May 29, 2009

No 'P'

Finally moved back into my bedroom after residing in the living room for two weeks. Food is still on the in and out, Upgraded to a ground/chopped meat concoction for my delight...not really delight because its gonna take about too damn long for my to actually fully develop my 'bite' again.Numb for about 6 months to a year in the jaw. It obviously goes down over time, but right now it feels like my whole right side is still frozen and tingly and itchy, plus im in dire need of a facial and hair-doing:( and red lobster.....& im still swollen in the face so the kid is still a little incongnito b/c i cant drive (deep tears) or work and i dont have that cute roc puppy from pburg mall to keep me company.Luckily my mirror/relfection CHAP is going thru the same pains as I so we'll survive together.Matter of factly, shes in my room right now:) Vanilla ice cream is getting to me. I think ive had at least three bowls of it everyday since last wednesday....

Sex is a very serious topic among kats nowadays,who got the biggest wang, how such and such happened and under what circumstances.i do not feel the need to broadcast my most sacred happenings with my man-hence the word- sacred - for everyone and they momz to know about.For what???it doesnt make any sense. If you feel some type of way about what im saying, it may be shankin' season. [SRY] so to explain "No P"
No 'P'= no kitty kat straight def not scared just know that im not one of those girls that'll be quick to give myself up just cause. Fact of the matter is, I dont like hurting ppls feelings, so when i disappoint and say no after how long we've been talking,kickin' it, whatever, do not take it personal b/c its not about you 'sir'. But when we finally 'put in work' it'll be well worth the wait. Plus, im a simple person and i love experiencing everything, so i cant miss anything. Why rush something thats gonna be here for a while? im just sayin'
There is more reason to my madness but my hands are tored and my eyes hurt and i feel a headache comming on so im signing off until i dunno when:)

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