April 29, 2008

Money doesn't define u

I am tired of ppl tryna base there personality on what possesions they have. Not necessary.

Materialistic items you can buy in a store like shiney kix and a small dog says nothing about you.

I can not base how funny you are, if you're funny at all, or how ambitous you are, if you're

ambitous at all, by your Run DMC t-shirt or how nice ones nails are groomed. C'mon now.

Money look like the destruction of some of us as we know it. Even when someone looks at us and

makes that stereotype of being a spoiled brat and bougie, doesnt mean you are, and ppl dnt

speak up for themselves about it.

The vehicle you drive, the shoes you wear, the way your hair is styled does not define you as a

person and it never should.

Letting money talk for You lets me know who you really are.....