May 11, 2009

Cnt Whip

once again my post will be about my driving endeavors endured this past weekend....but first...

Saturday=BS at the hideous workplace.i really can not stand the people that i work with. some of them are complete idiots but im still nice because that is my nature and im nice like that.

Sunday=driving out the arse. people of course do not know how to act. once again, how u got a whip with maximum capacity vehicle in the left lane doin 60 mph on frickin 95!!!!!!!once again, it dont make sense. got my momz some earrings:) surprised her with roses and balloons in her bathroom after she got off of work!it was loverly. Then out of the goodness of my heart, i bought roses and balloons for my neighbors:) One of them almost cried with happiness.Thats how you know youve made somebody's day!!!!!!

went to CT so my personal stylist could hook my hair up (cuz the kid was lookin real rough). den tried heading home but chap always gets something wrong with the frickin GPS system and dnt know where she goin. my sister and momz wouldnt be getting where they should be going if it werent for me and my directional input.

going home was a totally different story. everytime i thought we were scotch free, we got another patch of frickin traffic of kats not knowing how to handle dey whip.......GO SIT DOWN, SERIOULSY....and to make matters worse/worst funkmasterflex wasnt on......Oh Yea,in case u dont know this but "SCIONS ARE OUT"!!!!!!!

Enough.Peep the video. CURTYP.TV Holmes

alrite maybe some otha time. joint bein crazy rite now....


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