July 6, 2009


Ann Arbor Michigan. Family out the arse. So many kids and more kids all wanting to go to the playground while we had our family picnic. But it was all good and dandy b/c i hadnt seen them in the longest. Overall, I had a great time with the exception of certain people being real "A"-wholeish about everything that def wasnt needed which killed the mood and made me bipolar from being around these kats. I love them and everything but.....
So playing Monopoly with family is one of those games that will literally get folks to show their true colors and see how scheming them crooks can actually be. Lets just say, i was winning and someone wanna steal about 2 G's from me......Thievery. I still won though:)
Bowling was fun too, but its def not my cup of tea.Def need practice*

Next Up: Washington DC and Virginia:)


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