August 2, 2009

Its On till The Break of Dawn

My girls text me all hours of the night asking me about they mens problem and what they should do. Granted i do give good advice but sleep is almost always upon my eyes when i get THOSE texts....But you know what,I dont care, because they my peoples and they need my help, and im all for furthering my knowledge.Im really 'bout to get on my 'Inspirational messages like Rev Run in the bath tub'.
So without further a due,here it goes......

Men want Reproduction,Women want Resources. (i SERIOUSLY think ive posted about this before)00000
I myself dont like those guys that get women preggo just because he can and i dont like them gold-diggin' hussies, but all in all,it equals trouble for everyone because no one knows whats what.Men was put on this earth to further the species with their seeds,but its the woman who has to carry that seed for nine months,get swoll,etc.etc.We all need each other.It boggles my mind to see a 80 y.o. man with a 20-something young tenderoni...Especially if he's got the resources!But you know what he wants,that young girl to have more of his tenderonies.C'mon now,who wouldnt want to be treated like a queen(literally) every day.I know i would but its not the materials that carry folk on thru marriage for 40,50+ years:its that genuine love kats have for one another that lasts a lifetime.I think one can really say they love someone when u actually see them urinate (on the toilet or w/e).I know its dumb,but thats when kats is at their most vulnerable position(Ahhh,pure relief).That's Love.You're probably saying 'what the hell kind of love is that???'Dont worry about it,if u got it,it may be real love.....

Alrighty then,I think imma call it a nite;)


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