July 28, 2009

Love Those "Siggys"

Sisterly Love

Sigma's Strollin'

So My sister and i and a couple of her girls from ESU went to NJIT for Phi Beta Sigma,Inc. Crabfest 2009....I loved it!!!I love being around positive African-Americans. I love us comming together to celebrate brotherhood and sisterhood all the while enjoying each others company and not living up to a bunch statistics that i hope are changing for the better. And the thing was, it wasnt just Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta (sister sorority), but a couple of the other "Divine Nine" from all over came out.Kats from Philly and Georgia, and Florida came through, all for one event on one day. People from different universities like Temple and William Paterson (among others) came through and showed love. The most exciting thing (for me) was to see all the Sigmas and Zetas from everywhere come together to get their stroll on.The precision and togetherness made me smile almost the entire time i was there. Of course i had never seen strolling up close and personal b/c im west indian and my parents are wayyyyy against the whole 'fraternity/sorority thing'.Hopefully us giving them some insight as to how there is that whole 'family-vibe' theyll start acknowledging the greater things Fraternities and Sororities does for their respective communities and their own lives:)
Getting a little carried away.......Now I really cant wait to transfer to West Chester Univ;)

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