March 27, 2009

Im me,ur U thats all there is to it

Sun out(Real Bright).

Birds Chirpping(Loudly).

Kats walking their dogs.

Seen 4 bikes and its only 10:43 AM(none of which was my suzuki gsx r600).

Eyes are tired(Dev.Psych is boring).

Education till 5pm.

Hungry(thats nothing new).

NO work till Tuesday(every1 knows how much i hate my job).

Abs are on fire(gettin' rite this summer).

To clean or not to clean? That is the question(My room is starting to look like a disaster area-not worse than kay-d's tho).

Checking Mail is a Bee.

OHHHH SNAPPP so i was watching CollegeHill last night and that broad terri is dumb as sugar w/ her crazy azz. Thinkin she was gonna have ol'boy Brandon all to herself immediately.NOPE.he is tooo fine to be dealing w/ a crazy chick like her.first day in the house and she already on some possessive mess.......

AND both Duke and Memphis lost...i already knew duke wasnt gonna win hence villanova got ppl on they team that should be runnin track....Memphis, i dunno whad happened.i was really hopin Sean Taggert and Roburt Sallie was gonna do work but i guess not:( i would say something else but i would most likely jinx everrything and i would end up crying like i lost my 75 cents i just had in my hand to pay the toll from jersey to PA......

On that note....

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