May 5, 2009


Rain Rain Plz Go A-frickin-Way Already.......

In Chap's Room listening to Leo. G "G.Mixx"

Finals week commin' up. havent worked out in about two weeks:(not cool man. my room is still lookin like a hot mess, as usual clothes out and about everywhere. I wish i had a robot to pick up everything i set everywhere so when i go to look for something i can actually find it without tryna backtrack as to where i had it last. can not wait for school to be over. i say that now but when im bored this summer imma be wishin i was in an air conditioned room somewhere learning something. advancing myself further to get that degree. would like to take summer classes but i cant b/c imma be in pain both physically and mentally(workplace) so i wouldnt be able to concentrate on anything anyway but gettin that 'guap holmes!!!!!!

YOUUU KNOWW!!!! (on that Ice Cube mess)

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