing over and over again. This also reminds me of Beyonce's "Upgrade You".............Make an investment*They're great for everyone's pocket....


December 15, 2009

Oh Damn

Two posts in one day....Not cool, given the circumstances. Im here at school, STILL, in the library at 10:13 pm but they're still open b/c all of a sudden folk wanna know where the library is located and take up all the tables and chairs from folk like me who actually be here 24/7......anyway i've been meaning to put these up for some time b/c whenever i feel like taking a 15 minute nap in the library, i pull out my laptop or whip my arse to a computer and watch 'M.V.P.' kobe and lebron's Most Valuable Puppets Nike commercials: here goes some that came out not too long ago. It seems like they're putting one out every week if you ask me (b/c my trusty Miami keeps textin me about them)....


I Know

I already know i wasnt supposed to blog this week but yesterday was my brother's [Gee] birthday;)Bought him a fly a** jacket he now cant live without>i've done my job. but anyway, i was on my trusty and they had a post about this young lady, Helena Andrews. &how successful black women can get an equally successful black man, or any man for that matter............And i felt the need to google her:

She apparently wrote a book that's in works of becoming a movie, "Bitch is the New Black". Every woman should google her as well because she's interesting and I am not going to promote her when you can look her up yourselves*


December 13, 2009

After Today

Finals this week:) I been supposedly studying.........But folk wanna grab my booty and ask me on a date to the library, i dnt know......WEDNESDAY it'll be the end for me until January 19, 2010 and then I'll be back on my grind in my last semester at NCC holmes. A whole month vacation w/ nothing to do calls for road trips to NYC, Virginia, and maybe CT;)

December 9, 2009

Not Related????

This is Chris Brown and This is Shannon Brown. I've had THE biggest crush on Shannon Brown since he played in the high school McDonald's All-American game a long way back and I followed him when he played at Michigan State then here comes Chris Brown looking like Shannon Brown and Im thinkin' these kats HAVE to be related.......But my investigation has turned up nothing seeing as how I stopped caring about both of them [tear]. Antiwho, this was just a thought I been having in my head;)
West Chester University Tomorrow& Philadelphia Museum of Art;) Hopefully I get some 'prime' pictures;)

December 8, 2009

Of All Time

This is one i've known about for a while...Dom Kennedy....and Bj the Chicago kid;) kats look at me weird when i put this(or anything west coast or not shake your booty rap) on in my car and they get slapped for attenmpting to touch my radio*
Notice thats the bridge from one of my favorite movies [Biker Boyz]

PacDiv Kool Kids Dom Kennedy Levi Maestro BJ the Chicago Kid Wiz Khalifa

theres more ppl im listening to right now but its too many to remember&im supposed to be studying for finals.......OKAY


December 7, 2009

Pure Money

This one feels real reggae to me*

I curled my hair today, and now im a spanish girl again......IM NOT DOMINICAN REPUBLICAN DAMMIT!!!!!!

GOOGLE: Dominica..................not dominica republic folks THANX*


So Yea

Another song Im in love with regardless if chris brown is on it our not.Im actually listening to this kat's music and somewhat liking it, regardless of what he and rihanna went through.......its still wrong but you know what, in the end you gotta pull your pants up and as Big Black from Rob&Big would say "DO WORK"

Finals next week so I am studying dumb hard;)No breaks here homey. All my presentations out the way so I could focus at the task at hand and finish this semester on a happy note;) [all A's presumably]
Once again, its a Monday. Thursday immabe in West Chester to talk to some very important people;) mmmm...kay.Okay.


December 4, 2009

Jersey Shore my Arse

Last night i watched that show on MTV 'Jersey Shore' and was embarrassed. WTH. First, all those kats are from New York, NOT NEW JERSEY SO HOW ARE THEY REPRESENTING US??????somebody let me know...its not cute to be a gudio or a guidette b/c those fools already look ridiculous in the tri-state, so you can already imagine what folk is saying about them being aired all across this forsaken reality television country. I could not fathom that broad snookie or snooker or whatever her name is.What exactly are u????i was confused. and if you tan like that, ur arse DO NOT belong on ANY beach AT ALL.EVER. and that other one......that calls himself 'the situation', what are you still doing down at the Jersey Shore?You are 28 y.o.!!!!!!get a clue.look like homey taking that whole '30 is the new 20' thing a tad bit toooo serious, if u catch my drift. and da pauly kat is 28 lokin like he 16 on steroids!!!!! i dont understand were these kats got this idea to look like this and think its cool....My confusion hasnt changed. Well at least there's one person ACTUALLY FROM JERSEY.Sammi Sweetheart. Yep that really does describe every Jersey Girl, and sweetheart;)

Do we REALLy talk like that? I mean c'mon now......


Every Damn Day

U know how ya'll got a banana phone, well i got a Jays Phone*

Like Fab said, 'Just throw it in the bag'oooooooMy Work Station;)

I do this 'Every Damn Day' (Nike)
-Tiger Woods, nobody cares.Okay he was unfaithful to his wife, nobody's perfect ppl, including Tiger Damn Woods* &she put him back in his place (&i dnt care what anyone says about THAT)
-Ron Artest, you were never a "superstar", so why'd you start drinking during halftome when you were with the Bulls. I didn't even know you played for that team at one point......
-Allen Iverson, back in Philadelphia, man gettin' all teary eyed,awwww;) i myself was laughing b/c i find it ammusing to hear a grow man get choked up on national television, esp. if its someone thats so rough and tough like A.I.

December 3, 2009


How is it december and 65degrees outside??I dnt know,da worlds commin to an end. I also dnt know why white guys love me....yes I said it.I can see it in dey face when folk look at me.kinda creepy but u know what I dnt care b/c I'm versaTILE(empahsis on TILE) like that......Feelin' like PureMoney[new word]
Rockin' my 16's for Miami.I never wear them& my 'Every Damn Day' Nike Tee because today I'm feelin GOOD;)