April 2, 2009

Sunshine and Rain

That's what this week came down to. Every other day was either Sunshine or Rain. Sucky but I still maintained. I was reading my daily dose of Verysmartbrothas.com and those guys are so hilarious. Their recent endeavors came about via standing in line at quiznos behind a 'real gangsta'-which is defined in the post. Then the sexxy Panama Jackson procedes to give us a list of "ungangstaisms". Basically you are not a gangsta if you do at least of one of the things on the list. well im not gonna thru the entire list but the comments to the post really got me......
(my response to comments)

Gangsta's dont read therefore dont go to school so all u kats that be in class tryna act all kool and sick in the waaaay back with no visible notebook to write on but with pen/pencil to shank someone if they breathe at you wrong.......if you are a true gangsta, college,hell any school, is not on your radar (for educational purposes)....You're prolly out somewhere shankin somebody with your ball point pen or very sharpened pencil.

Gangsta's dnt iron their clothes...not true. have you see Cali ppl....they pants make you walk straight. That crease down the middle says it all. Of all things a gangsta can do, who wouldve thought iroing wouldve been one of them.

Which brings me to my next point..Gangstas dont twirl their hair....yea dem kats with the braids or dreads,its prolly really hard to resist but you will most def lose all your gangstability with that move.

And all these kats that be on MySpace with they page pimped out in they gang colors and gang signs, pics with you and your boys holding up your colors and throwing ya'll signs....THAT IS NOT GANGSTA. Fake azz mofo's dnt even know what gangsta mean if they on myspace-point blank-hell on any internet outlet. Gangsta's dnt got time to be seeing how many hits they got unless its on they body (sry guys)......

Here are some more....
-don’t have iPods-unless they steal them. But even then, they don’t download music
-don’t pay car insurance
-don’t have health insurance nor do they get check-ups (medical or dental)
-don’t get the bullets removed
-don’t smile
-don’t buy scented candles
-don’t take baths–showers only
-don’t sign in at the security desk at the lobby of the building where their lawyers/bail bonds-men’s office is located.
-don’t pay parking tickets until AFTER the bench warrant is issued.
-don’t care about the TET.
-don’t file taxes.

But on the real though, this gangsta needs to die down.Its giving and been giving blkmen/folk a bad name. Its pointless and useless and honestly doesnt make any sense. Its like a frat gone horribly horribly wrong- first they start with the hazing then from selling they frat to get they name out to selling all types of illegal mess. {F}ricking up pplz communities and what not....... And im not talkin about how yall dress-except all that color coordination NEEDS to stop-because some gangstas came really dress but what they "do" is only lived for the present.....

Kids im out....Since im not a gangsta cuz i got shyt to read im GONE.

{Listening to Tony Sunshine Mixtape}


***SIDENOTE: i googled 'gangsta' and there is a video on youtube called "how to be a gangsta" (aint THAT some shyt)***

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