March 29, 2009

Working Away

It seems there isnt a day were i am not working. Literally. Whether its school or actual 'work,work', im always busy. Im surprized i even have time to write on this blog. i lie, im always on the computer, so i might as well unwind while i take a break from being studious....its sunday so there's nothing goin on but Curty being couped up in the library then going straight to 'the stoopid workplace' form there. Television is not even up my alley anymore. Everyone knows I absolutely love sports and it is March Madness, well the kid has not even caught an entire March Madness game yet!!!!!! Not even my boy Curty Jerrells in the N.I.T. got any play. Sure ill watch the first half or a couple minutes of a game, but never the entire thing. SHAME>>>>im lucky to catch any show after i get home from work:( My blackberry is the only thing keeping me alive-its my only source to the world when im not buried in homework or tedious tasks at frickin Brakekly Park....Whateva, im still gettin MULA and Straight A's so itsss all goood in this neighborhood:)
STR8 2 WORK {$$$$}

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