June 22, 2009

Dudes and SportsCenter: A Mistress You Can’t Get Rid Of | Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color

Dudes and SportsCenter: A Mistress You Can’t Get Rid Of Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color

as a young lady who enjoys sports to the fullest extent, i happen to love espn. Its all i watch. i wake up to it and go to sleep to it. Theres something about being in tune with the excitement of spots that makes me happy during the day. Being able to know what happened with such&such athlete is great,besides they're making lord knows how much money b/c of all the shyt we buy thru their endorsements, so sure, we wanna know when these kats mess up so we dnt buy their money-makers any more--Micheal Vick--sry.

Sports to Men is like Gossip to Women.

Its true.Women like to know who wore what to this award show while the mens just wanna know how many points {dare i say it} kobe Bryant had last night.And they're happy.Its that simple.Of course me being a woman who loves sports, i can play it both sides of the fence and i think my man would be very proud;)I believe the way to a mans heart is thru the three "S's".The three "S's" i speak of are no joke=Stomach,Sex, and Sports. that is my philosophy(just made it up and it makes sense).If you dont have at least two of these, you may be doomed:)Thru my recent conversations with some young mens, i found my theory to be true.

i could be wrong....


June 21, 2009


Me GEE and CHAP @ George Mason Uni. in 2007

Today is Pappy's Day!!!!! No matter how annoying parentals can get, the father is always the one kids gravitate towards. I know we did. We always talked to our pop before our momz-maybe because she sometimes over reacts about everything-but i still love them both the same:)
Today is also my reflection and i's BIRTHDAY:) 20 years old and still up to our antics:) We cant be stopped......but there will be more to come.TRUST. Good food, Great Family, what else you need on your birthday???? {A BIKE}
'Say Somethin'

June 18, 2009


you know when someone calls your phone and you have absolutely no idea who it could be. after careful consideration of who this person could be-an annoying friend calling from another number or some guy your number got handed to via your annoying friend that you dont wanna talk to- you reluctantly pick up. You say hello about ten million times (not really) before realizing its nobody.....I did this and thought nothing of it and kept it moving.

This person calls again while im driving and so i pick up again like a dumbass. They say nothing, i hang up and call them back because its not a blocked number...But whaddoyaKnow...they dont pick up!!! I hate when kats play on ppls phone. Its already the rainiest june its been in a while and here go some youngthunderkat that dont know how to act because he/she is bored. So yall should know 'C by now. I go online and try to get down to this phone number fiasco. I look it up and think im getting somewhere until i have to pay for the information on a FREE SITE!!! I shouldve known, it was way too good to be true. So to all those kats that call ppls phones with nothing to say, go count sheep somewhere:)

BDAY on Sunday=Rain...YAY!!! i already got my gift from my reflection and i already gave her hers so its all gravy b/c no one else in our household never ever gets us gifts for our birthday to begin with....What can i say, its not like i dont expect it.
ANTIWHO i hope the sun shows its face soon for a long period of time..... so i could actually go to the beach already


June 14, 2009

Strong Island

Where do people go on saturdays???i cant say anything because we went to long island yesterday and traffic was the worst ive seen in a while.of course getting onto to GW bridge was the worst experience ever plus it was raining. but i wasnt driving because ive never been to long island before but i must say the younng mens there were beautiful* maybe i should go up there more often. antiwho.....bday next sunday---fathers day---

Sundays are so boring..well maybe because ive been handicapped for the last month.there is only so much one can do on the internet gosh darnit!!! Maybe ill look up the benz and motorcycle i plan on getting soon::)

Still on my vanilla ice cream,its the ultimate remedy:) When's it gonna get to be summer already??????


June 11, 2009

'Dont nobody wanna see no catfish'

Why are brothers (your relatives) so frickin' annoying???? They dnt know when to quit.they just keep going and going. I know guys are simple and everything but you guys cant be THAT simple!!!!They cnt read ppl's minds so they ask stupid questions and dont think about anything(Hence the stupid questions).......No i dont wanna see some damn oversized catfish!!!!Im tryna watch yankees/red sox game....GOOD GRIEF!!!!
I dont know whats going on with this summer. The weather is crazy:(rain all the time.Not complaining, but it does equal more sleep for 'C:)
Philly 2mrw......I dont have anything.My popz keeps asking us why im not watching the lakers??I absolutely do not like the lakers, since forever and everyone who knows me knows this. The only thing i like about that team is the kobe and lebron puppet commercials and it has nothing to do with the lakers!!!!! speaking on tv..
I watched the movie "Hoodwinked" because we have over 100 channels and that was the only thing worth watching.It was actually pretty good.it turned out, the rabbit was the one stealing everyone's recipes!!!!!And my sister and i were actually tryna figure out whodunit!!!!!!he was crazy-lookin' alll along:*
I def need to be on the wheel of fortune. I always kill that game!!!!

Time for my daily dose of friendly's french vanilla ice cream at 10:32 in the PM

June 7, 2009

You Can Not Be a 'C

ME on the hunt for bikes and jet skiis on the easton side........
CHAPPY!!!!----she doesnt like that name but i really dont care b/c we love each other and she cant do anything about it:)

Delaware River(when this baby floods all hell breaks loose*)

Bored during ethics class (SPR 09)

SOOOOOOOO........being a 'C can be crazy.What is a 'C you ask??? 'C is Me and not you so fall Back:) Beyond a beautiful day today. Seen Bikes like never before(well, in a freakishly long time) by the river.Actually got to drive my car:):):) Most people dont think about how doing the simplest thing makes them happy. Being able to take a walk whenever you want, driving your car/vehicle, ordering food,being able to speak, whatever....ppl dont realize how lucky they are until they dont have it or cant do it. Im the type of person who loves doing stuff for myself,i hate asking for help (pure stubborn) so being in the situation im in now, im even more greatful for everything i have and the people i surround myself with. i just wish others were as greatful for the life they have as i am. I hate complaining(only about the way ppl drive) so to hear someone complain about something that can be fixed DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!its that simple.
On to something else.....
Need to get my weight back up.ive lost an undisclosed amount of weight since this jaw surgery and i absolutely hate it.hopefully i can get back on my workout shindig and eating all 5 of my meals as i normally do soon enough.My cousin will read this part and ask (as she always does) "why do i workout?".....Why not?? I workout because it makes me feel good and im a nicer person when im in shape and not as snappy!!! also if im nicer, you'll be happier (i suppose) and we both win:) but seriously, why wouldnt you workout?a healthy you=a happy you and who wouldnt want to be happy?? other than the fact that ppl are lazy and have an excuse for everything.and on top of that, school districts are thinking about cutting recess and gym to focus more on standardized test mess!!!CRAZY!!!everyone knows if kids arent getting some kind of chance to run around at school, where are they gonna do it??sure as hell not at home thanks to computers,more video games(wii is a joke),and extra television shows that last forever.I remember when my momz had to literally drive around looking for us because we'd be outside all day running aroung playing some kind of game or straight making stuff up.not now.kats is layed up making babies at 13 years old or drinking in someones basement at 16...mess like that gets me angry.it seems like no one is winning. its a never ending circle of ignorance,kats not knowing how to think for themselves and actually make a real difference in this world other than being a stinkin' statistic.
There is,of course, more to my madness but im gonna save it for another day.....

June 5, 2009


can not roar like a tiger:(
ANtiwho,its been raining for some time now but forecasters say its lookin to clear up for the weekend!!!!AH C,what to do????? Im tryna stay as positive as possible with this being stuck at home mess. Listening to good music-James Morrison and Jason Mraz....looking at beautiful art by the way of Concep.....and just thinking about good food i can not have....I know the reason im going through this slump so hard{Its because i cant smile and i cant feel my nose-nor smell out of it anymore}maybe ill go downtown 2mrw and put my camera to work.Its been out of commission for some time....
Since no one really cares about Chap and I's birthday coming up on JUNE 21, we might just take the bus to NYC and run around the city like two mad women on the hunt for Waldo! That'll be beautiful.Get some great pix in,hopefully get some graffiti in and see some ball players at the NBA and Nike store,who knows,something like that always happens to us;)
Just finished my online shopping endeavors and i feel relieved.....

June 3, 2009

Wing It



FLower from the FRONT YARD.....
Sun may not be shining today but its all good.Sleep was calling even though i did nothing of what i said i was going to do last night. With this surgery, i find it way too hard to concentrate on anything for too long b/c ill get a ridiculous headache and end up in a bad mood which in turn may lead to me shanking you for getting on my nerves:) Yea i know, it wamps...whaddayagunnadoaboutit?????Absolutely nothing b/c there is nothing one can do but give me more meds to take(Nasty as you know what).
Back on my french vanilla ice cream mess. Its the best meal ever (if u disagree thats your business). I only eat french vanilla b/c trying every single flavor in Ben&Jerry's catalouge is disgustingly disgusting and def unnecessary. Why should i risk my sweet tooth to all that ice cream when i know french vanilla will always and forever be the 'shyt'. YEA MAN I SAID IT.
Parental guideline as to who my boyfriend should be:
*must be btwn 19 and 22 years old
*in school
*living with his family
*west indian.....
HELLOOOOOO...there is something wrong with this picture......dammit the whole thing is messed up-parentals guidelines as to who i will be bringing to the house.HAHAHA....
THINKING ON IT. %listening to Maxwell%

June 2, 2009


So a couple of weeks ago i was saying how i can not wait for school to be over and what not and what not.....its summer now and i dont have anything to look foward to but work and hopefully, my birthday!!!!YAY!!! but back to the point, i need something else to do. Motorcycle riding and hunting is not looking good for me this season, and Im about to be addicted to online shopping any day now, i just have to buy one thing and ill be hooked on how easy it is (and the kid wont be wasting gas all willy nilly)!!!!!The internet is beautiful. and can also be THAT BEE* So what do i do for next semester, add another class to my already ridicluous schedule (not really ridiculous but whatever). i had tuesdays and thursdays off so why not add another class 'C?????? BRILLIANT!!!! So i did and now im up to 16 credits and imma be part time at work which will be great b/c ill be making my schedule for that stinkin' place as well.
Looking at my closet and i already need a remodel of that thing. i been added shelves and rearranging everything around to where i see fit, then i buy more clothes to fill in the empty spaces until i have absolutely no more closet space. Then things end up on the lounge chair in the corner of my room...notice my dresser where clothes is also already supposed to be is already filled with stuff....WHAT TO DO 'C?????Dilemma....i do a spring cleaning type thing every season where i change everything around,try and find new ways to fit all my mess into the space i have cleanly and it never seems to do any justice for my cause.

Alright new layout for my room in the works along with list of junk i dont need or should be in the basement in a storage bin somewhere so i can look back and say 'Oh i remember such and such'..... All in the works 2nite.......not sleepy for a change.


June 1, 2009

Round and About

NOt really round and about just round the house moreso. havent had ice cream in two days but its all good:) Still wanting to go to the beach:) SOON ENOUGH!!!!
Curty is debating....Debating what you ask? Whether i should go to school full-time,full-time and take the semester off of work and get some more credits in so i could graduate faster and be on my way to west chester already but everyone knows how i feels about my mula.........
OHHH YEEAAAA 20 more days till my 20th birthday:):):)
What to do?