February 28, 2011

They Say Where You Been

I been on my job.
I am in serious training mode to participate in a Duathlon.
What's a duathlon you ask...
curty'll tell you.
It's like a triathlon (swim-bike-run) but only consisting of two events.
I dont do swimming in sketchy bodies of water such as lakes and ponds sooooo i cnt do a triathlon.
ill die before i get in the water.lol.
running and biking is more my forte and i'm going all out. i wanted to participate in the Iron Girl triathlon in Columbia, Maryland this August but i'm now in the process of looking for duathlons to take part in because i know i'll make it through the finish line and not drown from the fright of a little fishy nibbling on my feet.....
And even though i'm writing this post when i'm supposed to be writing a paper so i could be ahead of the game....sigh. i'm not. i only have two lines written but i'm sure it will all come to me as soon as i hit my pillow.
as tired as my eyes are getting, my piggy bank is looking at me and its def telling me to sit up straight and write this damn paper.
AWWW piggy bank.
I Wuv You.
Luvin' C*
&not how fast my feet been falling asleep:(

February 27, 2011

I Like Her

rolling in the deep
rumour has it
turning tables
dont you remember
set fire to rain
he wont go
take it all
ill be waiting
someone like you


February 26, 2011


Hey World. I've finally arisen from the dead. I'm actually in the library now doing some work with my Ritz crackers and cranberry juice:) and listening to Adele's new album "21". I really love it and can't wait to download it.....
RANDOM: i think my cousin's in Minnesota but i'm not sure b/c i got the days mixed up.....dammit.lol.
SOOOOOOOO yesterday i worked out. with some baseball players!! worst idea ever. esp for someone like me who's def not looking to build any muscle.....they had me on those stupid machines with my 'string bean arms' (You Can Laugh Now) and i was really about to throw punches. THEN they said we gotta do 60 MINUTES OF CARDIO!!!!! I am a firm believer in working out for no more than 2 hours because technically its not necessary. All this "let's spend all day in the gym" doesnt make sense. with everything we had already done, i told homeboys i'm doing my 30 minutes of cardio, working on my abs, stretching, then bouncing my arse outta there!
They are Ca-Ray-Zeeeeeee to think i'm gonna stay.
tryna turn me into a body builder by the end of the semester!!!! not happening.
i didnt get names because i dont wanna see them chase me around campus talkin about 'our workout'.
honey my workout plan works for me. i am not conforming!!!
all in all, my body was tired, not sore. i could feel my muscles going to sleep. lol. couldnt even chew my gum!! how does that happen??
me na know.
Luvin' C*

February 24, 2011

Sleepy Eyes

wow i really been neglecting my blog a little bit but you probably already know why....
Kean University's WEST INDIAN CULTURE CLUB is having a game night with (of course) fun games, snacks and beverages. Everything is free so I hope everyone comes out..
i really wanted to go somewhere for spring break but there are opportunities to get some hours in the game room so i think i'm gonna take that instead. i needs the money.
carmelo anthoby showed off his skills as a new york knickerbocker. str8 stole amare stoudamire's thunder. i personally don't think this is a great recipe. too many ego's. we'll see how this turns out.
I been working out like i should and it really feels good to workout outside. even though its not exactly nice,nice its nice enough to go out for a run at the top of the day when it's the warmest and the sun is beaming. good stuff.
well that is all i have to say right now because i'm all homework'd out
Luvin' C*
&not how tired my eyes are....

February 17, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond................

I SOOOOOOOO would not mind having this piece on my arm....a bracelet that looks like a watch.lol.
everyone knows how much i love flashy watches but this one is classy and elegant...
i'll show you my real watch collection at a later date.
This one that's pictured is Levi Maestro's Infinity Piece that comes in both gold and black.
The price i'm not too sure about.
so far, i've seen it's probably $350.
so i'm not sold and that's why i havent acquired it yet....
Luvin' C*
&not how busy i am going to be today.

February 13, 2011

Listen Up Masses


although i'm not for valentine's day, i love slow jams til the death of me.
Luvin' C*
& I approve this message.

VDay mix brought to u by Audio of the DMV.....


^  MY ACE BOON....HURRICANE. CANE for short:)  ^
 Please dont look at how disaterous my room is....
 Super Bowl Party Jello Shot....for being my first time trying one, it was Preeettttyyyy strong.

My girl went to Fashion Week yesterday thanks to the lovely Chasity of Glitterbuzzinfo. she is not afraid to take on NYC all by her lonesome, not like my fraidy cat behind:(

 Yea she was feelin' herself....lol

Overall had a great night with some wonderful people. it wasn't too too cold where i was freezing my buns off (or maybe b/c i had on jeans) lol i danced like i dance&had my one drink that i always have & i enjoyed myself. i'm glad i get to spend my weekends with people that know how to have a good time and are great company to be around, whether it be family or friends, i'm happy.
Luvin C*
&the fact the i am super nervous to go to church right now:(
i need help.

February 12, 2011

Raphael Saadiq

I love his music.


Just in case you have't noticed, i'm not, nor have i ever been, a huge fan of Valentine's Day.
What happened to love on the other 364 days of the year???
(or half of them at least).
Oh and Derrick&Ghan's laughs ARE NOT FUNNY.

Aint I

i swear to you folks, the title of my posts sometimes have no significance whatsoever...
once again, i know i been missing in action due to school and work and lack of sleep but once again, im maintaining.
Congratz to the Green Bay Packers on their SuperBowl win......
i've come to realize how much of a sore loser i may actually be lol at Kean, we had "Campus Fued" this past week. and yup, you guessed it, it was just like the show Family Fued but probably a whole lot funner-music and alllllll. my team, suspiciously had all the black people on it lol now i'm not saying that's the reason we lost but.....you know what imma have to take that back b/c the 'survey' was stupid!!!! yep that's my story and i'm sticking to it...i'm also sticking to following my gut and not listening to my teammates when need be:)
I'm currently on the couch on the first floor, FINALLY watching television...you see, my cousin and i were living in a 3-floor condo with only two televisions (w/one box),which weren't in the bedrooms, so i'd be locked away in my room half the time w/no means of entertainment BUTTTT since SuperBowl weekend came around and he was throwing a party, he FINALLY made it to buying a box for the second tv which made my heart sing:)
Now we each have our own little quarter to do our work in-he stays on the second floor and i post on the frigid first. may have to buy a space heater lol feel like i'm in a basement......
I was doing my homework but then decided to take a break and do some research for my paper but i'm writing on my blog instead....
welp, tonight will hopefully be "tough". one of my partners in crime, Melissa, is in Jersey from the frigid and ridiculous mountains of East Strousdburg, PA and we're supposed to chill tonight. and tomorrow I WILL, i repeat, I WILL be making my way to church with my dear friend Marva.
SOOOO all in all, this weekend is going great.
and i'm goooooood.
Luvin' C*
&the information i relayed to THE HURRICANE about a nifty little agency out of Washington D.C.

February 8, 2011

And Then What...

We have known this woman since the beginning of our existance.......seriously. lol.

Some of the WISO girls reppin' Seton Hall University:)

I say...

Party Party Party

Birthday Girl w/ the sexy green pumps:)

February 3, 2011


Pac Div, "Mania!" Teaser (Directors' Cut) from Clement & Co. on Vimeo.

do i sure love those guys.

on another note.
i'm gonna make an ode to Hooptie soon. you see, Hooptie and I have been through alot together and now it's taken a turn for the worst but i'm only wishing for the best for us....
hopefully it's not as bad as i think......
Welp. Valentine's Day is around the corner and i dont know if i have any 'boo' of all the guys in my stash lol jkjkjkjkjk
i will always have my reflection as a valentine.
TOMORROW is my lovely god sister's birthday. the big deuce-deuce. hopefully i'll be able to make it out of PA while hooptie is in the shop getting better......or i'll just have to drag my sisi out with me:)
another hopefully is that i hope to actually get some work done this weekend.....
Luvin' C*
&my everyone that love me in my 12's!!!!!!!!!
It's a J's World ppl.

February 2, 2011

so i was on one of my trusty sites VSB and the writer had wrote a reaction to a story he had read. this particular story included second graders-oakland california-oral sex.
This does not sound right but oh trust and believe when i say it is....
the question is who is to blame for this madness....the teacher, the parents, media, the school???
all of the above. it all starts at home so how does your 7/8 year old child know anything about sex, let alone oral sex, monitor your kids like you should. next thing you know girls are gonna be having babies at 10 years old (or does that already happen???)do you know where your kids are??......teachers should have they eyes on kids to the umteenth degree b/c those little frickers are getting sneakier and sneakier by the milisecond. dont make no sense...
media is media. whatever sells is whats going on television. but kids soak up info like a sponge and its ridiculous....
but now im here at kean waiting for my 2pm class b/c i wasted my life coming for my 11 o'clock which was cancelled a hefty hour before class all the while i'm already on the road tryna take my dear old time...oh well it'll be over soon enough.i hope.

February 1, 2011


welp, im in bed about to get to sleep but decided against it. my body is sore b/c i worked out like i've never worked out before.....and i was slouching while doing some homework
RANDOM: why is my cousin playing all this carl thomas at 10:40PM??
i had some stories i heard about in the news i wanted to blog on but my handy dandy notebook is way out of reach sooooo imma save it for another time...hopefully i wont forget(which i probably will).
This weekend is my godsister's birthday!!! well its on friday but u know how folk be with they "bday weekend" shindigs so its about to be on rey-don-chong!!! i dnt got class on friday so im def goin innnnnnnnn. not really, but you know what i mean.lol.
my eyes are a tad bit tired so i guess i'll do my bed some justice.
BTW I am legend is soooo scary to me....
Luvin' C*
&Marva Jean for getting me pizza for lunch:)
Great friends are a dime a dozen.