July 21, 2009


No this isnt another post about driving, but rather where ill be driving 2mrw.Philadelphia. That should be fun (sarcasm). Something almost always happens whenever we out there. Hopefully itll be a different story 2mrw.
I workout.So what.Donthate. Maybe you should be working out somewhere.Im slacking a little bit tho:( Even though i dont need to hit the weights, I hate being out of breath after walking up two flights of stairs......its not cool for me.
Still listening to PacDiv 'Church league Champions'...Good Sh1t if i must say so myself;)
Straight Random.....how does terrell Owens have a show????? Eventhough its on VH1, someone actaully came up with the idea of this guy should have a reality show.well i watched it and wasnt amused..Okay so there's apparently a difference between T.O. and terrell Ownens, maybe i missed it somewhere.But hey, i dont 'know,know' ol'boy like that so there probably is a difference behind all that teeth but one thing i Do know is, his body is still bangin':)


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